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					March/April 2007                                                            Volume 35 Issue 2

                                     Ohio Mushroom Society

                    The Mushroom Log
                                        timber, strong and easy to
                                        split, was a favorite in home     And seedlings planted by the
Botanists                               building.                         Friends of Fort Laurens at the
                                                                          Revolutionary War site near
Fight to                                But in 1904, an American
                                        chestnut in the New York City
                                                                          Bolivar may help.

Save                                    Zoological Park died from an
                                        Asian fungus. It was the
                                                                          The blight stopped at the
                                                                          Rocky Mountains, so Fort
                                        harbinger of devastation to
American                                come; all the trees in New
                                        York City were dead by 1912.
                                                                          Laurens got its 25 pure
                                                                          American chestnut seedlings
                                                                          from Montana, said Scott
Chestnut                                By 1930, nearly all of them
                                        east of Ohio and north of
                                                                          Fisher, a trustee for the
                                                                          Friends of Fort Laurens.
                                        North Carolina had died from
By Jan Kennedy                          the blight. By 1950, nearly all
                                        were gone east of the             Bringing them East could
                                        Rockies.                          expose them to the virus (sic)
Ed. Note: the following 3 articles                                        in five to seven years, he
are reprinted from the Dec., 2006                                         said, but an American-
The Spore Print, the Jounal of          “I don’t know of one in Stark     Chinese chestnut hybrid that
the Los Angeles Mycological             County, but if anyone has         is supposed to be blight
Society, Inc.                           one, they won’t tell you,” said   resistant is expected to be in
                                        Don Myers, who distributes        circulation within two years.
Wildlife biologists have                information on the Ohio
restored populations of                 Buckeye and chestnut trees
                                        at the Stark County Fair every    Virginia botanists have been
coyotes, buffalo, bald eagles,
                                        year. “They don’t want            crossbreeding the American
osprey and other animals.
                                        people coming around pulling      with the Chinese tree – which
                                        off shoots and picking up         is immune to the fungus – for
Can botanists do the same for           seeds.”                           generations. Cross-breeding
the American chestnut?                                                    the two resulted in a tree with
                                                                          immunity, but mostly Chinese
                                        Botanists began efforts to        chestnut genetics.
For thousands of years, the             produce fungus-resistant
chestnut dominated the                  hybrids in 1930. Progress
forests in the United States,           was slow, but in 1995, with       Crossing that hybrid with
especially east of the Rocky            118 seeds from cross-bred         another pure American
Mountains, according to the             trees, came evidence of           chestnut produced a tree with
American Chestnut                       immunity.                         75 percent American chestnut
Foundation. In many areas, it                                             characteristics, though it was
constituted up to 25 percent                                              still immune. Continued
of the trees in a forest. High          Experts now believe they are      crossing has produced a tree
in vitamins and rich in starch          on the brink of success, said     whose genetic structure
and oils, the trees provided a          Carolyn Kieffer, a professor of   is15/16ths American chestnut
food for people, deer and               botany at Miami University of     yet, again, it still retains the
other animals. Chestnut                 Ohio’s Middletown campus.         immunity. Genetically, it is
2 The Mushroom Log
indistinguishable from a pure     written off, so maybe the elm        newspaper in Britain) joined
American chestnut, Kieffer        might come back some day             her on her daily foraging trip
said.                             too.                                 this week: “At least it means
                                                                       the Forestry Commission
The president of the Ohio                                              aren’t always watching me
chapter of the American
                                  Mushroom                             when I have a pee in the
Chestnut Foundation is Greg       Picker Returns to                    forest.”
Miller of Carroll County, who
has built a business around       Hunting Ground                       We set off from Gorse
the tree. He’s growing                                                 Meadow, near Lymington,
several thousand pure             By Terry Kirby                       their guesthouse and
American chestnut seedlings                                            mushroom headquarters, with
as stock for the Ohio                                                  the apron-clad Mrs. Tee, 64,
                                  When Hampshire police,
American Chestnut                                                      at the wheel of her blue Rolls
                                  acting for the Forestry
Foundation research                                                    Royce with her husband John
                                  Commission, arrested Brigitte
program. He also grows the                                             in the passenger seat.
                                  Tee-Hillman in the New
Chinese chestnut as a cash
                                  Forest one autumn day in
food crop. Predicting how                                              Together they recount their
                                  2002, it might have been wise
long the pure species can live                                         battles with bureaucracy:
                                  for both bodies to reflect on
before the blight gets to it is                                        “Thirty-two court appearances
                                  what they were getting
more art than science, he                                              before the judge threw the
                                  themselves into.
said.                                                                  Criminal case out. Thirty
                                                                       two!” The judge attacked the
                                  This is, after all, a woman
“Some of the trees can live up                                         waste of public money; John,
                                  who once owned the world’s
to 40 or 50 years before they                                          with relish, adds “It’s cost
                                  largest dog, a great Dane
get the blight,” he said. “It                                          them nearly a million pounds
                                  called Sir Galahad, who stood
usually starts when the trees                                          altogether. I had the letter
