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National Organization of Single Mothers

She Complete Single Mother: Reassuring Answers to Your Most Challenging Concerns by Andrea Engber and Leah Klungness, (3rd edition,

(Adams). 480 pages plus illustrations.

Being a single mother isn‘t easy—but with The Complete Single Mother, Third Edition, it just got easier.

Written by the founder and director of the National Organization of Single Mothers, this comprehensive guide explains what nearly thirteen

million American single mothers need to know to overcome the challenges of daily life with dignity, wisdom, and courage.

Long the most popular source of encouragement and advice for single moms, this engaging, enlightening guide explores such important issues


-Finances -Dealing with the absent father -Custody -Dating and remarriage

With a new chapter devoted to children with special needs, as well as inspirational sidebars about famous single mothers, this updated classic

is the supportive, one-stop handbook you‘ll turn to again and again!

―The Complete Single Mother is the definitive guide to life for solo moms.‖ -Ariel Gore, editor/publisher, Hip Mama

―This is the most helpful, empowering resource single moms have looked to for over a decade.‖ -Sheila Ellison, author, The Courage to be a
Single Mother and founder of Grants For Single Mothers - Approved and FREE

―The absolute single mother ‗bible‘… I couldn‘t believe how much incredibly important information delivered with heart, hope and laughter is

packed in. You must get this book!‖ -Patrice Karst, author, The Single Mother‘s Survival Guide From earlier editions of The Complete Single


―This handbook for single mothers offers practical advice on meeting the challenges of parenting without partners. In part 1, Engber and

Klungness look at the various ways women become single mothers–through divorce, widowhood, adoption, donor insemination, or pregnancy

outside marriage–and the special demands of each situation. In part 2, the authors focus on how single moms can handle pregnancy and birth,

maintaining a household and maintaining their self-esteem alone, and in part 3, they talk about the day-to-day difficulties of ‗raising terrific kids.‘

They address in part 4 relations outside the family unit.‖ – Booklist

―Provides a world of support for women who often feel alone.‖-American Baby magazine.

At Last, a Comprehensive and Practical Guide for the Single Parent! Government Grants for Single Mothers

―Filled with expert information and pragmatic advice, The Complete Single Mother explains what nearly eleven million single mothers need to

know to overcome the challenges of daily life with dignity, wisdom, and courage. This book will answer all the questions you may have about

single motherhood but were either too busy or too afraid to ask – questions concerning custody issues, managing your finances, dealing with an

irresponsible ex, handling work pressures collecting child support, and more.‖- From the publisher

―With more than nine million American women raising children alone by choice or out of necessity, it is surprising that most books on pregnancy

and parenting still assume that the two-parent family is the norm. Written by single mothers…offers useful, practical advice for women raising

children alone. Includes information on medical care, financial management, legal matters, career planning, social life, support networks, and
dealing with family members. Engber and Klungness, writing in the tone of self-help books, cover pregnancy and the baby‘s first year but place

more emphasis on the mother‘s self-esteem and other psychosocial issues. They also include child-development and parenting information

about older children as well as a bibliography and resource list. Comprehensive. Highly recommended for all parenting collections.‖- Library

Journal. How To Find Grants for Single Mothers - FREE

5 star rating from Barne’s and Noble’ readers:

―Great resource for Single Moms. I was given this book when I found out I was having a baby alone. It has great sections on everything a single

mom needs to know. I have enjoyed the information and would recommend it to ALL Single Moms.‖ -a Single Mom & Proud of it, April 25, 2000,

―The Single Mother‘s ‗Bible‘! As a single Mom of two boys, I keep this book on my nightstand and use it as a bible for situations that arise as a

single Mom. It is a great reference book and I would recommend it to any single Mom who is searching for guidance. I truly appreciate the

wealth of information it contains. A must have for you single Moms out there!‖ -a single working Mom from NYC, September 14, 1999,

―Destined to become a parenting classic!‖ – Shoshana Alexander, author, In Praise of Single Parents

―Essential reading for single moms!‖ – Working Mother magazine

―Wow!‖ – American Baby

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