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     Bathroom remodeling. Before installing your bath tub, decide on a theme and how you are going to fill in the
    empty spaces. Take one end of the room and put up a wall to make a place for the stool and a shower separate
                                                  from your tub.
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                         Bathroom Tile Design - Material Types For Bathroom Tile Designs
                                                           By Olinda Rola

   Good bathroom tile design should create a floor surface that is attractive, water resistant and safe
to walk on. Bathroom tile designs using ceramic tile, rubber flooring or vinyl and linoleum floors are all
examples of bathroom tile design material choices that should be available nearly anywhere.

These types of tiles are easy to clean, water resistant and safe to walk on. If you are going to use
natural stone or terra-cotta ceramic tiles on your floors to create a more sophisticated effect, make sure
you buy the kind with a non-slip finish.

As you consider which bathroom tile designs to select, each type of tile will have unique properties that
may or may not provide characteristics that are good for your bathroom. Here are different material
types for bathroom tile design along with advantages or disadvantages of each:

1. Laminate and Vinyl Bathroom Tile Design - these types of tile in bathroom tile designs can be found
in a variety of colors, patterns and textures. Some tiles even imitate wood, stone and ceramic. It is not
very expensive, is water resistant, easy to install and clean and it is durable.

2. Ceramic Bathroom Tile Design - ceramic tile can range from fairly cheap to expensive and it is the
classic choice. Tile is made of clay, shale or porcelain and is formed and fired at very high
temperatures until it hardens. The higher the temperature and the more times the tile is fired, the
harder and less porous the tile. If you are using a white or cream ceramic tile for your bathroom, using
a different color grout like "blue" will give your bathroom a dramatic look. Grout is the material used to
fill the spaces between the tiles. Make sure you apply sealers to grout lines in areas of heavy wear like
countertops. Sealers will also preserve grout colors.

3. Stone Bathroom Tile Designs (marble, granite, brick, slate, onyx, travertine and limestone) - this tile
can be beautiful, very strong, durable in high-traffic areas, it will last a long time, is low maintainance
and easy to clean. However, it is expensive, it's a cold material, can be slippery and absorbs stains

4. Linoleum Bathroom Tile Design - this tile is made of renewable and natural materials like linseed oil,
ground cork, limestone, jute and wood flour. This type of bathroom floor is making a comeback with
new marbled and graphic designs, and it is more durable and easier to clean than vinyl tile.

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5. Mosaic Bathroom Tile - this wonderful tile was an ancient craft that today can be made of tile, stone,
porcelain and colored glass, creating stunning floor patterns. These tiles are small (1 or 2 inches
square) and often expensive. What you can do is to add a small section of this type of tile for visual
interest to your floor or countertop.

6. Concrete Bathroom Tile Designs - durable, low maintenance, perfect for wet areas and stunning.
You can find this type of tile in beautiful textures such as shiny, rough, slick and sandpaper and in
various colors and sizes.

7. Hardwood - you can build your bathroom floor using solid wood, parquet flooring or engineered
woods (several layers of wood laminated and high-tech materials that are similar to plywood).
Hardwoods are wear-resistant, attractive, comfortable to walk on, easy to clean and refinish, not very
cold in winter, but they are more vulnerable to moisture when used in a bathroom.

If you want to use a bathroom tile design that includes rugs in your bathroom, make sure you buy the
kind that has rubber backing, or add rubber backing strips to the rugs. Be careful with rugs that can slip
and slide on a tiled floor or natural stone floor which creates a safety hazard. Rugs can also harbor
dust mites and allergens which is a problem for people with allergies.

Whether you'll be remodeling an old bathroom or creating a brand new one, being active in the design
stage helps ensure that your bathroom turns out just like you want. The bathroom tile designs and
styles, colors, patterns and sizes you choose can help you have a bathroom that is comfortable,
attractive and functional and a room that you will enjoy every day.

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                          Thinking of Buying Ceramic Flooring Bathroom Tile Designs?
                                               By Chet Stevens

Some things you need to know

Types of Ceramic Flooring Bathroom Tile Designs

 Typically ceramic tile is divided into two types. One is called quarry tile and is made by extrusion from
shale or clay that is found in quarries. The other is made from compressing the dust of clay. Both are
fairly equal in their look and feel and each are equally represented in wall tile, mosaic tile, and floor
bathroom tile designs.

 - Quarry tile is a clay ceramic bathroom tile design the lets the natural clay colors stay intact. The color
of these flooring tiles comes from the mixture of different clays used as well as the level of heat used to
bake them. Unglazed, these tiles are porous and make a great floor because it is very slip resistant.

 - Glazed tiles are available in a number of finishes. The ones you want to choose for your bathroom
tile design is are the matte or non-slip rough finish. These tiles come in a very high gloss finish as well
but these can become quite slippery when wet and not a great choice for floors. If you do want the high
gloss appeal, it would be okay to place them around the border of the floor simply for a nice accent.

 - Porcelain tile - most people don't know this but porcelain tiles are simply ceramic tile that has been
baked at much higher temperatures. This effect makes this type of bathroom tile design extremely
good for busy areas of your home like the bathroom. The reason is that they are much harder and
more durable that regular ceramic tile making them a great choice for bathroom floors.

 - Mosaic bathroom tile designs are a slight variation on the quarry tiles mentioned about. These tile
designs do show the natural colors of the clay but have color pigments added as well. These types of
tile are great if you want that earthy look of natural clay tile but are interested in adding a bit more color
that available in nature. These tile designs like the quarry tile can be purchased glazed or natural.

A few tips to consider when buying bathroom tile designs

1. Look around at pictures of bathroom tile designs that you like before going to the tile store

 2. Think creatively when deciding how to lay out your pattern. A simple thing like laying the tiles
diagonally can add a lot of visual interest.

 3. Always always always but more tile than you think you need. You will break some or chip some and
you don't want to risk not being able to find the perfect replacement.

 4. If you are thinking of laying the tile yourself, keep in mind that the more intricate your bathroom tile
designs the more expertise you will need to get it right.

What Size of Ceramic Flooring Bathroom Tile is right?

The decision of what size of the tiles in your bathroom tile design ultimately comes down to personal

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choice but there are a few guidelines that you might find useful. Ceramic bathroom floor tiles come in
many different sizes ranging from small one inch squares to very large tiles of 2 feet. Typically you
want to match the size of the square to the size of the room. Large rooms get large tiles and small
rooms get small tiles. The reason for this is that if you use small tiles in a large room it can make the
room feel busy and if you use large tiles in a small bathroom it will be overpowering.

Why Choose Ceramic Bathroom Flooring Tile?

 There is no doubt that ceramic tiles are the most popular in today's modern homes because there are
so many styles to choose from. Ceramic bathroom tile designs are very durable and easy to clean and
when installed properly give any bathroom a beautiful classy look.

Chet has been building homes for over 20 years and is now a published author of do-it-yourself type
projects. You can read his website specifically geared towards
bathroom tile designs.

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