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									                     First 42Mbps USB modem- Huawei E372

Huawei E372 USB modem is a new innovation in mobile networking field with its HPSA+
technology. Comparing with the previous, Huawei E372 USB modem offers twice speed of the
normal standard and up to 42Mbps. As we know, the fastest downlink peak is 100Mbps in the
market at present, but due to the 4G technology is not so mature and available in some countries,
people are still focusing on 42Mbps. E372 is a powerful 3G modem that you just need to use a
mobile SIM card to activate your 2G or 3G service, with Huawei E372 usb stick, you can access a
wireless network in a short time at high speed.

Quick Details

Mainchip: MDM8220

Support3G: DC-HSPA+/HSPA+UMTS 2100/1900/900/850/850

Support 2G: EDGE/GPRS/GSM 1900/1800/900/850

MHZ DC-HSPA+ downlink up to 42 Mbps, uplink up to 5.76 Mbps Support Micro SD card and up
to 32G External antenna interface to extend coverage Support Windows XP/VISTA/7, Mac OS and
Linux included Data and SMS service supported Sizes: 90mm x 28mm x 15 mm Weight: <40g
From the above data we can know that MDM8220 ensures Huawei E372 stick ‘good performance,
with its fast 42Mbps downlinking speed and 5.76Mbps uplinking speed, you can download
something, watch high quality video or play video games easily and reliable. In one word, this 3G
modem ensures most people enjoyable and convenient in their life or work, for example, with
Huawei E372 USB modem, a clerk can work at any time or any place instead of staying in his
office at a fixed time. Most importantly, he can enjoy the high speed, which makes his work
efficient greatly. This convenience also benefits certain people, such as students, journalists,
tourists and video game lovers , etc. Huawei E372 is very simple for users. Take Windows XP as an
example, firstly, plug the USB stick into one of your PC’s ports, After that the OS will run
automatically and detect and recognize the hardware and starts installation wizard, if the
auto-run program does not respond, find the AutoRun.exe file in the driver path , then start it.
Follow the installation instruction until it finished, a shortcut icon will appear in the desktop.
Secondly, the management program starts automatically. Every time Huawei E372 USB modem is
connected to a computer, the management program will start, or you can also double-click the
icon to start the management program. At last when you want to remove the USB stick, you
should double-click the “device display” icon in the right bottom of your desktop, then the
Unplug or Eject hardware dialogue box appears, then select the corresponding hardware and
then click stop, finally, when the message “it is safe to remove the device” appears, remove the
USB stick. So if you are interested in Huawei E372 USB modem, there is an online store of
modem3g where you can get it.

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