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					  STORAGE DESIGN LIMITED - Storage Direct catalogue 2012
Powered Pallet Trucks & Stackers

                                                Semi-Electric Pallet Trucks
                                                Compact pallet truck with electric drive for easy and economic pallet
                                                •      Economical upgrade from a hand pallet truck
                      VLEMP10/10/54             •      Manual Lift / Electric Drive
                                                •      Reduces risk of injuries caused by pulling heavy loads
                                                •      Minimum maintenance
                                                •      Built in charger
                                                •      Very low noise levels
                                                •      Highly manoeuvrable with 180° steering

                                                                      Fork    Width
                                                       Order                                Capacity      Price £
                                                                     Length over Forks
                                                VLEMP10/10/54 1000mm              545mm         1000kg   £1594.99

                                                VLEMP10/11/54 1150mm              545mm         1000kg   £1594.99

                                                VLEMP15/11/54 1150mm              545mm         1500kg   £1794.99

                                                VLEMP10/10/68 1000mm              680mm         1000kg   £1594.99

                                                VLEMP15/12/68 1220mm              680mm         1500kg   £1794.99

                                                Medium and Heavy Duty Compact
                                                Powered Pallet Trucks
                                                Lightweight, small yet robust electric pallet truck designed for horizontal
                                                movement of pallets. Ideal for retail, small stores and warehouses, on-
                                                board delivery vehicles, factories and more.
                                                •      Loads up to 1300 or 2000kg           •     High mobility in confined areas
                                                •      Electric lift and drive                    due to its compact size

                                                •      Light enough to be used on           •     Operating hours & battery
                                                       mezzanine floors and vehicle                charge indicator
                                                       tail lifts                           •     Outstanding stability
                                                •      Smooth step-less speed               •     Lift height: 85 – 200mm

                                                Optional extras:
                                                •      Please see web for optional extras
                                                                      Fork    Width
                                                       Order                                Capacity      Price £
                                                                     Length over Forks
                                                    VLEPT13/10/54   1000mm        540mm         1300kg   £3494.99

                                                    VLEPT13/11/54   1150mm        540mm         1300kg   £3494.99

                                                    VLEPT13/10/68   1000mm        680mm         1300kg   £3494.99

                                                    VLEPT13/11/68   1150mm        680mm         1300kg   £3494.99

                                                                      Fork    Width
                                                       Order                                Capacity      Price £
                                                                     Length over Forks
                                                    VLEPT20/11/54   1150mm        540mm         2000kg   £5494.99

                                                    VLEPT20/10/68   1000mm        680mm         2000kg   £5494.99

                                                Fully Powered Pallet Stackers
                                                Medium to Heavy Duty Pallet Stacker
                                                A range of pedestrian electric stackers with single and double masts.
                                                •      Compact design for operation in tight areas
                                                •      Ideal for handling Euro pallets
                                                •      Built-in battery charger
                                                •      Multi-function tiller head
                                                •      Smooth step-less speed control
                                                •      Range of special accessories

                                                Optional extras:
                                                •      Please see web for optional extras

                                                      Order      Lift Height     Capacity   Price £
                                                    VLPS12.16       1600mm        1200kg    £5494.99

                                                    VLPS12.25       2500mm        1200kg    £5994.99

                                                    VLPS12.30       3000mm        1200kg    £6494.99

                                                    VF12APE3.5      3500mm        1200kg    £8734.99

                                                    VLPS16.45       4500mm        1600kg    £8994.99

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