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					Enjoy a Stunning World Underwater through Ayia Napa Villa Rentals

Ayia Napa is one of the top tourist spots in Cyprus. It is located in the south coast of the country and
gains several millions of visitors throughout the year. It offers numerous ways to entertain you like
beaches, night clubs, water parking and a marine life museum at the same time, it is also a perfect place
to do water sports.

Many people from different countries show an interest in visiting this place each year. Many of them
now prefer Ayia Napa Villa Rentals to stay in throughout their vacation instead of staying at costly
hotels. These villas offer a flexible environment to enjoy your holidays, giving you full freedom to enjoy
your vacations along with your children, family and friends. There are luxurious restaurants available
nearby which are ready to provide you with tasty cultural local cuisine . When staying in these rental
villas, you also have access to shopping malls, beaches and clubs at an easy walking distance. There are
also various musical events conducted in the local area.

Generally, Ayia Napa rental villas include a maximum of 6 beds allowing 14 persons to stay. There are
different types of villas allotted for family, individual and honeymooners or bridal couples. You can
select your villa depending on your needs and interests. Many of these holiday rental villas also include
facilities such as a private swimming pool and car parking. You can also enjoy going to a number of
beaches located near the villas. The Limanaki beach is one of the longest in Ayia Napa and is a beautiful
place to enjoy the stunning waves and sandy environment with your family and children. The most
popular beach is Nissi which gains huge numbers of visitors on summer due to its crystal clear waters
and white sand. It is an excellent environment for learning water-sports such as scuba diving and water
skiing. You can also go boating or jet-skiing if you want to.

Tornaritis Pierides is one of the best museums in the world which is located in Ayia Napa. It was
established in 1992. You can do research here about marine life. It has a collection of marine species,
plants, sea-beds, sculptures and a lot more. It also includes arts and paintings. You can experience an
amazing underwater world species from this museum. There are large numbers of villas you can stay at
not far from this museum located in front of the beaches where you can enjoy a wonderful sea view and
natural scenes. Ayia Napa also gives you access for fishing.

Ayia Napa has several night clubs and musical events. There are cocktail bars and dancing clubs located
everywhere, and there are popular UK and Scottish musical events conducted around the clubs and
beaches. It is also possible to shop for fashion accessories and branded clothing, or enjoy many
restaurants and beaches. Overall, it is a great place for entertainment of both adults and children.

If you are currently looking at a holiday in Cyprus, you can easily find villas to meet your requirements.
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