                                  more than 7 ft on his hind
reach the stage where the                                              this morning.”
                                  legs. This small but feisty
bark starts to split. That
                                  woman, was not about to be
provides a point of entry for                                          Officialdom sometimes needs
                                  stopped from doing what she
the fungus.”                                                           her: “The health people in
                                  has done regularly for 30
                                  years.                               Southampton had these
11 June 2006.                                                          girolles from France they                                                          could not identify. They were
                                  Dogs are one of her many
                                                                       ticking!” she laughs. “They
                                  passions, but the greatest of
Ed. Note: ever since I first                                           came from Chernobyl, they
                                  her passions are the wild
heard of the Chestnut Blight                                           were radioactive!”
                                  mushrooms around her home
as a tender undergraduate in      in the forest. It was the
1958, the outlook for any         defence of her right to pick as      As a child in southern
return of the American            many as she likes and to sell        Germany, mushrooms were a
chestnut to our forests           them to hotels and chefs that        vital food source in the lean
seemed pretty bleak. This         lay behind her arrest.               postwar years. [this is also
article from the Canton (OH)                                           how Ernst Both got his start in
Repository, gives us reason                                            learning boletes, Ed. note]
                                  After four years of legal
to hope that day might yet                                             She became an air
                                  battles involving a criminal
arrive. Will a similar solution                                        stewardess, married and
                                  prosecution for theft, and a
to the Dutch Elm disease be                                            settled in the New Forest. In
                                  civil suit over the right to pick
in the offing? Unfortunately,                                          the mid-70’s, Mrs. Tee began
                                  on common land-she won
an insect vector, the elm bark                                         picking and eventually selling
                                  both-she has won a unique
beetle, introduces the fungus                                          the mushrooms.
                                  licence from the Department
when it burrows through and
                                  for Environment Food and
below the bark, which might                                            “Mrs. Tee’s Wild Mushrooms”
                                  Rural Affairs. She can pick
make a “cure” for harder to                                            was doing nicely until 1998
                                  wild fungi for life in the forest.
come by. But the American                                              when the Forestry
                                  As she said when The
chestnut was previously                                                Commission told her not to
                                  Independent (a national
3 The Mushroom Log
pick more than the permitted                                      Field Guide to Wild
daily 1.5 kilos (3.3 lbs.)
                                Fungus, Cultured                  Mushrooms of Pennsylvania
Several run-ins later, the                                        and the Mid Atlantic by Bill
commission called in the        From, July 7,       Russell
police.                         2006 via the Los Angeles
                                Mycological Society               Reviewed by Dick Grimm
Mrs. Tee stops the car, dons
her ever-present Barbour and    Singapore – The technology        This guide by Mr. Russell
takes a sharp left into the     has been developed to culture     indicates to me that it is
bracken, marching deep into     microorganisms for large-         written by a man who knows
the forest. We are after        scale production of a rare        wild mushrooming.
winter chanterelles, and pied   Chinese medicinal fungus, a
de mouton, or “hedgehog”        Singapore company said in a
mushrooms. She begins           published report Thursday.        The book, for the most part,
furiously picking away,         The development has               contains subject matter that
nipping the small brown fungi   resulted in the cultivation of    has been researched for
just above the root [sic].      the Cordyceps sinensis            updated names. Beyond that,
“Look,” she says, parting the   fungus in 9.5 days, compared      it seems the scientific prattle
bracken, “they are              with 12 months in nature,         and standard scenario layout
everywhere. How can the         according to the company,         has been purposely avoided
commission say we are           Auric Pacific Nutritech (APN).    to better eliminate confusion
depriving the forest, they                                        that typically consumes rank
know nothing. There’s                                             amateurs in guides written by
                                “Wild Cordyceps sinensis is       professional mycologists. I
enough for everyone.”           only to be found in places like   think Mr. Russell has
                                China, Tibet, Nepal, and          successfully surmounted that
Heading home, Mrs. Tee tells    Qinghai, at altitudes above       problem.
how, come April, she will be    3500 meters,” The Business
searching the verges of this    Times quoted APN general
busy road for the coveted St.   manager Mark Xu as saying.        On the flip side, the author’s
George’s mushroom               This product is rare with         syntax is a bit confusing and
(Calocybe gambosa). “I have     “demand greater than supply.”     tends to ramble more than
to keep my bottom facing                                          typical field guide narration.
away from the cars otherwise                                      This may not set well with
                                Studies have found                those of literary perfection.
I will get hit,” she roars.     Cordyceps sinensis to contain     Much of the wording does not
                                bioactive compounds that          trickle down from Strunk and
The Rolls comes to a sudden     support healthy lung and          White.
halt. “She does this all the    kidney functions, and anti-
time,” says John. And Mrs.      oxidant and anti-inflammatory
Tee is off into the woods in    properties.                       There is a different feel about
search of something that                                          this book that lends itself to
caught her eye: “Sparassis                                        the “Pot Hunter” rather than
                                Ed. Note: you may recall the      the collector with the love of
crispa,” she cries, a small     long article by Dan Winkler
woman in an apron and a                                           scientific investigation front
                                describing the hunting,           and center. There is an
determined look in her eye.     harvesting, and selling of        undercurrent of dialect that
                                these medicinal fungi, reprint-   renders the narration and
25 Nov., 2006.                  ed in the Mar/Apr, May/June,      exposition closer to the fork               2005 issues of the Log. Will      and skillet and the joys of
                                this new technology supplant      walking the woods. It is a
Who says you can’t fight City   the collecting of wild            “Homey” prose that would be
Hall?                           Cordyceps? Stay tuned!            well taken by many amateurs.

