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									                       JOB AND PERSON SPECIFICATION

TITLE OF POSITION:                               ADMINISTRATIVE UNIT:
Nurse Education Facilitator                      Southern Adelaide Health Service
Classification:                                  Health Unit: Flinders Medical Centre
Registered Nurse and or Midwife Level 3          Division: Nursing/Midwifery & Patient Services
Classification Reviewed:                         Department / Section: CNMER
                                                 Position No: FM0403
                                                 Position Created:

                               Job and Person Specification Approval

         _________________________________________                        _____/_____/_____
                          CEO or Delegate                                       Date

   The Southern Adelaide Health Service (Southern Health) was established on 1 July 2004 and
   brings together Flinders Medical Centre, Noarlunga Health Services and Drug and Alcohol
   Services of SA. The Service also maintains a close affiliation with the Repatriation General
   Hospital and other health services in the southern area.
   With 330,000 people in the region, a budget of more than $350M and about 4,000 staff, Southern
   Health is working towards coordination of services across the region and working cooperatively to
   improve the health of the community and to reduce the demand on acute hospital services.

    The Centre for Nursing & Midwifery Education and Research (CNMER) provides the framework
    to ensure nursing and midwifery education programs at Flinders Medical Centre and affiliated SA
    Health Services are educationally sound and the knowledge and skill acquisition by staff is
    focussed on improving patient outcomes. Collaborative links with academic institutions such as
    Flinders University, Adelaide Australia School of Nursing & Midwifery, Repatriation General
    Hospital, Royal Adelaide Hospital and Child, Youth and Women’s Health Service (CYWHS)
    provide opportunities for program articulation and credit status within post-graduate nursing
    awards, partnerships in program delivery and resource sharing.

2. SUMMARY OF THE BROAD PURPOSE OF THE POSITION and its responsibilities/duties

   In the course of fulfilling the role of Education Facilitator, Level 3, Nurses at this level, use their
   clinical knowledge and experience to provide corporate support services to nursing practice in
   areas such as provision of clinical practice development, learning experiences, educational
   materials, knowledge access systems, and expertise to support clinicians undertaking local
   Employees in this role accept accountability for the outcomes of clinical practice project
   development, nursing education practices, for addressing inconsistencies between practice and
   policy; and for contributing to a safe and positive work culture in the interest of patient/client

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   Various practice models may be used to enact this role, including but not limited to:
   o providing advanced project support for clinical practice development initiatives that require
      practice development change, education and training for clinical staff within, wards/units/
      community programs and/or specific nurses
   o providing education support in a specific education and/or training portfolio.

3. REPORTING/WORKING RELATIONSHIPS                             (to whom the person reports, staff for whom the person is
   responsible, and other significant connections and working relationships within the organisation)
   The Nurse Education Facilitator:
           Reports to Director, Nursing & Midwifery Education and Research (Level 5).
           Maintains close collaborative working relationships with Education Facilitators and all level
            3 and level 4 Nurses when appropriate.
            Maintains cooperative and productive working relationships within all members of the
             health care team.
            Supports and works collaboratively with less experienced members of the nursing team.

4. SPECIAL CONDITIONS (such as non-metropolitan location, travel requirements, frequent overtime, etc)
      Job and Person Specifications are reviewed regularly as part of the ongoing Performance
       Development process.
      May be required to work within other locations of the Southern Adelaide Health Service.
      Some out of hours work may be required.
      Support values consistent with the aims of the Region, including honesty, respect and
      Will be required to undertake a health assessment prior to commencement.
      Appointment will be subject to a satisfactory Offender History Check.
      Comply with the Principles of the Code of Fair Information Practice, adopted by the
       Department of Health, which regulate the collection, use, disclosure, storage and transfer of
       all personal patient/client information within the Department and throughout its funded service

5. STATEMENT OF KEY OUTCOMES AND ASSOCIATED ACTIVITIES                                          (group in to major areas
   of responsibility / activity and list in descending order of importance).

   5.1 Ensuring the provision of high quality continuing nursing education services aimed at
       improving nursing staff knowledge, commitment and nursing practice by;
        providing and/or coordinating educational support within the organisation’s professional
          practice, education and administrative frameworks
        project development and coordination that is aimed at improving clinical service delivery
        undertaking and/or overseeing teaching sessions to designated student populations
        undertaking and/or overseeing assessment processes for designated student populations
        contributing to the support of undergraduate and post graduate students in clinical
          placements as appropriate
        collaborating with Clinical Service Coordinators to co-ordinate teaching and learning
          processes and achieve planned outcomes
        contributing to the promulgation of information regarding current developments in nursing.

       5.1.2 Ensures the efficient and effective management of the services within the nursing
            education unit by;
            contributing to the review and management of education/training programs to ensure
              the achievement of outcome standards and key performance indicators
            providing education support for change processes, risk management practices and
              service improvement activities

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             contributing to capability development requirements identified within performance
              development and succession planning activities
             contributing to competency improvement requirements identified within performance
              management activities
             maintaining productive working relationships and managing conflict resolution.

