HUMAN BINGO by Diz1hfe4

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									                                            HUMAN BINGO
DIRECTIONS: Write the first AND last name of the person you meet that fits the description in each square. Also provide
any other information that is asked for in the box. NO DUPLICATE NAMES PLEASE!

YOUR NAME: ____________________________________________________

         B                         I                      N                      G                        O
     Can Juggle          Saw a live concert in      Plays a fall sport      Wears the same        Will sing “Row, Row,
                            the past year             (What sport?)           size shoe            Row, Your Boat”
                         (Whom did they see?)                                                       (Have them do so)

   Has been to the      Read 3 or more books         Does a good          Has been in a drama      Have a computer
    movies in last       in the past 3 months       impression of a           production              at home
      2 weeks             (Which book did they      famous person         (What was their most
 (What did they see?)          like best?)           (Whom did they         recent show?)

 Worked a part time     Favorite food is pizza    Has a birthday in the   Has traveled out of      Went to a Tigers,
  job this summer                                 same month as you        the U.S.A. in the       Pistons, Lions, or
     (Where?)                                                                  past year         Redwings game in the
                                                                               (Where?)                past year

 Can do a cartwheel      Knows a clean joke       Has a different eye       Plays a musical              Watches
                          (Have them tell you!)   color than your own         instrument           “Will and Grace” or
                                                                           (What instrument?)            “Friends”

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