The Importance of Portfolio Management

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					                                         Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                             Portfolio Management - Let The Professionals Take The Load
                                                 By Wanda Cortez

    Do you have a lot of shares in different companies? Do you have a large sum that you are looking
to invest in the stock market? Are you finding that doing the essential research too time consuming?

You might want to consider a portfolio management company.

Share Portfolio management is an option for those with a high value portfolio of shares, or a large
amount of capital to invest in shares and commodity futures. Portfolio managers have various minimum
values that they require to actively manage your investments.

The reason large minimum values are in place is because of the high commission charges that these
companies make. It would not be worth a small investor, with $10,000 employing a company to
manage his portfolio of shares in one or two companies.

Having a professional Portfolio Manager does remove a lot of anxiety from the individual. The
manager's role is to ensure that your portfolio is a balanced one, without excess exposure to currency
fluctuations or to any one sector of the market.

It is part of the managing company’s role to conduct research, so that they can advise you on the best
options. Research is an area that many individual investors find difficult, unless they spend hours every
day watching share prices. The professional advisor employs people to conduct research into specific
companies or market sectors, allowing you access to better research than you would have otherwise.

Your Portfolio Manager will also ascertain the degree of risk that you are happy with and ensure that
your portfolio of shares is not at odds with your risk acceptance.

For anyone with a smaller amount than a Portfolio Management Company will manage there are other
options. Look at Investment Trusts and Unit Trusts. These are companies which take investors cash,
pool it and buy a balanced portfolio of shares in stock market companies, reducing the investor's
overall risk.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                        Should I Enrol on a P3O Training Course?
                                                      By Robert Norton

P3O training is the latest buzzword, with all professionals keenly looking at the training options.
However, in this busy domain, I picture myself standing completely confused with the choices. Is
another project management training program really needed, or is it again some kind of marketing
influence propagated to entrap naïve professionals like me?

 We have had PMO earlier and even then the training programs were a big hype, so what is with this
newly launched P3O guidance and the associated P3O training? Again, are we letting ourselves into
the fad or does a supporting argument really exist?

 My question list could go on, as I said I am terribly confused, but somehow the answer must be figured
out. This attempt to gain clarity of the P3O portfolio management training coaxed me to touch base
with others around. I was soon discussing the issues with professionals from varied fields and we
unanimously reached the conclusion that as much we may try to avoid another project training
program, P3O portfolio management training, certainly demands serious attention. The crux of the
discussion is penned below.

 To start with we shared whatever know-how we had gathered so far on the subject: a decision
enabling/delivery support structure for all internal changes in an organization is the bottom line of a
P3O model. It is the latest best practice guidance launched by the OGC (The Office of Government
Commerce). Regarding the name P3O, it comes from Portfolio, Programme and Project office. As far
as the applicability goes, P3O does not follows a standard approach, in fact the model is best
deployed, only if it takes into account the various particular factors like the organization’s vision,
existent structures, requirements, etc. The support structure as extended by the P3O portfolio
management model could be functional from a single office or through a network of connected setups.

 With reasonable clarity on the basics, we next focused on listing the possible benefits associated with
P3O training. I was in for some surprises here. The discussion revealed that the P3O model
importantly offers a single, robust source of information, which can be used to effectively deal with
change. This is especially relevant in the case of organizations, which manage multiple projects. In
such situation a central support schema to provide guidance and thus help coordination is critically
required and P3O model provides just this. In a nutshell the space between the top management i.e.
strategy makers and the policy implementers, will be tactically abridged. There will be more clarity in
the business structures, with P3O model aptly deployed. Furthermore, the model is in clear alignment
with OGS’c best practice guidance and other OGC methodologies like PRINCE2 and more.

 So … where are we heading to? The discussion clearly reflected on the practical relevance of P3O
portfolio management. Training was now the next question. If a model is this important, it is certain that
all organizations will eventually accept the guidance and thus use it for finding solutions to the various
project management issues. And if they do it, they would expect the employees to be well versed on
the nitty-gritty of P3O portfolio management. All in all, P3O training would be essentially needed.

 Thus from ‘maybe’ we covered the distance to ‘certainly’. Now that we had figured out the practical
requirement of P3O training, the discussion revolved primarily around the training specifics. For this we
referred to the P3O guidance related details as presented by OGC, which suggested that the guidance

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

will include four key subheads: introduction to P3O; the value it can offer to any organization; various
possible models with examples; and the functions and tools and techniques used by the model.
Thanks to our research we answered our question about whether or not we should enrol on a P3O
Training course.

Robert Norton wrote the Article 'Should I Enrol For P3O Portfolio Management Training?' and
recommends you visit for more information on P3O

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