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									  STORAGE DESIGN LIMITED - Storage Direct catalogue 2012
Polyethylene Moulded Trolleys

      Polyethylene Moulded Service Trolleys
      Ideal for use in workshops, maintenance departments, storerooms, the electronics and
      pharmeceutical industries
      These multi-purpose trolleys are moulded from super strong polyethylene. This remarkably practical material is non-conductive and is
      unaffected by battery acid, most solvents and cleaning materials.
      Supplied knocked down with a mallet for easy assembly.
      •     Available in combinations of flat shelves and deep storage trays
      •     Easy to assemble in less than five minutes
      •     Mallet included
      •     Four castors, two braked
      •     Wheels with rubber tyres, 100mm diameter
      •     Smooth hygienic surfaces
      •     Easy to clean
      •     Super strong polyethylene moulded trays mean shelves will not rust dent or chip
      •     Load capacities from 175kg to 200kg

                                     3 storage trays
      3 Storage Trays                                                                                                             3 Shelf Trolley
      VGI337L                                                                      3 flat shelves                                  VGI341L
          344.49                                                                                                                  £
                  3 shelf trolley                      2 shelf trolley             2 storage trays                        Top & middle storage tray,
                                                                                                                               bottom flat shelf

    3 Shelf Trolley                                2 Shelf Trolley                            2 Shelf Trolley                              3 Shelf Trolley
    VGI335L                                        VGI334L                                    VGI237L                                      VGI343L
      251.49                                       £
                                                     206.49                                   £
                                                                                                258.49                                     £
                                                                         Distance between      Max.
                        Description                    Overall Size                                      Weight kg     Order     Price £
                                                                               shelves         Load
                             2 Shelf Trolley      L890 x W610 x H880mm        650mm            120kg            16kg   VGI334L   £206.49

                             3 Shelf Trolley      L890 x W610 x H865mm        292mm            120kg            22kg   VGI335L   £251.49

                             3 Shelf Trolley      L610 x W458 x H840mm        305mm            120kg            11kg   VGI341L   £147.49

                             3 Shelf Trolley      L610 x W468 x H864mm        235mm            120kg            14kg   VGI343L   £213.49

                         2 Storage Tray Trolley   L920 x W640 x H960mm        635mm            175kg            20kg   VGI237L   £258.49

                         3 Storage Tray Trolley   L920 x W640 x H975mm        280mm            175kg            24kg   VGI337L   £344.49

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