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									6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Advertise Online

For businesses and business, effective promotion is the key to marketing target can be achieved. Today
many promotion alternatives that can be done, both conventional / offline and online. It is no secret,
conventional advertising requires no small amount of funds, thus making business or medium-sized
businesses can be a bit difficult to penetrate the market because the company compete with large-scale
enterprises. That is why it takes a form of promotion that can overcome this, one solution is to advertise
online via the internet.

Here are 6 main reasons why you should promote your business online:

1.Beriklan online, then your ad will run for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week regardless of holidays.
2.Biaya ads are far more efficient than conventional promotions
3.Hemat cost of communication with consumers, because it can be done online
4.Target markets clear, that your ads will direct potential customers who are looking for something that
you offer, and advertising costs are calculated based on the number of potential customers who visit
your website or online store
5.Dengan cost-effective advertising that can be reached by small medium enterprises
6.Biaya promotional or advertising fee may be set according to ability

If you are interested in promoting your business online, where you have to put up ads?.

Google is one of the gates of information which a person would type a word or a row of words to search
for needed information, the google's own claim that 80% of the world's Internet users seek information
through a google search, while the rest use other search engines. By exploiting this potential, google
launched google adword, which is an online advertising facility that will be all over the world via google
facilities and networks. Excess with google adword promotion is in accordance with point 6 above,
except that owners can customize advertisements country or anywhere in the city of ads you want
displayed, in addition to whatever hours you want to display ads.

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