   5.2 Contribute to the achievement of nursing best practice and facilitating the
       development and application of relevant nursing research by;
        integrating contemporary information and research evidence with personal experience to
          support the decision making, innovative thinking and objective analysis that are expected
          at this level
        teaching and/or assessing specific post-graduate/university course topics in area of own
        undertaking or overseeing short term clinical and/or education research projects.

   5.3 Contributes to the achievement of professional expertise through the maintenance of
       ongoing personal professional development/continuing education by;
        holding a contemporary professional practice portfolio containing evidence of
          postgraduate qualifications, learning and practice experience that underpin a
          demonstrable application of knowledge and skills commensurate with the level and type of
          practice expected of the role.

   5.4 Contributes to professional nursing practice through;
        a commitment to the Nursing & Midwifery Professional Practice Model
        contributing to a safe and healthy work environment, free from discrimination and
         harassment by working in accordance with legislative requirements, the Code of Conduct
         and departmental human resource policies, including the OHS&W requirements.

Acknowledged by Occupant:______________________________ Date:_____/_____/_____

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1.   ESSENTIAL MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (those characteristics considered absolutely necessary)

Educational/Vocational Qualifications

    Registered with the Nurses’ Board of South Australia and holds a current practicing certificate.

Personal Abilities/Aptitudes/Skills

 Innovation, creativity and flexibility that can be applied to an education setting within a hospital.
 Ability to prepare and undertake presentations of a high standard in a range of educational setting
  to both community and professional groups.
 Ability to develop, coordinate and deliver education programs and conduct appropriate evaluations
  of the programs.
 Effective leadership skills including highly developed skills in communication, problem solving,
  conflict resolution and negotiation.
 Proven ability to perform effectively under pressure and prioritise workloads.
 Proven commitment to the principles and practise of:
             EEO, Ethical Conduct, diversity and OHS&W
             quality management and client oriented service
             risk management.


    Registered Nurse with at least 3 years post registration experience or currently classified as a
     Clinical Nurse and or Midwife.
    Demonstrated experience and skills in nursing education or staff development.
    Demonstrated ability to apply relevant education theory to nursing education and practice.


 Understanding of the requirements of the Nurses Act 1999, the Australian Nursing and Midwifery
  Council (ANMC) National Competencies for the Registered and Enrolled Nurse and Midwifes in
  Recommended Domains and the ANMC Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses/Midwifes in
  Australia (2003) and the Commissioner for Public Employment Code of Conduct for Public
 Understanding of alternative methods and techniques in delivering education.
 Knowledge and understanding of legislative responsibilities for OHS&W, Workers Compensation
  and Rehabilitation and Equal Opportunity.
 Knowledge of Quality Improvement Systems as applied to a hospital setting.
 Knowledge of contemporary professional nursing and health care issues.

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2. DESIRABLE CHARACTERISTICS (to distinguish between applicants who meet all essential requirements)

Personal Abilities/Aptitudes/Skills

   Skills in the use of information technology.
   Proven teaching abilities
   Ability to make recommendations based upon health care research to ensure best practice.
   Ability to analyse complex data.


   Proven experience in basic computing skills, including email and word processing.
   Experience in conducting nursing research and quality improvement activities.
   Broad education experience including tertiary program teaching, supervision or liaison.
   Experience in educational curriculum development.


   Knowledge of South Australian Health Commission Systems.
   Knowledge of clinical practice improvement strategies
   Knowledge of lean thinking principles
   Knowledge of theoretical models pertinent to adult education.
   Knowledge of evidences based practice and utilisation within the nursing environment.

Educational/Vocational Qualifications (considered useful in carrying out the responsibilities of the position)

 Tertiary qualifications in Adult Education.
 Tertiary qualifications in nursing and or human services related discipline.

Other details

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Recruitment and Selection undertaken at Southern Adelaide Health Service reflects best practice and
a commitment to a selection process based on merit. This means treating all applications in a fair
and equitable manner that aims to choose the best person for the position.

The following information is provided to assist you when applying for a position with Southern Health.

Applicants who wish to apply for the Clinical Nurse (level 2) classification are required to
demonstrate by way of example/evidence that each of the criteria contained in the statement of key
outcomes and activities of the Job and Person Specification (section 4) are met in their application.

                             HOW TO MAKE THE BEST IMPRESSION

A well laid out, easy to read application will allow the panel to assess the information they need from
your application. We suggest the following format:

   A covering letter including a brief overview of your skills,
    abilities, experience and knowledge relevant to the position.

   A Curriculum Vitae that provides details to the panel such
        Name and address
        Education Details
        Employment History
        Relevant experience/studies
        Referees (names, addresses, telephone numbers and/or
        email addresses)

                             THE JOB AND PERSON SPECIFICATION

Selection for interview/ referee checks will be based on an assessment of your application against
the requirements of the position and the person specification. It is recommended that you carefully
read the Job and Person Specification to understand what the position entails before proceeding to
apply for the position.

Please ensure that your written application includes sufficient information for the panel to make an
informed determination.


It is recommended that you advise your referees of the position you are applying for as the panel
may seek their opinion of your capability to perform the requirements of the position.

                              BEFORE LODGING AN APPLICATION

Please remember to quote the job number from the advertisement in your application and include the
name, address and contact number of three current referees.

                 We take this opportunity to wish you success with your application!

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