Cordyceps, Rare                 Book Review                       The pictures need some help.
                                                                  Many of the mushrooms do
Medicinal                       by Dick Grimm                     not match the habitat and
4 The Mushroom Log
have been redistributed for                                             the biological product produces
the camera. There is               Ed. Note: Things get pretty          consistent results.
nothing wrong with this            complicated in the soil ecosystem
procedure; we all do it. Yet, it   in which fungi and bacteria          Xu Zhaoliang, also at the
would seem better, at least to     compete for their space in the       botany institute, chaired the
me, to reconstruct the picture                                          group evaluating IB12.
in a more natural habitat
                                   Chinese scientists have
setting. I can see, however,                                            He found that IB12 can reduce
                                   developed a bacterium-based
that Mr. Russell’s purpose                                              fungal diseases in cotton by 20-
                                   product that can boost plants’
was obviously to reveal the                                             25 percent, and increase its
                                   growth while protecting them
important diagnostic parts of                                           output by over 12 percent.
                                   from harmful fungal infection.
the mushroom rather than
seek praise for the                                                     While research on the effect of
                                   Although the research is still at
photography. I think he                                                 IB12 on fungal diseases in
                                   an early stage, the researchers
accomplished this well.                                                 potatoes is at too early a stage
                                   hope that further trials of the
Mushrooms presented in                                                  to see definite results, Xu and
                                   product in a variety of crops will
palms, fingers and thumbs,                                              his team have already noted
                                   identify its usefulness for dry
however, do lose a little of                                            that IB12-treated potato tubers
                                   regions around the globe.
their aesthetic value.                                                  are much bigger than those not
                                                                        treated with the bacterium.
                                   Called IB12, the product is
The single most important          made of Bacillus subtilis—a
feature was listing and                                                 There have been some
                                   bacterium widely used as an
coordinating the data and                                               previous studies on B. subtilis,
                                   additive in the fodder industry to
plates into seasonal                                                    but IB12 is the first to be
                                   improve digestion—and
assemblage. Even though                                                 adapted to the environmental
                                   compounds that help the
this typically overlaps to some                                         conditions in western China.
                                   bacterium grow.
degree, Russell did a good
job with a complicated task.                                            It might be among the first B.
                                   Fungal infections can seriously
                                                                        subtilis-based products to be
                                   harm plants, causing severe
                                                                        commercialized in China, Xu
Mine is not to critique species,   disease such as leaf blast in
                                                                        told SciDev.Net.
but Aminata muscaria (plate        cotton and potato crops.
21) seems to me to better fit                                           Reported in SciDev.Net website
A. frostiana.                      B. subtilis can counter the
                                                                        on 23 Oct, 2006.
                                   action of fungi in a number of
                                   ways. In soil, it has been found
In summary: this guide could
readily join the parade of
                                   to swiftly bind to areas on plant    Quite a story! –
                                   roots infected by fungi. Here it
“show and tell” guides like
                                   competes more powerfully for         Postia
many others on the market.
The main difference being the
                                   nutrition, starving the fungi.       ptychogaster
story telling manner in which it
                                   The bacterium can also secrete       By Tony Wright
is presented that would
                                   chemicals that inhibit fungal
please some but be
                                   growth, as well as hormones          Reprinted with the author’s
objectionable to others. Also,
                                   that stimulate the growth of its     permission from the January-
the seasonal presentation of
                                   host plants.                         March, 2007 issue of MYCELIUM,
the species was well received                                           The Newsletter of the Mycological
by me.                                                                  Society of Toronto.
