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									3 Easy Back Strengthening Exercises For Back Pain Relief

The trick to doing back strengthening exercises successfully is not to do too much at once. If you over do it
at the beginning you can delay your recovery. Pace yourself and make sure you warm up by walking and
stretching. You want to get that circulation going in your muscles before you begin your back workout.Back
strengthening exercises cannot be rushed. If you take your time and properly execute the following simple
exercises you will be happy and pain free.The following exercises should be done with tightened abs. This
will help in building up your core muscles and provides extra support for your lower back. To get tightened
abs you can cough once or pull in and tense your abdominal muscles and hold that contraction while
performing the following back strengthening exercises (but DO NOT hold your breath while doing the
workouts).Side Plank Exercise - Builds strength and stamina in your core. It is perfect for keeping the lower
back steady and protected during actions that involve the hips and back.1. Lie on your left side place elbows
directly under shoulders
2. Tighten your abdominal muscles while lifting your hips off the floor
3. Keep neck in line with spine and hips square
4. Hold for 30 seconds then slowly lower hips back to floor
5. Repeat 3 times on each sideBird Dog Back Strengthening Exercise - Excellent for improving muscle
balance and coordination keeping the spine stable when doing everyday movements such as walking,
running, lifting light loads etc.1. Start on all fours with knees hip width apart (directly under the hips) and
hands shoulder with apart with palms flat on floor
2. Tighten your abs
3. Extend right arm fully forward while extending left leg fully back
4. Hold position for 10 seconds
5. Return hand and leg to starting position
6. Repeat 5 times on each side for beginners. If more advanced do 3 sets of 10 reps on each side.Hip Bridge
Exercise - This back strengthening exercises is terrific for stabilizing the spine and strengthening the core
muscles.1. Lay flat on back - knees bent and hands straight and flat at side
2. Feet flat and shoulder width apart
3. Tighten abs then squeeze and slowly lift buttocks until your knees form a straight line with your shoulders
(hands remain flat at side)
4. Hold in straight position for two seconds keeping abs tight
5. Slowly return buttocks back to floor
6. Repeat 5 times (for beginners) work your way up to 10-12 repsThese easy to follow and perform back
strengthening exercises are a great start to help with your back pain relief.

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