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Interactive Electronic Children's Books


									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Kids’ books and reading are a vital component for brain development too. The more a child reads, the easier it
     is to learn new material and to assimilate it into his or her learning. Kids even feel very important if they can
                                                read to a younger sibling
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                                              Interactive Electronic Children's Books
                                                            By Jennifer LB Leese

  Interactive Electronic Children's Books
 by: Jennifer LB Leese

Did you know there are numerous authors that have published children's books in electronic format?
What is electronic format? Well, that is when a book is available from the computer as a download or
on CD or on diskette.

If a customer purchases a book as a download, then the publisher sends them the book through email
sometimes with a link where they can go to download it themselves, or as an attachment. If the
customer purchases the book on CD or diskette, then the book will arrive through the mail with cover
art, spine, author information, ISBN (International Standard Book Number, which is a ten-digit number
that uniquely identifies books and book-like products that are published internationally. It identifies
one title or an edition of a title from one specific publisher), and instructions on how to open your book.

Here are a few fabulous children's electronic book, many of which come with sounds and animation.
CAPTAIN ANGUS, THE LIGHTHOUSE GHOST by Wendy Laing, published by Wendave,, is a book written using The Cape Otway Lighthouse in
Victoria, Australia. Laing's book, creditable as a teaching aid, educates readers about pioneer history
in Australia. Readers follow along with two children, exploring through a magic time travel tunnel with
an old Scottish sea captain.

BECAUSE I SAID SO by Dotti Enderle, published by Writers-Exchange EPublishing tells the story of
little Logan and his mother. Every time his mother asks him to complete a task such as pick up his
toys or to take a bath, Logan asks her why. His mother's response is clear and simple"BECAUSE I
SAID SO." In the end of this delightful illustrated book, Logan surprises his mother with a reply to her
why question.

Perhaps you are looking for a book that teaches your children about marriage. BICYCLE: A STORY
ABOUT MARRIAGE by Rod Lenfest is just the book you need. Published by Writers-Exchange
EPublishing, this book comes complete with comical illustrations. It is a story about marriage written
so children of all ages can understand. It is an amusing and easy-to-read book. The helpful

Abc Books By Ann
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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

information in the back section enables readers to get the most from the story. Lenfest uses a bicycle
as a metaphor to teach readers the many parts a marriage needs to succeed.

Book number two in the Green Heart Series, BLUEGUM CHRISTMAS: A MIRACLE AT SASSAFRAS
CREEK by Marlies Bugmann, published by Zumaya Publications is a quick, satisfying read. This book
teaches children the importance of taking care of our ecosystem in a fiction plot using a little
eight-year-old boy named Ben Arthurson and a little ten-year-old girl named Samantha Hogan.
Together they learn the uniqueness of the rare and beautiful Christmas birds; save the bluegum trees
from destruction, and learn to appreciate nature and their surroundings.

Remember, just because some books are electronic (e-book) books, doesnt mean they arent
fantastic! Open up an electronic book today and get to know some talented new authors.

Off the Top of my Headtalented childrens e-book authors to check out:

Tedd Arnold,

Haemi Balgassi,

Robert F. Baldwin,

Jennifer LB Leese is a 34-year-old mother of three from Maryland. She is a published author of several
childrens fiction books, one young adult fantasy book, and a paranormal romance novel. Leese also
freelances children's non-fiction books for book distribution and packaging companies.

She reviews childrens books for several online magazines, including her own It's Only Ink! Children's
Book Reviews, as well as for Fiction Forum, Preschool Entertainment, Gotta Write Network, The Best
Reviews, and Midwest Book Review. Jennifer is also a freelance copyeditor for Writers Exchange
E-Publishing, as well as for individual authors and publishers. Leeses experience comes from the
above as well as from her published books and articles, and from her professional book reviews and

As half of JV Harlee, Leese writes gothic, fantasy novels for teenagers with published author Valerie
Hardin. Their first book is "Gargoyle Tears".

Leese lives in Maryland with her three children, Nicholas, Cameron, and Jordan. She volunteers
regularly at her children's school where she heads the Bester Elementary PTA as Vice President.
Married fourteen years to the love of her life, Jennifer knew she would marry Thom the moment she
laid eyes on him.

How To Write A Great Children's Book
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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

                       Children's Books, Child's First Introduction To The World Of Print
                                                           By David G. Petten

 Board books are often a child's first introduction to the world of print. Designed with infants and
toddlers in mind, these specialty children's books are chunky, with thick, study pages perfect for a
young child's exploring touch. Like most children's books, board books are usually labeled with a target
age range by the publisher. Board books are generally intended for children from birth to three years

Early children's books come in many titles. Many classics of children's literature are available in board
book format, from the works of Dr. Seuss to bedtime staples like Goodnight Moon. These titles allow
even the very youngest children to enjoy the whimsical stories and colorful illustrations of favorite
stories without worry about torn pages.

Pocket sized board books often come in themed collections. Favorite children's characters often star in
collections of board books, which often come in creative packaging, intended to make getting the
books out and putting them away just as much fun for your child as reading them. Other collections
focus on a theme, such as letters of the alphabet.

Perhaps the most popular style of board book is the simple picture book. Each heavy, cardboard page
contains a single word or concept, paired with a matching illustration. Available on subjects from
dinosaurs and cars to colors and shapes, these children's books build familiarity with basic early
learning concepts and introduce the idea that words represent things we see around us.

Board books come in a range of different sizes. Small, pocket sized board books are perfect for
crawling infants who are just learning to manipulate objects, while larger books are ideal for the toddler
who wants a book just like Mommy's.

The physical construction of board books is designed to withstand the rough treatment of children too
young to know better. Unlike traditional bound paper books, the thick cardboard pages of board books
are virtually indestructible. They resist tearing and make it easier for clumsy young fingers to turn

Board books are also an exceptionally affordable addition to the family library. Small full color picture
books are often priced at just a few dollars per title, while larger, full size full color books are priced
around the same as hardcover children's books. Building a collection of board books for the child in
you life is an inexpensive way to provide an early introduction to the importance and enjoyment of
reading. Deals ON Books Canada, where you can buy your books online and
choose from biggest selection of books

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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