                                   Li Jiudi of the CAS Institute of
                                   Botany has developed IB12
                                   over the past decade,                Relaxing in September, well
Dual-action                        researching varieties of B.          away from the city, I found a
Bacterium Fights                   subtilis local to many parts of      slime mould and wanted to
                                   western China and identifying        confirm my suspicion that it was
Fungal Infection In                compounds that boost its             Mucilago crustacea. Having no
                                   growth. Li has also studied how      reference books with me that
Crops                              to purify the bacterium so that      afternoon, I turned instead to
By Hawk Jia in Beijing China.                                           the internet to find relevant
5 The Mushroom Log
pictures, and fortunately found     Yves Lamoureux examined the          publication, where he provides
several to satisfy my curiosity.    fungus, concluded that it did not    a full description of this late
                                    have the right characteristics for   summer or fall polypore. It has
One of those pictures was on        a Hericium, and decided to get       two forms; a poroid form
an intriguing UK website            to the bottom of this mystery.       producing normal spores, and (based          He emailed a photo of the            an anamorphic asexual form
in Sussex, where I was born)        fungus to Serge Audet, the           producing chlamydospores. The
.….it had a “Rogues Gallery”        polypore expert in Quebec, who       UK and Montreal specimens
page with annotated                 replied immediately and              pictured were of the
photographs of species that         categorically “It’s the asexual      anamorphic form. Bruno Boulet
they had not been able to           form of the polypore Postia          shows no record of this species
identify, and a general appeal      ptychogaster.” A fun story with      in eastern North America other
for help in naming them; so I       a happy conclusion.                  than from Quebec, saying this
browsed though these                                                     fungus is rarely collected and is
“unknowns”. There were none         But wait! Bells are ringing in my    practically unknown to
that I readily recognized, but      head! This Montreal mystery          mycologists; although he does
one of them, which had been         fungus looks much like the           not think that it is as rare in this
posted on the site since 2003,      “unknown” I saw a few hours          temperate climate as it seems,
was so unusual that I thought       ago on the UK Rogues Gallery!        he says it should nonetheless
“My! That’s so strange and          It was time for me to do some        appear on the list of Quebec’s
different…what on earth could it    detective work: a Google             precarious species. He says its
possibly be?”                       search for “Postia                   disconcerting form discourages
                                    ptychogaster”, and for all its       mycologists from collecting and
Later after supper, I decided to    synonyms listed in                   studying it, but that, once
go back on the net and see if , and then         alerted, they will easily
the Montreal society (Le Cercle     a review of the results. It seems    recognize it in the field. George
des mycologues de Montréal -        that this fungus could be            Barron, on his website (at had      described as a spiky       
anything new and interesting for    marshmallow with a brown             n/WESTERN2/tyroptyc.htm),
me on their website. Clicking on    powdery puffball-like centre         has an amazing photo of it with
the “What’s New?” page I found      when mature. After                   both forms on the same fruiting
an article titled Le Polypore       considering all the pictures and     body (under the synonym
oursin (The urchin polypore).       words, mostly from Europe            Tyromyces ptychogaster; the
This illustrated August 2005        where it seems to be fairly          genus Oligoporus has also
article by Yves Lamoureux           widespread, I concluded that         been used), commenting that it
recounts the fascinating story      the UK “unknown” was indeed          is a western species that he has
stemming from their annual          “probably” Postia ptychogaster.      never seen in the east.
Mycology Week where                 I emailed Matthew Hutchings at
specimens are laid out with         the UK website and suggested         The story does not end there,
names for public display.           he check out this name for his       as my wife, Marianna, and I
Almost every year for some 15       “unknown”. After checking, he        continued to enjoy the fine fall
years a small fungus growing        agreed I may well be correct,        weather. We are out on our
on wood, and looking much like      and added this possible name         MST foray of October 18, when
a soft spiky puffball had been      to his website photo, awaiting       she calls me over to an old
placed on the tables and            another similar find for             felled conifer log, “Come and
nobody was able to categorize       confirmation.                        look at these.” There are three
it at all, let alone to genus and                                        species growing there. I focus
species; the best they could do     Back home later in Toronto, I        on a round white one about two
was to label it more or less as     find that NAMA’s Annual Forays       inches wide…what is it? is...
“an unknown in its formative        since 1962 have recorded this        it can’t be…this is unbelievable
stage”. In 2002 Raymond Boyer       species only once (California,       …it’s the UK “unknown”!…it’s
