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converting visitors into buyers


									converting visitors into buyers

Again, learn affiliate amazon, a topic which I think is very interesting and will never recede from the
attention of internet marketers, both in Indonesia and foreign countries. Why is that, of course this is
related to how one can earn money through internet without having to work in an office, but working
from home with work time and work that made its own rules without having to worry about come to
work late because of bad road, without the worry of wet clothes and shoes because it rained on the
streets, without having to squeeze the sweat from the heat or crowding in the trains and city buses and
other public vehicles. After a few weeks ago the focus for a website to monetize with affiliate amazon
and the results are quite encouraging Alhamdulillah, starting from the second order in June 2011 and
increased sharply in the month of July 2011 so that the wills can reach the minimum limit of the first
commission payment from the Amazon, the next step is began optimizing other websites that have not
been produced.

Beginning in June 2011 I launched a website to monetize with affiliate amazon in as well and so far the
website is still at page one google search engines for some keywords that I aim at, organic traffic has
begun to rise, but until now there has been no sale I promote Amazon products through the website.
See sales conversions from your website using the online store layout to increase the product order
amazon in July 2011, then it will try to apply on my website that has not produced them. I will try to
create an online shop using a sub domain of the website. To facilitate the optimization SEO, then the
subdomain name to an online store that I took from the keywords derived from the main keyword
(primary keyword) which is the main website domain name.

After two nights to setup an online store with asianbrain material collaborate online store for layout.
Praise the online store I can finally launching by applying quick indexing which is a matter of ASB-HSC.
Hopefully in the near future the website will generate an order Amazon products to supplement income
from other websites that have been produced from affiliate amazon, and if that happens, then what is in
one of the senior asianbrain uttered in the forum, that the conversion of sales through the store online
will increase to 10% is evident.

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