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                                               Organizing Your Home: Kitchen, Pt. 2
                                                                 By Terry Lowery

   So you’ve survived the cleaning of your counters. Great! These next few steps will require an
honest look about your kitchen and an honest appraisal of your culinary skills and commitment to
cooking. Not if you will cook, but how you will (or do) cook. Remember to use small steps!

4. If you have a dishwasher (or dishpan under your sink) and it’s now filled with dirty dishes, now is the
time to get it running. Put the detergent in and set that baby to “pots & pans.” It uses more water, but if
your dishes have been sitting for a while, they’ll need the extra strength of that cycle to get sparkling
clean. You don’t have to use the dry-cycle—it eats up energy and makes your dishes too hot to handle.
When the dishwasher is done, open the door and let the dishes cool *briefly* before putting them away.
Do the last step quickly—if you keep the dishwasher empty when the dishes are clean, you’ve won a
large portion of the battle to keep your kitchen organized. If you have a dishpan that’s full of dishes,
move the pan up to the sink and start washing. Dry them quickly and put the dishes away—then move
your dishpan to its spot under the sink for collection of future dishes.

5. Take a look at your kitchen appliances on the counter (or up above the cabinets). Do you have too
many things that you hardly ever use, but collect dust and kitchen grease? Take an honest
assessment of what you have and when you last used the item(s). If you haven’t used it in a while or
don’t plan to use it in the near future, donate, sell, give it away, or pitch it. Take a look at the cast-iron
skillet you have but haven’t used in God-knows-how-long. Useful, yes. In your life? Maybe not. Be
honest and be brutal. You’ll end up with kitchen appliances that you love and that are useful, not

6. Now look at your sink. How grimy is it? Take a good steel wool soap pad and scrub that bad boy out!
If you’ve got a porcelain sink, don’t use a steel wool pad, but do use a gentle abrasive.

If you don’t have a cleaner on hand to do it, sprinkle a good portion of baking soda on your sink and
use a wet rag. Rub the baking soda paste (created with the water from the rag) in circles and when
you’ve completed the whole sink, rinse the remainder down the drain. Regardless of what type of sink
you have, once you’ve given it a good scrub, pull out the window cleaner and a dry rag. Shine up the
faucet and inside of the sink (if it’s chrome). Dry it all out and your sink will shine! I dare you to put a
bunch of dirty dishes in it after that!

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Okay, in Part 3 of Organizing Your Kitchen, we’ll look at fixing up the larger areas like cabinets,
appliances and floors.

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                         3 Kitchen Organization Tips to Get You Started the Right Way
                                                By Jill Borash

Are your kitchen counters overflowing with papers? Those kitchen cabinets full to bursting? These
three kitchen organization tips will have you on your way to an organized kitchen in no time.

 Kitchens can be one of the most challenging areas to organize because they are quite often the
central hub of the home. Not only is it where we cook meals but it is also often where mail, backpacks,
schoolwork, keys and anything else that we drag in the door with us often ends up. So not only do you
need to worry about organizing everything in those kitchen cupboards but you also need to worry about
all of the other “stuff” that collects in the kitchen. So how do you get this kitchen organization project
under control? Here are a few kitchen organization tips that can help.

Start small

 Since getting the kitchen organized is one of the biggest organizational challenges in your home, start
with a small area that is going to have the biggest impact on how you live. This can be a stumbling
block for many people so let me explain what I mean by this. If the part of your kitchen that drives you
crazy is the table or counter where all of the mail, schoolwork, etc gets dumped, then focus your
kitchen organizing efforts on that area first. If this is the area of the kitchen that you are going to
organize first, then also make sure that this area of your kitchen stays organized before you move onto
something else.

 Because it is not just about getting your kitchen organized one time, it is about keeping your kitchen
organized. That is where the real challenge lies. So if you just organize the paper that comes into your
kitchen one day but by the next day it is already a mess again, you have not really accomplished
anything. One of the most helpful kitchen organization tips I can give you is to keep working with
organizing one area of your kitchen until it stays organized. Do not move on to another area until the
one that you are working with has stayed organized for at least a week.

Too much stuff

 As with any other home organization project, getting your kitchen organized means getting rid of the
things you no longer use and the things that are unsafe for you to use. So if you can’t remember the
last time that you used that dust-covered appliance in your cupboard or if you can’t even remember
what it does, it is time to get rid of it. Go through every pot, pan, dish and utensil in your kitchen and
figure out the last time that you used it. If you do not use it on a fairly regular basis, it needs to go. The
only exception to this is anything that you use seasonally.

 The other important thing that you need to look at as you do your kitchen organization is all of your
canned goods, spices and packaged foods. This is an important kitchen organization tip because if it is
expired, you need to throw it away. If you do not use it or like it, throw it away or donate it to your local
food shelf. This is especially true of spices. We tend to gather and collect spices that we never use.

Counter space is not storage space

When you organize your kitchen, keep stuff off of your counters. It will make your kitchen look and feel

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cleaner. Your kitchen counter is not an extra storage space so stop treating it like one. Keep
appliances that you do not use on a daily basis off of your counters. This is more of a diet tip than a
kitchen organization tip but also keep food, especially snacks, off of your counters. It will help to keep
you from snacking. Out of sight, out of mind!

As with all organizing projects, getting your kitchen organized is about creating a usable space that
makes your life easier. For more kitchen organization tips to help you with those cramped kitchen
spaces, go to http://www.yourhomeisorganized.com/KitchenOrganization.htm

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