in Sept-Iles sent fresh             1978). My most informative           the Montreal mystery!…(In the
specimens of this fungus to         source was Bruno Boulet’s            field I cannot impress my
Yves Lamoureux in a cooler, on      2003 book, Les champignons           colleagues by telling them its
a bus for many hours, noting        des arbres de l’est de               name because, in my
that it might be a Hericium.        l’Amérique du Nord, a Quebec         excitement, I cannot recall the
6 The Mushroom Log
words Postia ptychogaster).         abundantly. The 2 forms are          The shy solitary platypus
                                    distinct and were often collected    inhabits the waterways of
Amazed by our remarkable find,      separately and given separate        Tasmania and the eastern
we collect the specimen, take a     names before their being just 2      Australian mainland. The same
few photos and later check it       forms of the same fungus was         fungus is found on the
out under the microscope. To        appreciated.                         mainland, where it kills
be sure of the identification I                                          amphibians, particularly
send a photo to Serge Audet                                              Queensland’s green tree frogs,
and Yves Lamoureux, who                                                  but does not affect platypuses
confirm my determination. I                                              there.
check with Ottawa’s herbarium
and they have three specimens                                            Niall Stewart, a research fellow
of this species, all from the                                            at the Univ. of Tasmania,
province of Quebec (1930,                                                believes that the tiny frogs may
1938 and 1988); Toronto’s                                                have carried the fungus into
Royal Ontario Museum                                                     Tasmania in bunches of
herbarium has none.                                                      Queensland bananas.
This collection is shaping up as                                         “Platypuses on the mainland
the first documented record of      Postia ptychogaster                  have evolved with the fungus,
Postia ptychogaster in Ontario.                                          and so they’re immune,” he
Quite a story!                      Cut to reveal powdery interior       said. “But the poor platypuses
                                    Photo: J. Sparling                   here haven’t seen it before.”
My thanks to Serge Audet for                                             The island is a haven for
sharing his expert knowledge,
and to Yves Lamoureux for his
                                    World’s oddest                       platypuses, thanks to its
                                                                         abundant waterways. But Dr.
prior detective work.               Creature at risk                     Stewart, who has carried out
                                                                         extensive field work, believes
Ed.Note: This article illustrates
                                    from Killer Fungus                   that 35 percent are falling victim
nicely the enormous influence                                            to the disease in the affected
the internet holds for far flung    By Kathy Marks                       areas.
communications amongst fungi
fans as well as professional                                             Dr. Stewart said nothing was
                                    It is a unique Australian
mycologists and its potential for                                        being done to combat the
                                    creature—a mammal that lays
problem solving in the identi-                                           disease. He has repeatedly
                                    eggs and has a furry body, a bill
-fication of unusual specimens.                                          failed to secure research
                                    like a duck’s, and webbed feet.
So the next time you’re                                                  funding. The problem has been
                                    The males are also poisonous.
stumped about some unknown                                               overshadowed by a rare cancer
                                    But in Tasmania, one of its
fungal find, get out there and                                           that has killed half of the wild
                                    principal habitats, the platypus
start surfing the web. It’s not                                          population of another native
                                    is under threat from
just for pedophiles or neo-                                              animal, the Tasmanian devil,
                                    mucormycosis, a deadly
Nazis anymore!                                                           and threatens that species’
                                    disease caused by Mucor
                                    amphiborum, a dimorphic
On a less flippant note, it is
                                    fungus occurring in a yeast form
NOT common for fungi in the                                              The ulcers, which appear on a
                                    in infected tissues or in a hyphal
Basidiomycetes (the large                                                platypus’s broad tail or hips,
                                    form in the environment.
group comprising mushrooms,                                              grow to up to 10 cm in
puffballs, boletes, pore-fungi,                                          diameter. Death is usually
                                    More than one-third of the
etc., which is mostly what we                                            caused by secondary bacterial
                                    population is believed to have
