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Enjoy Coin Collecting For Kids


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									                                                    Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                 Coin Collecting: Attention Kids: Three Steps To Starting A Coin Collection…
                                                          By News Canada

  Coin Collecting: Attention Kids: Three Steps To Starting A Coin Collection…
 by: News Canada

(NC)-First of all, look around for coins - any coins - and put them in a safe place. A good spot to find
the first coins for your collection is right in your pocket. You might find some of the 25-cent coins that
the Royal Canadian Mint made for the Millennium. Or the special 50-cent coin commemorating the
Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Maybe your parents or grandparents have some loose change
they could spare to help you start.

Here's another idea: Take your allowance to the bank and buy a roll of coins, then keep the ones you
need for your collection. Or check out the newest and coolest coins at the Mint's website
(www.mint.ca/en/RoyallyCool/FunFacts) and start your collection with some 'Royally Cool Money.'

Whatever you decide, make sure to keep your coins in a safe place - like in a small jar with a lid or ask
your Mom or Dad to hold onto them for you. And always remember, some of the biggest and best coin
collectors in Canada started with just a few pennies!

Next - find out what coins you have and make a list. The experts call this part "compilation." To make
sense of your cents take out a sheet of paper - graph paper is best. On one side make a list of years.
Start anywhere you want - 1900 or 1967 or maybe the year Grandpa or Grandma was born. It's up to
you. Then check the dates on your coins and check off those years on the sheet of paper. This may
not sound like heaps of fun, but you'd be surprised. You just might find a coin that's really old or has
some special mark on it that makes it worth a lot more than you thought!

Once you've compiled, its time to classify and conserve your coins. This means putting the same kind
of coins together - like, for example, coins from the same year. Conservation refers to taking care of
your collection.

These three simple steps are your ticket to a wide new world of fascinating people and places. Think of
it as your own personal Canadian treasure, rich with stories about the incredible history, spectacular
geography and unique symbols that make Canada a special place in which to live.

The Hobby Of Kings!
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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

- News Canada

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                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                      Enjoy Coin Collecting For Kids
                                                                   By Gareth Bray

If you have kids who are into coin collecting, you can help them realize the full potential of their interest
by teaching them more about the matter and explaining to them the implications, as well as the many
wonders, of coin collecting both as an art and a possible money-making hobby. Coin collecting for kids
should be fun and exciting – a learning experience that your kid could enjoy in many ways.

 Like adults that are new at coin collecting, kids should be taught some of the basic FAQs and their
corresponding answers. This way, they’ll have at least a relatively solid idea about what coin collecting
is all about. A kid who embarks on coin collecting without spending any time or effort to study the
hobby and the market is just like any other lazy and ignorant coin collector who is sure to end up
wasting precious money on problem, counterfeit, or overly graded coins. Of course, you’d want to
spare your kid from that kind of heartbreak, so pile up the questions and explain on the answers well.

 Perhaps one of the first things your kid will ask you regarding his newfound hobby – coin collecting for
kids – is where to start. These days, you can find several coin clubs that have kids as members. You
can have your kid join one coin club where he can learn about coin collecting and where to get material
for his own coin collection. The great thing about it is, your kid is sure to make new friends who will
share his interest and with whom he can develop his hobby.

 The first coins your kid can have for his coin collection are those in circulation. This will make getting
started easier; however, you should remind him to avoid spending his coins. The next coins he can
collect may come from a variety of sources, including coin shops, coin shows, flea markets, bazaars,
craft fairs, mail order, and from sites on the Internet. If your kid’s coin collection is growing steadily and
impressively, you could take him to auctions – the most elite source of collectible coins even to this

 Major specialty auction firms put the rarest and most expensive coins up for grabs. You can even find
some auctions being conducted online, making attendance easier and more convenient. Before placing
your bid, you should make sure that the auction you’re joining is credible and that you check first the
record of the seller. Bids can be pretty steep in auctions, so don’t join them if you don’t have the
budget, your kid’s coin collection is not yet that noteworthy, or your kid has not yet shown his
commitment to the hobby. Furthermore, once your kid shows genuine interest in the hobby, you can
encourage him to trade or buy coins from other coin collectors. From the start, coin collecting for kids
can be an adventure you and your kid can go through together.

Naturally, in coin collecting for kids, the proper handling of coins should be taught.

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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