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Vijay Kumar
Countless Jobs in Bangalore
Bangalore is the most happening city of Karnataka, also known as the IT hub of India. It
has hosted large number of IT, ITES, BPO and many other public and private companies
that offer innumerable career opportunities, making it a hot and attractive destination for
the potential job seekers. Since it provides too many jobs in IT sectors, Bangalore is also
called the Silicon Valley of India. It also provides job opportunities in many other important
sectors like telecommunications, aerospace, defense research, etc. Jobs in Bangalore can be
broadly classified into below categories.

IT / Software Jobs

Bangalore being the IT hub of India, provides innumerable number of jobs in IT and
software related fields. Software developing, programming, testing, designing, software
training and consulting, DBA, E-commerce and Internet, ERP/CRM, hardware, etc. are few
popular fields that provide lot of job opportunities.

If you are keen to join the IT jobs in Bangalore, you should decide whether to join a product
based or service based company. Wipro, Infosys, TCS, HCL etc. are some of the service
companies in Bangalore, while Google India, Oracle, SAP are some of the product based

BPO Jobs

BPO sector had a great boom in the past decade. Also, outsourcing of many international
companies in India has paved the way to create large number of call centre related jobs,
especially in Bangalore. You can find plenty of BPO companies established in Bangalore, and
experts believe that this sector is going to have major growth in the near future.

Call centers in Bangalore provide variety of job prospects for people who like to make it as
their career. Customer service representatives, technical support representatives, sales
agents, medical transcriptionists, online survey agents, quality analysts, IT and
programming agents, banking and finance consultants and specialists, travel assistance
agents are some of the BPO sector jobs in Bangalore.

Engineering and Biotechnology Jobs

Engineering and Biotechnology are the other two important sectors in Bangalore providing
several job opportunities. There are many public and private companies offering jobs in
various engineering fields like electrical, electronics, mechanical, automobile, etc. Bharat
Electricals Limited (BEL), TATA and Ashok Leyland are some major companies in Bangalore
that generate plenty of jobs.

Biotechnology and bio-informatics is another upcoming sector providing quality jobs in
Bangalore, especially with the National Center for Biotechnology(NCBS) established in

Administrative Jobs

Like mentioned above, you can find innumerable number of public and private sector
organizations in Bangalore that need good administration system to run smoothly.
Therefore, you have plenty of job opportunities in administration sector as well, like the
administrative assistants, coordinators, managers, marketing assistant, accounting
assistants, business supervisors, record keepers, clerks, HR assistants, office staff and
many others. People with not much of education and technical skill are also in great demand
to carry out these miscellaneous jobs in administration and maintenance.

How to find Jobs in Bangalore

Bangalore definitely has plenty of job opportunities, but to find the right job that suits and
interests you, you need to do some research, referring to newspapers, job magazines, or
online websites. The best and the easiest way, however, is to find a website online that
gives you all the information regarding your job search. We suggest you to follow as it will provide everything you need.

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