Comparison Chart of Four Management Approaches

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					                               Comparison Chart of Four Management Approaches

     Contents      Classical          Quantitative            Behavioral              Contemporary
     Definition    Classical          “The quantitative       “The analysis of
                                                                                      “Also known as modern approach,
     of main       approach to        approach involves the   employees’ actions      new ways of thinking, modern
     approach      management is      use of quantitative     to identify behavior    ways to look at things etc.”
                   dated back to      techniques to improve patterns that (for a
                                                                                      Contiguous means touching.
                   the Industrial     decision making.”       specific job or
                                                                                      Alaska is not one of the contiguous
                   Revolution. The This approach is also      function) separate an
                   classical          called operations       effective employee
                   approach was       research or             from a less effective
                   an approach        management science.     or nonperforming

                   that places                                employee.”              86#ixzz1f78uVjgx

                   reliance on such
                   principals as
                   unity of
                   command, a

Principle of Management                                                                                                     Page 1
                   authority and
                   division of
                   labor, and
                   delegation to
                   managers and
                   This approach
                   constitutes the
                   core of the
                   discipline of
                   and the process
                   of management.

                   “It mainly
                   concerned with

Principle of Management              Page 2
                    increasing the
                    efficiency of
                    workers and
                    based on

     Presented      Henry Town        Vijayendra Rao and   Elton Mayo              Stephen P. Robbins
     by                               Michael woolcock
     Sub theories   Scientific        Quality              Early advocate: the     System approach: A set of
     and their      Management:       management: A        study of actions of     interrelated and interdependent
     description    an approach       philosophy of        people at work;         parts arranged in a manner that
                    that involves     management driven    people are the most     produces a unified whole.
                    using the         by continual         important asset of an   Contingency approach: a
                    scientific        improvement in the   organization.           management approach which says
                    method to         quality of work      Hawthorne Studies:      that organization are different
                    determine the     processes and        a series of studies     situations (contingencies) and
                    “one best way”    responding to        during the 1920s and require different ways of
                    for a job to be   customer needs and   1930s that provided     managing.
                    done. General     expectations.        new insights into
                    Administrative:                        individual and group

Principle of Management                                                                                              Page 3
                   an approach to                         behavior.
                   management                             Organizational
                   that focuses on                        behavior: the field
                   describing what                        of study concerned
                   do and what                            with the actions
                   constitutions                          (behavior) of people
                   good                                   at work.
     Application           It uses       Managers use       Managers           It uses in innovation stage
     in business             in             it to                design the
     management              managin        management           job in way
                             g              decision             that they
                             reward       Use in                communicate
                             system         planning             with
                           To            And also use          employee
                             increase       in
                             the          controlling
                             y of

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                          tion this
                          h is uses
                          in when

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Description: These Comparison Chart of Four Management Approaches are common throughout the public sector to allow for quick reactions to emerging issues or problems. Schools of Management Thought. Koont Z, O'Donnell and Weichrich have identified different approaches of management.Usually, however, managers will tend to use the approach with which they are most familiar, which is probably project management or program management.