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    Interior house painting is important. Exterior house painting is one of the quickest and most surefire ways you
      can change the look of your home. Painting it a different color or just mixing up the color schemes can give
                                              your house a fresh new look.
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                         Finish Your Painting Projects Without Sacrificing Your Free Time
                                                              By ARA Content

  Finish Your Painting Projects Without Sacrificing Your Free Time
 by: ARA Content

(ARA) - With a little planning, you can complete your painting projects faster than ever, without
sacrificing all of your free time.

The first step is to get organized. Buy all your painting materials before the weekend, so that when it's
time to get started, you won't waste time tracking down supplies. Your checklist should include paint
applicators, a drop cloth, stepladder, screwdriver for removing hooks, switch plates and the like,
masking tape for window edges, and of course, enough paint to complete the project.

Shortcut your painting prep by spreading it out over a couple of evenings, or do it the weekend before
painting. Carve out manageable bits of time to do the routine tasks such as patching and filling holes,
removing grease or crayon marks -- even removing cobwebs from corners and ceilings. If your wall
surfaces have mildew on them, try removing it using one part bleach in three parts water and then
rinsing. Let everything sit for a couple days, so you're ready to dive in and paint on the big day.

Some projects require more diligent treatment of surfaces. If you need to remove wallpaper, there are
several power prep tools that can save time and elbow grease. For example, Wagner Spray Tech
offers power wallpaper steamers in a variety of styles and sizes that can provide a fast, clean way to
remove the paper without having to use chemicals, solvents or detergents.

When it's time to start painting, consider using some of the newer products on the market that are
designed to give fast, professional-looking results, such as Wagner Spray Tech's new QuickTouch
electric paint rollers. Simply attach a standard gallon-sized paint can, insert the paint hose, turn the unit
to "paint" mode, and you're ready to go. The rollers make it fast and easy, eliminate back-bending trips
to the roller tray, and greatly reduce the potential for messy drips and spills by eliminating the need to
pour paint.

Choose the QuickTouch version that fits your job: The QuickTouch Power Roller package includes
painting project basics, including a 12-foot hose, 14-inch extension and spatter shield for approximately

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$79.99. The QuickTouch Power Roller PRO offers even more options to make bigger projects go
faster, including a five gallon adapter, variable speed control, a built-in carrying handle, 18-inch
extension cord and a trim pad, for approximately $119.99.

If you've got an especially large painting territory to cover, consider a battery-operated roller. Wagner
Spray Tech makes a portable model, the 929 Variable Speed Power Roller, which can apply 20 gallons
of paint (enough to cover five average-sized rooms) on one set of batteries. It's not only easy to
operate, it's easy on the operator. It has an ergonomically designed handle with fingertip control, quick
release for simple assembly and cleanup, and a paint distribution system that enhances the flow of
paint for better coverage. At a suggested retail price of $49.00 to $59.00, it can provide fast,
professional results for a relatively small investment.

After your painting project is complete, clean up can be quicker than ever, too. Try rubbing protective
cream onto your hands before you paint -- it'll ensure faster and easier removal of paint from your skin.
To remove paint from the electric or battery powered rollers, simply insert the paint hose into a bucket
of water, switch the unit to "clean" mode, let water circulate for about 10 minutes, and you're done.

When your painting is complete and your tools have been tucked away for the next project, there's just
one final task. Pack up your family and head for the beach -- it's the perfect place to relax while you're
waiting for the paint to dry.

For more information on painting equipment, including The QuickTouch Power Roller and QuickTouch
Power Roller PRO, or other Wagner Spray Tech products, call (763) 553-7000 or visit

Wagner Spray Tech Corporation, headquartered in Minneapolis, is the leading manufacturer of
consumer and commercial power painting equipment as well as faux-finishing products.

Courtesy of ARA Content, www.ARAcontent.com; e-mail: info@ARAcontent.com

EDITOR'S NOTE: QuickTouch is a registered trademark of Wagner Spray Tech Corporation.

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                                          Home Exterior Painting is For Professionals
                                                                 By Rose Ybarra

Many people attempt endeavors they know they are not up for, but for some reason still find
themselves drawn to the spectacle of trial and error. Many people end up screwing up their tasks more
than helping them and in the end, the project or endeavor is left in worse condition than when it was
begun. Realizing one’s limits and abilities is important in determining whether a task is within one’s

 Home exterior painting is one such task that many try, and many fail. Amateurs’ efforts often end up
looking like, well, amateur jobs. Many people feel that such tasks are so easily accomplished that just
anybody can jump in and finish the project with some level of success. Unfortunately, many realize too
late that they are not up to the task and are not really prepared to take on such lofty projects such as
home exterior painting projects. Home improvement projects in general are difficult to accomplish by
many ordinary homeowners with no real experience in handyman work or home repair. These
homeowners should not attempt to take on the project without the proper guidance, experience or
know-how. Once a skill is acquired, the homeowner feels like the can accomplish all of their home
repairs themselves and do not see the need to hire outside help. While many are able to acquire skills
that allow them to do just that, a greater percentage often end up failing and needing a professional
contractor to bail them out.

 Homeowners are often too proud to admit they need outside help when tackling a complicated project
such as home exterior painting. Painting one’s entire house is a huge endeavor, even for the most
experienced or skilled homeowner handyman. They too often find themselves overwhelmed by the
enormity of the project, but because of their skill with a brush and experience performing these
projects, they are able to get through the project with some success. However, many homeowners are
the farthest thing from handymen and find themselves overwhelmed by these projects as well, but are
unable to complete the job with any success or satisfaction at all because of their lack of knowledge
about home improvement and painting. Finding somebody such as a professional painting contractor
who knows what they are doing when it comes to home exterior painting can save you time and trouble
and will leave your home looking better than if you, the homeowner, perform the task yourself.

 Finding these contractors is not hard. There are many willing and able painting contractors all around.
Determining which are the best to hire is sometimes problematic, but with a little research, you will find
a competent contractor in no time. Just be sure to look for contractors with a good track record. If you
personally know somebody who used them before, then be sure to speak with them and inquire as to
their skill and reliability. You never want to hire a contractor who will take your generosity for granted
and make a mess of your lawn, home and property.

Visit http://www.youtube.com/?v=uA8jq1T6isEfor more information on a home exterior painting safety
tips and  http://www.collegeworkspainting.com for more information on College Works Painting
in your area.

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