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  - A Tutorial
             Who are we?
• We are XGSTOUR and we allow you to
  compete in an international online
  tournament from any golf course in the

  While you establish a handicap for free!
             About XGSTOUR
• XGSTOUR is the
  world’s only golf
  tournament in which
  you can compete
  – with anyone
  – in any city
  – any state
  – any country     At your own pace and
  – any continent   according to your own
           What we promote
XGS (Xtreme Global Sports) allows everyone to
  promote and improve their skills while adding a
  technological edge to positive sportsmanship
  and a strong competitive spirit.
       How do you get all this?
• Get to our website at:

• Create an account with us and surf our
  What resources we have for you
                          • Connect with other
                          golfers on forums and
                          the XGS Golf

• Ask fellow golfers any question or access and
  modify your account information
Types of Membership we have for you:

                 - Free Membership

                 - Full Membership
  What Free Membership means
• Complete Xtreme
  Global Social Media
  profile and usage.

• Record Personal Golf
  Scores and develop a
  Handicap Play
What Free Membership means

           - Post scores local and
           world tournaments

           - Never miss your golf
           game again even while
   What Full Membership means
• Improve your golf game
  and rankings with
  another "Ball in Play“

• Unlimited usage of the
  XGSTOUR Online Leader
  Board Service.
   What Full Membership means
• Compete in multiple tournaments with same
  round of golf

• Play unlimited non-prize Tournaments
   What Full Membership means
• Create golf tournaments & send invitations to

• Discounted entry fees to Play Prize
                Reach us at
• You can also stop in the pro shop and check
  out our customized XGSTOUR golf balls.

• Get to: http://xgstour.com/

• Contact us at: xgstour@aol.com for queries

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