2008 Holiday Wish List by fjzhangxiaoquan


									                   Holiday Central Drop-Off
                December10-18 8 a.m.-6 p.m.                     PO Box 414 St. Petersburg, FL 33731
                  Saturdays 8 a.m.-1 p.m.                          PHONE (727) 895-4912 ext. 107
                     CLOSED on Sundays                            E-MAIL dschaffer@casa-stpete.org
                   CASA Community Center                        WEB SITE http://www.casa-stpete.org
                        1011 1st Ave N
                      St. Petersburg, FL

                              2009 Holiday Wish List
  Thank you for your interest in donating to CASA this holiday season. We appreciate your
support and your generosity. We request that all holiday donations are new and unwrapped.
We prefer games, toys and music that are nonviolent. Your donations are tax deductible and
                        you will receive a receipt at the time of delivery.
  (We appreciate 25 of the same item – various sizes if applicable – so we can present gifts fairly).
                                Items are not limited to this list.

           Women Residents                                         Infants & Children
Clothing (All sizes, including plus sizes.)             Disposable Diapers/Pull-ups (All sizes)
Perfume/Cologne                                         Clothing (All sizes)
Stationary/Journals/Diaries                             Children Reading/Coloring Books
Purses/Wallets                                          Shoes
Shoes                                                   Toys
Hair Care Products/Accessories                          Children CD’s/DVD’s
Health/Beauty Products                                  Dolls
Pajamas & Robes Clothing                                Pajamas & Robes Clothing

                    Teens                                           Gift Cards
Clothing (All sizes, including plus sizes.)                     Wal-Mart
Radio/CD/MP3 Players                                            Publix
Hand-held games                                                 Gas Cards
Pajamas & Robes Clothing

             Ongoing Needs
Linens (Twin & Port-A-Crib Sheets; Blankets)
Towels/Washcloths/Shower Curtains
Batteries (All sizes)
Hand-held games

                       Donate to CASA’s Emergency Funding Program
The Emergency Fund is a source of support for CASA participants with emergency needs over and
above funds available in CASA’s operating budget. CASA families are often faced with expenses that
include: car repairs, bus fare, prescription medicines, and school fees. These expenses are over and
above what families are able to pay and beyond funds available in CASA’s operating budget.

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