How To Start An Internet Business In 5 Easy Steps

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					“The Evangelical Story Of How Jesus Christ Saved Justin Allen
  Hammonds From The Despair Of What Is Called “Crippin*”

                                   “My Name Is Justin Allen Hammonds And I Market Stuff On The
                                   Internet ”

                                   I consider to be teaching the word of God as it relates to marketing. I
                                   use the Bible to teach marketers young and old how to build a brand.
                                   This leads me to…

                                   “Why Justin Allen Hammonds Wakes Up Every Morning And Prays
                                   That He Teaches Someone Like You”

                                   I remember what poverty feels like. I know how terrible it feels to
                                   live off weed smoke, beer, cigarettes shorts, and one meal a day. I
know the agony of defeat, and how low you can be when you are dead freakin’ broke. This is why I am
completely in Love with Jesus and I thank and acknowledge Him for every step I have successfully
taken in my network marketing career. The fact of me being impoverished and living under the care of
my elderly aunts led me to teach social network marketing. Social network marketing is a special
brand of network marketing that thrives from the use of free social media traffic and recognition. It is a
real budget saver!

  “The Agony Of Not Being Able To Provide For Himself Was
 Very Real For Justin Allen Hammonds In 2008 To Early 2011,
     And Because Of This Much Of His Dignity Was Lost”
Tragedy struck in the form of my mother passing at the age of 54 while I was at the age of 20 on May
30th, 2008. I was next of kin and managing the funeral arrangements and operations was my job, so
even though I was young I had no choice but to step up. Afterwards I married early, dropped out of
college, and moved in with my woman. I was then living with no job and a 6 figure inherited nest egg
my mom left me when she passed. I was “rich” but not wealthy and very soon my life would change.

February of 2009 I again turned to home business. I tried GDI in 2005 without any success and Pre –
Paid Legal (now Legal shield) with very little success. I ran back to the work from home group and
involved myself with a sponsor who introduced me to the get rich quick scheme called The People’s
Program. If you know anything about the internet you know there are many schemes and unknowingly
I had fell victim to the cash gifting wealth scheme. While marketing this program I destroyed my
reputation with many of my warm market contacts (my family), and lost what little piece of dignity I
had left when my bank account ran completely dry.

I would borrow money from my aunts and try my best to provide for my wife and I. I earned a call
center job, but quit too soon chasing the work at home dream. My faith was there, my belief was
strong, and my will was powerful, but my cash flow was not present. My wife and I continually argued
because of the money situation. I would kick her out of my apartment, and she would remind me of
how non-producing of a man I was. She finally got tired of me, kicked me out, and demanded a
divorce. I was no longer the man she fell in love with.

 “Justin Allen Hammonds Finally Quit The Harsh Cash Gifting
 Club And Focused His Attention Back To Network Marketing.
   This Had Become The Passion Of Justin Allen Hammonds
    Despite The Negative Amount Of Money He Earned. . .”
. . .What I mean is I was marketing for food without the satisfaction of earning ANYTHING . .

Network marketing was in my blood and I refused to quit even though I had nothing but God & my
business dream to hold on to. I fell in love with the Whitney Houston song “All The Man I Need”
because I knew Jesus was all the man I needed! I had become impoverished and without even noticing
I had become an internet marketing street thug. I kept the company of crips, smokers, drug dealers, and
illegal hustlers. They say watch the company you keep and this type of company slowly brought down
my life value.

“Justin Allen Hammonds Knew One Thing When He Didn’t Know Anything Else God Is REAL!”

At the time I had one major negative influence, and living with him was my first experience of satanic
hood life. He was the weed & pill man and he used to send me on his errands to collect his money.
Mind you I was making $0.00 as the errand boy, but I had a place to stay at a time when everyone else
abandoned me. This was the first time I was introduced to what the crip lifestyle and what “crippin”

God showed me in A Long Walk Home I could trust no one in Huntsville, AL. Not even the police!

He and his buddies used to beat me simply for being me. I recall times where I would get slapped for
praying, dancing, or the group would decide to degrade me to just laugh. One time he and his friend
tied me down to a chair simply because I refused to fight back when being slapped. I was strapped in
tight, but God showed HIMSELF by allowing me to preform a David Blaine like act and escape from
the bounds and shackles.

                              “God Showed He Is Real!”
He and the group would do ridiculous things such as leave me outside without shelter for hours and
because of this I was forced to lay beside a homosexual man in order to gain shelter. This of course
lead to more ridicule and loss of dignity. Not only was I the broke errand boy, I now was looked at as a
homosexual even though I wasn’t. I was ridiculed for having a friendship with the man even though he
was kind enough to allow me to take rest in his house that night and gave me a ride to church the next
day. It’s ironic how you can seem to love the people who blatantly show you they hate you, and the
crips proved that.

With nothing left to hold on to, I moved back down south to Thomasville, Alabama with my two
elderly aunts to pick up the pieces. This was the turning point of my life. During this time in my life
the tables turned in my favor, and I no longer had to deal with the agony of finding food, shelter, and
peace of mind.

I quit the drug abuse, smoking of cigarettes, drinking, and mental crippin (abuse) of myself. While
living with my aunts, my relationship with Christ emerged as the driving point of my life, and during
this period I discovered the importance of goal setting and daily action steps. I began to achieve many
of my goals this way and I my confidence was rejuvenated through Christ.

Although God Isn’t Finished With Justin Allen Hammonds, He Wouldn’t Change A Day Of His Past
Journey To Get To Where He Is Today.

This is why I continue my Christian walk by teaching Bible based internet marketing, but my testimony
is only a piece the real story belongs to Jesus.

  How To Start An Internet Business In 5
               Easy Steps

In This Report You Will Learn How To Start An
Internet Business That Will Drastically Increase
Your Funds
The world wide web is a marketplace full of confusion. Here’s a merchant, there’s a merchant,
everywhere is a merchant. You are welcomed by the latest guru trying to sell you his best make money
solution, and this can cause confusion. When you don’t know who to listen to but more importantly
who to trust how will you ever learn how to start an internet business when the all mighty (or so they
say) dollar seems like the only care in the world.
What makes this already terrible situation worse is when you want to learn how to start an internet
business, but nobody cares enough to show you the ropes. You can spend years struggling when you
don’t have someone that truly cares and is eager to help you on your side. This is one problem that you
just can not afford to live with. Since you want to learn how to start an internet business then let’s start
here at the beginning.

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