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									                                     Avoiding Storage Taboos

Self storage facilities are usually known to offer their clients a checklist on the do’s and don’ts of
storage. The same practice is also followed in Qatar. Yet, some people do miss out on reading the sheet
carefully, either out of ignorance or sheer laziness. These are the same people then, that go on to store
unsuitable items in their units that can then become a fire and safety hazard. They are even known to
put the blame on the storage provider, holding them responsible for the damage and consequent losses.
This is why, Storage Qatar, a leading storage operator in the region, has come out with a quick checklist
on the common storage taboos.

     While personal items are suited to being kept at a storage facility, it is NOT the place to keep
      pets while on vacation. Apart from obvious sanitation issues, it is a gross violation of animal
      welfare rights

     Easily flammable articles like fuel or explosives are usually not acceptable at most storage sites.
      Subverting the rules can jeopardize the entire facility in the event of any mishap and could even
      turn fatal

     Unless your storage operator offers climate controlled facilities on its premises, it is usually not a
      wise idea to store items such as food, grains, vegetables and other such stuff of organic origin

     While storage units are sometimes ideal for an alternate location of a man cave, under no
      circumstances, should one move into the unit permanently. It could easily turn dangerous,
      should there be any incident on the storage premises.

Failure to avoid any of the above mentioned points could be termed as a violation of your contract. One
may have their contract terminated or even be held liable for the damage caused due to their actions.
The best way to prevent such eventualities would be to discuss the terms and conditions of the contract
carefully with your service provider. A great place to do this and also discover a whole new world of
customized storage solutions would be: www.storageinqatar.com

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