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					  STORAGE DESIGN LIMITED - Storage Direct catalogue 2012
Kick Steps

      Kick Steps                                                                                      Plastic Kick Steps
      Glide freely, stop securely
      These handy steps move easily on spring loaded castors. When you stand on
      them the castors retract and the non-slip base stays firmly in place.
      •   Free-running spring-loaded castors
      •   Base with non-slip edging
      •   Scratch/rust-proof plastic version
      •   Metal version in choice of five colours

      Metal Kick Steps
      Please state colour at the time of ordering. Suffix code GR for Grey, BL for
      Blue, RD for Red, BK for Black and GN for Green.

                                                Available in five colours

                                                                                                              Plastic Kick Step - 440mm Base x
                                                                                                              300mm Top x 430mm High


                             Metal Kick Step - 410mm Base x
                             280mm Top x 415mm High

                               44.99                                                Chrome Stepstools
                                                                                    •     Doubles as a step or a stool
                                                                                    •     Clean to handle chrome finish
      Painted Steel Stepstools                                                      •     Large rubber matted treads
      •   Doubles as a step or a stool
                                                                                    •     Folds flat for easy storage
      •   Clean to handle painted finish
                                                                                    •     Contoured back support for added comfort when sitting
      •   Large rubber matted treads (V23102 & V23123)                                    (V22042)
      •   Folds flat for easy storage                                                •     High handrail for added support and stability (V22043)
      •   Painted steel structure



      V13712                                         V23102                         V22043
                       No. of                                                                           No. of      Top Tread
      Description             Top Tread Height Weight kg         Order    Price £       Description                                Weight kg     Order    Price £
                       Treads                                                                           Treads        Height
       Handy Step        2             0.45m             4.2kg   V13712    £27.99        Chrome 2
                                                                                                          2            0.47m            5kg      V22042    £39.49
          2 Step         2             0.47m             5kg     V23123    £32.99
                                                                                         Chrome 3
                                       0.47m                                                              3            0.72m            8kg      V22043    £49.99
      Step and Stool     2                               6kg     V23102    £38.49        Stepstool

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