find on our forays) to exhibit                                           infections or from depletion of
                                    been wiped out in the north of
sexual and asexual forms the                                             body fat, most of which is
                                    the island state, and there are
way this Postia does. However,                                           stored in the tail. The wounds
                                    reports that the disease has
in the Ascomycetes group                                                 also prevent the platypus from
                                    now spread to southern areas.
(which includes morels, false                                            keeping warm in cold water.
                                    It is almost always fatal,
morels, cup fungi, truffles, and
                                    causing ulcers that turn into
many microscopic forms) such                                             It is not known how the disease
                                    gaping wounds.
sexual and asexual forms occur                                           is transmitted—possibly by
7 The Mushroom Log
ticks, or by males fighting, or via   a separate check must be made      Mea Culpa, Mea
burrows. Dr. Stewart said it          out to NAMA and sent to OMS
was feasible that mud                 (Dick Doyle) not to NAMA. If       Maxima Culpa!
containing fungal spores was          you send it to NAMA, they will
being carried into new areas on       send it back to us for             While preparing this issue of the
hikers’ boots or 4x4 vehicles.        verification since you must be     Log, I went back amongst the
                                      an OMS member before you           previous Logs I’ve edited to
Asked if the Tasmanian                can join NAMA at this              determine the two in which I’d
platypus could develop                discounted rate.                   reprinted Dan Winkler’s articles
immunity, he replied: “Possibly,                                         on Cordyceps. Guess what I
in a few hundred thousand             This would be a great year to      discovered in the May/June,
years. The problem is that            join NAMA, as their national       2006 issue of the Log, but the
mature animals with ulcers are        foray is in nearby Pipestem,       very same article on Morels and
still capable of breeding, so         WV (in Summers Co. in the          How to Find Them by Tim Geho
they’re producing more                southeastern part of WV) on        that somehow mysteriously also
susceptible animals. It would         Aug. 16-19! If you’ve never        found its way into the Jan./Feb.
take a long time for natural          attended a national foray many     2007 issue. With all the
selection to sort it out.” The        of us can tell you it’s a great    excitement of the upcoming
platypus is one of only three         experience. There will be          morel season, I’d completely
monotremes—egg-laying                 numerous opportunities to meet     forgotten I’d already published
mammals—in the world. The             fellow mushroomers from all        his article nearly a year earlier!
others are Australia’s two            over the country. They also        I could say I decided that it was
species of echidna, or spiny          have a varied program of talks,    such a good informative piece
anteater.                             workshops, and social events       (which it is!) that it deserves
                                      all of which makes this a very     another viewing, but the truth is
Reprinted from the Feb., 2007         worthwhile event to attend.        that somehow I simply forgot
issue of The Spore Print, L. A.       Campsites are available at         that I had used it earlier.
Mycological Society.                  Pipestem for the foray
                                      weekend. For more information      And everyone has been so kind
Time to Renew                         call Pipestem Park at 304/466-     as to not point out the error of
                                      1800 or 800/225-5982. Outside      my ways to me. Or maybe no
OMS Dues are Due                      the park there are cabins for      one else noticed either! Which
for 2007                              rent in Bluestone and there’s a    reminds me that when I wrote
                                      new Holiday Inn located in         Harley Barnhart for permission
         new year is upon us, and     Princeton.                         to use his book review of Orson
        this means your OMS                                              & Hope Miller’s Field Guide, in
  A     membership is up for          To sum up:                         addition to his assent, he
        renewal. OMS dues are          OMS costs $10 per year           commented “It’s nice to know
still only $10 per year, or $125       NAMA costs $32 per year          that someone actually reads
for a lifetime membership. The            —for OMS members               this stuff…” So I’m not sure
cutoff date for dues payment is        Separate checks, please          whether to feel relieved that
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renewal form provided in this
Log. And please, alert us of          Deadline –May. 26                  You’ve probably noticed I’ve
any name, address, zip code,                                             tucked this “correction” down at
email, and telephone number or        David Miller                       the most obscure bottom part of
area code changes.                    352 W. College St.                 the Log, just the way even the
                                      Oberlin, OH 44074                  most prestigious periodicals do
NAMA dues are also due now.                                              with theirs.
NAMA dues for OMS members
are $32. To qualify for this rate,
8 The Mushroom Log

