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					STORAGE DESIGN LIMITED - Storage Direct catalogue 2012
              made in the UK                                                                                        Identification and Labelling

   Magnetic Location Markers
   White faced magnetic markers can be added to any steel
   Easily written on with wet wipe on/off pens.
   (Order VPB10)                                                                                               information box
                                                                                                               Use a wet wipe marker pen,
    Size H x W       Pack Qty       Colour         Order       Price £                                         wipe off, update or move
                                                                                                               when required.
                                                                                                               Order VPB5
     20 x 80mm           100         White                      £20.49

     30 x 80mm           100         White                      £26.49

     50 x 80mm           100         White                      £38.99

    56 x 105mm           100         White                     £101.99

    90 x 210mm           10          White                      £15.99

    100 x 150mm          100              -                    £101.99

                                                                                                                                              Racking & Warehouse Equipment
                         Black Wet Wipe Pens
          -               5               -         VPB5         £8.65

          -              10                        VPB10        £18.49

   Magnetic Easy-Wipe Racking Strip
   Sticks to any steel surface, but removes instantly if need be.
   Write on/wipe off surface. Simply cut to length. Five colour options:- White, Yellow, Red, Blue or Green.

       Roll Size         Order       Price £
     10mm x 10m                          £12.49

     15mm x 10m                          £17.49
     20mm x 10m                          £20.99

     25mm x 10m                          £25.49

     30mm x 10m                          £28.49

     40mm x 10m                          £36.49

     50mm x 10m                          £43.99

     60mm x 10m                          £43.99

     70mm x 10m                          £50.99

     80mm x 10m                          £54.99

     90mm x 10m                          £59.49
                                                                         Simply add the letter of the colour you wish to
    100mm x 10m                          £63.99                          order to the product code. eg. VMSR1-B (for blue)

   Weight Load Notices
   Five semi-rigid weight loading notices, detailing the procedures for the
   maintenance of racking structures. The illustration allows for maximum shelf
   and bay load weights, to be labelled, or written in with a permanent marker
   pen, plus installation details and reference numbers. Your details can be
   printed in black at no extra cost.

                 Description                  Size H x W       Order      Price £
    Sign suitable for Shelving Structures     356 x 254mm                  £11.99

    Sign suitable for Cantilever Racking      356 x 254mm                  £11.99

    Sign suitable for Drive Thru' Racking     356 x 254mm                  £11.99

                                              356 x 254mm                  £11.99

      Sign suitable for Pallet Racking        470 x 350mm                  £14.49

   Self-Adhesive Magnetic Strip

                    Description                    Pack Qty       Order      Price £
     13mm wide self-adhesive magnetic strip         30m Roll                  £63.49

     20mm wide self-adhesive magnetic strip         10m Roll                  £33.99

     50mm wide self-adhesive magnetic strip         10m Roll                  £52.49

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