Lasers Can Give You Relief From Chronic Back Pain by JamesRichards2011


									Lasers Can Give You Relief From Chronic Back Pain

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a science under constant scrutiny. Those who know of the applications
of the treatments with lasers cannot remain apathetic to the issue. People are either strong believers in its
benefits or strong believers of its failure to heal. No area of treatment is more polarized than the topic of low
back pain relief. In medical, double blind tests, treatment with lasers to address back pain was found to be
moderately effective.In a twelve-week clinical test, patients with diagnosed lower back pains were
prescribed to twelve weeks of exercise with twelve weeks of laser therapy. The control group received a
placebo light, not lasers, and the outcome showed that those treated with the laser achieved greater pain
relief and more thorough healing. This conclusion led researchers to accept at least, a small amount of
benefits from the treatment are a major victory for the public face of LLLT.In other arenas, LLLT is
accepted as a successful treatment. It is shown to heal scarring, reduce age-associated wrinkles and relieve
chronic neck pain. That leaves researchers with a question regarding its limited impact on chronic back pain
relief. To understand the complexity of back issues and the limits of healing from LLLT people need to
know the nature of lower lumbar injuries.To understand the back, consider a tower. The high points of the
tower if damaged, do not impact what is beneath them. However, the low parts of a tower, if those sustain
damage, the rest of the tower will be under stress. In the human body backs work in this way. Moreover, the
lower lumbar region is where most of a person's heavy lifting muscles are. Strain to backs from improper
lifting, sudden movement and consistent ove re-extension leads to mild injuries.If the injury stopped here, it
is arguable that low level laser therapy would have a profound impact on healing, but injury does not stop
with the primary occurrence in the back. Instead, because the human body must stand upright, it is forced to
accommodate for the lack of structural integrity and other muscles tendons and ligaments take on the stress
of an imbalance. This process begins a domino effect that slowly but profoundly disables the back's lower
region for every movement.The use of laser treatment therefore, may begin to provoke healing in tissues
(tendons, ligaments, skin and bone), but because so much compensation has occurred, not only does pain
persist as one muscle loosens and another tightens to compensate, but this process continues to re-injure the
affected area. Practitioners of LLLT continue to study the frequency of laser treatment to find one that
provokes fast enough, thorough enough healing, to quickly heal the back so results last.

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