                                      Calendar of Events
                                          park office. We will eat lunch
OMS Events                                in Mt. Gilead, and if anyone       July 27-29—Summer Foray at
                                        wants to do more hunting, we         Carlisle Reservation, Lorain
Email Jerry at                          may explore Alum Creek State         County Metroparks, near to
                                        Park in the afternoon.               Oberlin.
receive notification of
impromptu events. Check your
                                        Contact Hugh Urban for more
most recent issue of the                info: (614) 447-0706 or              Sept. 29-30. Fall Foray, Deep
Mushroom Log for event         (Hugh              Woods, Hocking Co.
updates and for more detailed           Urban, host)                         (440) 236-9222.
information. Please plan to join
us.                                     May 17-19 —Thur & Fri 7-9 pm                       th
                                                                             Sat. Nov.10 . Annual Dick Grimm
                                        Sat 10-noon, Foray. All at Rocky
                                        River Nature Center, North           Banquet. Details tba.
April 21st (Sat.)--morel
                                        Olmsted. For any (adults only) who
miniforay at Salt Fork State
Park at Cambridge OH (eastern
                                        want a good basic knowledge of
                                        mushrooms. For registration          Ohio & Regional
OH near the junction of I-77 and        (begins May 1), call
I-70). Convene at 9:00 at State         Debra Shankland at (440) 734-        April 28-29—Western PA
Park Office parking lot. Hunt           6660. A writeup will appear in the   Mushroom Club’s (WPMC)
departs promptly at 9:30 am.            May issue of Cleveland Metroparks    Morel Madness, Mingo Creek.
                                        Emerald Necklace.                    see website at
Sharon Greenberg hosts. (330)
                                                                                                  nd   th
                                        Other impromptu mini forays, as      Bio-Blitz: Sat June 2 , 5 Annual
April 28th (Sat.)—morel
                                        follows:                             bioblitz for Geauga Park District,
miniforay at Denison Biological                                              Bass Lake Preserve.
Reserve. Convene at 9:00 at
                                        An open invitation to anyone                       th
the Bio Reserve on Rt. 661 just                                              July 7 or 14 . Bio-Blitz at Deep
                                        who wants to mushroom hunt in
north of the Denison campus.                                                 Woods, Hocking Co.
                                        Fredericktown. Call Dick
Dick Doyle (740) 587-0019.
       th                               Grimm (740) 694-0782, and if                  th
                                                                             Sept. 7-9 . Terra Alta Mountain
May 6 (Sun.) Morel miniforay
                                        he’s available and there are         Mushroom Weekend. $95 non-
at Woodbury Wildlife Area.
                                        mushrooms in the woods, he           members, $80 members. Walt
Dick Grimm, host. (740) 694-                                                 Sturgeon’s workshop. For more
                                        will go.
0782.                                                                        info call Greg Park at 304/242-
May 6th (Sun. late (11) am,                                                  6855.
                                        July Ohio Wesleyan-Dick Grimm
due to turkey hunting. Morel
                                        with Nancy Murray.                   Sept. 15—WPMC’s Mid-Atlantic
miniforay at Salt Fork State
                                        Aug. 25—Christmas Rocks State        Mushroom Foray, North Park PA.
Park. Same meeting info as
          st                            Nature Preserve—Lancaster OH.        See their website.
April 21 above. Walt (330)
                                        Shirley McClelland with Dick
                                                                             National & More
May 12 (Sat, 9am)—Morel
Hunt at Mt. Gilead State Park           Oct. Sand Barrens-North
Directions: From I-71 take exit         Kingsville, Pete & Pauline           August 16-19---NAMA Foray
151 onto OH-95 toward Mt,               Munk.                                in Pipestem, WV. See their
Gilead. Drive 6.5 mi west to Mt.                                             website,,
Gilead S.P. We will meet at the          Email Jerry as instructed           for details.
last parking lot to the left of the     above.

