2ND GRADE PROCEDURES

Classroom Website
    www.schoolworld.com
    Click “Teacher Sites”
    Click “Find Teacher”
    Type in First Name box- J.J.
    Type in Last Name box- Alexander
    Click “Search”
    Click “J.J. Alexander”
    Class web page will appear (Please let me know if you have difficulty
      accessing this site)

   Every night except Friday
   Homework notebooks must be signed every night by parent(s) only if the
    homework has been completed.
   Unannounced grades will be taken on homework assignments
   Incomplete homework will be completed during morning recess, if still not
    complete, it will be sent home for homework.

   The test schedule for the following week (or weeks) will be on the
      homework board every Thursday. Students are required to take home all
      materials related to the upcoming tests every Friday; however, studying
      during the weekend is optional.

   Spelling tests are every Friday unless otherwise noted.
   The first 15 words of each test count toward the test grade. The 3 bonus
      words are worth 1 additional point each --- if correctly spelled!

   Vocabulary tests are given every two stories (usually every two weeks)
     unless otherwise noted. The number of words will vary according to the
     story or novel we are reading.
   Vocabulary notebooks go home every Friday.
   Fact and Written Assessment Tests are given every 5th math lesson. These
     tests do not appear on the Thursday test schedule. The daily lessons,
     homework sheets, and class manipulatives provide the necessary repetition.
     We may recommend extra math fact practice/work for your child if needed.

   Religion tests are usually given every Thursday unless otherwise noted.
      (Refer to test schedule on Thursdays.) All religion tests are open book.
      Students are tested on highlighted material. Prior to each test, a review takes
      place, and students are given the page numbers on which they can find the
      answers on test day. Open book tests can be difficult and this year provides
      good practice for this skill.
   Religion workbooks need to be completed, shared as a family, signed by a
      parent and brought back on Friday or the next available school day.
      Workbook assignments will be assigned (usually Thursdays) and completed
      at home after each chapter we cover in the Religion textbook each week.
      Usually one chapter a week unless otherwise noted.
   All baptized Catholic second graders are eligible to make First
      Reconciliation and First Communion this year. The preparation for First
      Reconciliation and First Communion is an integral part of our year. We will
      provide additional, necessary information as the year progresses.

   Second graders learn cursive this year! This is very exciting for the
   We begin cursive lessons after reviewing manuscript writing.
   Number grades are not given in handwriting; we use s+, s, s-

   Snack is each morning at 10:15 a.m. Please pack morning snack in a baggie
     labeled with student’s name.
   Lunch is at 11:55a.m.
   When children have to read a story for homework (usually Monday and
     reread on Wednesdays), your child should read aloud to you (or a sitter or a
     sibling). Reading together is an important part of the learning to read
   See attached paper for more Reading information.

   Envelopes are sent home every Wednesday and contain all graded class
     work and tests. Please correct the work, if not already corrected, review
     with child, sign and send the envelope back the following day.

    Homework Folders need to be brought to class everyday. These are used to
     send homework, notes, information, mail, etc. Please check your child’s
     homework folder every day.

Oreo (The Class Dog)
   Every child will get a chance to bring Oreo home over the weekend. A
     journal will also be sent home so the child can write about what they did
     with Oreo. You are more than welcome to enclose photographs of the
     weekend, too.

Reward System/Discipline
   A behavior pocket chart is used to visually remind students of their behavior.
    Every student begins each day on green. Cards will be turned to yellow and
    then to red each time a student talks excessively at inappropriate times,
    misbehaves, is not following directions, etc.
   If a student has a yellow or red card at the end of the day, a note will be sent
    home stating why the child earned a card change
   3 red cards will result in a disciplinary referral
   3 disciplinary referrals will result in after school detention
   All students will start “fresh” every 9 weeks
   An entire week on green will result in a privilege (chosen from the
    “Behavior Box”)
Chapter books
   Every child is required to bring a book from home to read during free time.
     The book does not have to be a chapter book, but the book needs to be long
     enough to last through two or more silent reading periods (15 minutes a
     day). Each time a student has completed a book, it is their responsibility to
     take it home and bring in a new one.

Accelerated Reader
   Students are required to read 3 AR books and pass the accompanying tests
      each month. 80% or higher is considered passing. We will send home
      detailed information regarding AR’s before the program begins.

Parties and Field Trips
   Birthday parties are usually celebrated on the last Friday of each month.
      Room mothers will inform you about party info.
   Field trips will be announced in advance; room mothers will make driving
      arrangements, etc.
   Traditionally, the second grade holds a Happy Birthday to Jesus party before
      the Christmas break. We also have a Valentine’s party and an end of the
      year party. Room moms will be in touch with you regarding these events.

   If you have questions or concerns, please contact me and we will set up an
     appointment. I will contact you if I have concerns.
   Mrs. Alexander’s home number: 758-0206
   Mrs. Alexander’s e-mail address: joan_alexander@yahoo.com

Report Cards
   Students receive number grades on their report cards for Religion, Math,
     Spelling, Language Arts (Phonics), Reading (Vocabulary), Social Studies
     and Science.
   Handwriting, Spanish, art, P.E. and Music receive an s+, s or an s-
   Behavior is also noted on report cards.

   Work that is offered throughout the school year for extra credit in various
     subjects. Please check class website to see what extensions are available as
     well as due dates.
Absents and Trips
   If your child is absent, all work (homework and class work) needs to be
     made up. Please return our assignment paper, signed, with your child’s
     assignments. If you request work ahead of time because of a trip, all work
     must be completed before the child returns to school.
   Please send a note in stating the reason for your child’s absence.

I suggest that your second grader arrives at school around 7:45 a.m. if
possible. There is homework to copy and A.M. work to be completed by
10:15a.m. Instruction begins around 8:40a.m. All A.M. work must be
completed to participate in morning recess. If the incomplete work is not
completed during morning recess, the work goes home for homework. Help
your child be successful in second grade by getting to school on time!
                   2nd Grade Reading Information

 Reading levels will be assessed at least twice a year and monitored
  throughout the year.
 Reading levels, fluency and comprehension are assessed using the Harcourt
  K-2 Literacy Assessment. I will use running records as my resource of
 16 leveled books span all proficiency levels, 1 – 32, with a variety of fiction
  and nonfiction literature.
 Stages of Reading, Grades K-2:

         Levels 1 – 4:    Early Emergent               Kindergarten

         Levels 5 – 8:    Early Developing             First Grade (early)

         Levels 9 – 16: Developing                     First Grade

         Levels 17 – 24: Early Independent             Second Grade

         Levels 25 – 32: Independent                   Second Grade (end)

 Being an independent reader (levels 25 – 32) is the goal by the end of
  second grade.
 The class will be divided into 3 reading groups depending on their ability
  level. The 3 groups are: Below Grade Level, On Grade Level, and Above
  Grade Level. (Students will not have this knowledge due to self-esteem and
  privacy issues.)
 By dividing students into leveled, small groups, we are able to focus on and
  teach the students the skills they need to grow.
 Reading grades on report cards are composed of reading comprehension
  tests, vocabulary tests, reading workbook assignments (either class work or
  homework), journal and participation.

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