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    Kitchen remodeling is obviously a big job. Kitchen remodeling can be stressful due to the restricted access to
    meals and beverages during the remodeling process. Be sure to set realistic expectations for the time allowed
                                               for a complete remodel.
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                                             Tuscan Style Decorating For The Kitchen
                                                                 By Lee Dobbins

  A Tuscan decorating theme can put some old world charm into your kitchen and make it a warm
homey room to gather in. The Tuscan style incorporates warm earth tones along with natural materials
and architectural accents to create a time worn look. Although the look is of a centuries old kitchen you
can achieve it without having to buy priceless antiques.


The colors mimic those of the Tuscan landscape – rich golds, earthtones and even tones from the sea
mingle together for this look of old Italy. Buy some majolica pottery (either new or old) and use those
colors to influence your wall and floor choices. Using natural materials like stone, slate, granite or terra
cotta for your flooring and countertops will help complete the look. Try some faux painting on your walls
to give it the look of antique plaster.


Think old world in your lighting and stay away from new or modern styles. Some nice antique looking
wrought iron lights will be right in style. It’s OK to also have recessed lighting for your task lights, but
choose your pendant lights or chandeliers carefully. Stay away from anything too shiny and stick with
muted metals.


You can buy accessories like those you might find in a Tuscan kitchen brand new today, or you can
scour the antique shops to get real antiques. Look for old pottery bowls and pitchers as well as painted
or antiqued wooden bowls. Majolica makes a nice addition to a Tuscan style kitchen and you can buy
whole sets of this pottery new today and use it for everyday use. Use lots of decorative jars of oils with
peppers and ropes of garlic, peppers and grape vines. Antique look signs with a wine motif can add to
the wall decor as can wallpaper murals in the form of Italian frescos and niches. Soften it up with lots of


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You want your furniture to have an old world look. Chunky wood tables with chippy or distressed paint
go nice. A distressed wooden cupboard (perhaps with chicken wire doors) can give you some extra
storage and add to the look if you have the space. Display your majolica or old world pottery behind the
chicken wire to authenticate the look.

Decorating a Tuscan kitchen can be a lot of fun. You can get the look with brand new accessories, or if
you enjoy collecting antiques, you can scour the flea markets and antique malls for those perfect
pieces. Either way, you will be creating a kitchen with charm and character.

Lee Dobbins is owner of where you can find lots of ideas for
decorating your kitchen. Find more decorating themes at

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                                     Brighten Up Your Home With Tuscan Decorating
                                                                  By A.Caxton

 If you are thinking of decorating your home you may be wondering what kind of style to go for. Well, if
you are looking for something a little different, why not opt for a Tuscan style theme?

Tuscan Style Decorating

When trying to think of Tuscan style decorating, the main thing to keep in mind is that Tuscan houses
tend to follow a natural theme. Houses in Tuscan tend to have crumbling stone walls, marble flooring
and wrought iron accessories. Everything about them looks natural and that in itself makes everything
seem calm and peaceful.

Also, Tuscan is a colourful country and that reflects in the brightness of the homes. Now, that isn’t to
say that you should rush out and buy bright red paint. You still have to keep the theme natural and
even a bright white color can make the house look alive and bright. However, for best results it is
always best to go for warm coffee colors or yellow. Try not to use a bright yellow but perhaps a more
sedate yellow color. Any colors which make the house feel alive and which make it feel warm are
definitely recommended.

How to Incorporate the Stone Look within the Home

Of course if you do not live in Tuscan you cannot really copy the crumbling stone walls which appear
everywhere that you look. However, with Tuscan style decorating you can bring that stone look inside
by doing a number of things.

One of these things is using a stone style counter in the kitchen. Of course marble floors are also
recommended for the kitchen and that will bring a natural feel into the home too. The bathroom also is
a great place to have stone decorating whether it is the floor or tiles which are made of stone. If you
cannot do anything as drastic as change the tiles or the floors then why not consider changing the
fireplace? There are so many different style of stone fireplaces that it is one of the easiest ways to add
a little Tuscan decorating to the home.

  Remember that there are various different types of stone so it should be easy to incorporate the look
into your home. You can choose form granite, marble or even limestone – all of which can be easily
found in most hardware stores and stores offering kitchens and bathrooms for sale.

Overall adding a Tuscan feel to any home is easy when you know how. It will give the home a peaceful
and calm feel and it will help you to relax and enjoy your surroundings as much as possible. So, why
not think of adding a Tuscan style to your home to make it more beautiful to you?

Andrew Caxton is a syndicated columnist of different information websites on home ideas .  A
focused website that offers the best articles on tuscan decorating and furniture here

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