               Membership Application for the Ohio Mushroom Society
9 The Mushroom Log


CITY                                                  STATE          ZIP

TELEPHONE                                             FAX


Enclosed please find check or money order: $10.00 (family) annual _____       $125 life ______________
enrolling me in the Ohio Mushroom Society. My interests are:

Mushroom Eating/Cookery            Photography                Nature Study

Mushroom ID                        Cultivation                        Other (specify)

Would you like to be an OMS volunteer? In what way?

How did you hear about our group?_________________________________________________


May OMS provide your name to other mushroom related businesses?      Yes____No

Return form and money to: Ohio Mushroom Society, c/o Dick Doyle, 14 Sunset Hill, Granville, OH 43023-1162

Reminders: Please send your E-mail and mailing address changes to Dick Doyle at the above address.
10 The Mushroom Log

      2007 Ohio Mushroom Society Volunteers
Chairman                Newsletter Editor          Program Planners          Hospitality Co-chairs
Jerry Pepera            Dave Miller                Walt Sturgeon             Janet & Jack Sweigart
(440) 354-4774          (440) 774-8143             (330) 426-9833            (419) 634-7216
g_pepera@sbcglobal.     David.H.Miller@oberlin.
net                     edu
                                                   Daphne Vasconcelos        Sharon Greenberg
Treasurer/Membership/   All-round Special Person   (614) 475-4144            (330) 457-2345
Circulation             Dick Grimm                 vasconcelosD@battelle.    d.greenberg@worldnet.att.
Dick Doyle              (740) 694-0782             org                       net
(740) 587-0019          dickiephyls@netzero.       com                        Pete & Pauline Munk       Cathy Pepera
                                                   (440) 236-9222            (440) 354-4774
Corresponding Sec’y     Cleveland Metroparks
Joe Christian           Liaison
(419) 757-4493          Debra Shankland            Lake Metroparks Liaison       (440) 734-6660             Jennifer McAnlis
                        dks@clevelandmetropar      (440) 256-2106
      11 The Mushroom Log

         Ohio Mushroom Society
           The Mushroom Log

           Circulation and Membership
                    Dick Doyle,
                  14 Sunset Hill
           Granville, OH 43023 - 1162

                   Dave Miller
                352 W. College St.
                Oberlin, OH 44074


The Mushroom Log, the official newsletter of the
Ohio Mushroom Society, is published bi-monthly
throughout the year.

Contributions of articles and ideas for columns are
always welcome. Articles may be edited for length
and content.

Noncopyrighted articles may be reprinted without
permission in other mushroom club publications,                    DATED MATERIAL
provided that The Mushroom Log is credited. We        Address service requested. Return postage guaranteed.
appreciate receiving a copy of the publication.

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