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					                        O F F I C I A L              P R O G R A M M E
(Date: 19. Jan. 2012)
                                           NEW YORK;
                        WASHINGTON D.C.

                                   9 - 26 February 2012


The Programme consists of 24 briefings/lectures (32 hrs) by senior UN Staff about
various important topics and functions of the United Nations System including
briefings on Agencies such as UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF and also the World Bank and
the International Monetary Fund. It also includes visits to and briefings by the
European Union- and Austrian representation offices, i.e. their Missions to the UN
and Austria’s Trade Delegation and Cultural Forum New York and its Embassy in
Washington D.C. It furthermore includes a visit to Columbia University with a tailor-
made political science lecture.

The lecturing programme is being complemented by sightseeing events in New York
and Washington DC and extensive journeys to Long Island, Atlantic City / New
Jersey, the Amish Country / Pennsylvania and Williamsburg / Virginia with all its
geographic and historic highlights.

The Study Tour will be guided by Prof. DDr. Ingfrid Schuetz-Mueller, Institute for
Political Science, and DI Ingolf Schuetz-Mueller, former United Nations Coordinator in
Afghanistan, and Head, UNDP/UNOPS Environment Programme Division, New York.


Thursday, 09 February

10:30           Departure from Vienna Schwechat International Airport on OS 87

14:05           Arrival New York at JFK International Airport Terminal 1
                Bus Transfer by Premier Coach Tours (Tel: 212- 599 3600) to the
                Vanderbilt YMCA, Manhattan
                                             224 East 47th Street
                                             New York, NY 10017
                                             Tel: (212) 756 9600

Friday,     10 February

Morning     Breakfast (no facility in YMCA, but nearby are small Bistros, Cafés and Sandwich shops,
            e.g. “Teresa’s” opposite the Y, or others just 50m away on 3 rd Ave: “Café Basil Gourmet”,
            “Simply Food”, “Starbuck’s” or on corner 46 th Street/2nd Ave: “Grocery & Food” etc.)

09:00       Joint walk from YMCA to United Nations Headquarters, General Assembly
            Building, Visitors Entrance on First Avenue opposite 45th Street (Security
            check), to pick up UN Visitors ID cards at Information booth at 9:30hrs.
            Contact: Group Programmes Unit, Dept. for Public Information (DPI),
            Ms Swati Rativonarivo, Tel: (212) 963 7710, thereafter

10:00       Guided Tour (1hr) through United Nations Headquarters building complex
            Location:   starting from Information booth, Visitors Entrance

11:15       Secretariat Briefing on the Role of the Secretary General, Mr Richard
            Amdur, First Officer, Executive Office of the Secretary General (SG)

            Location: North Lawn Building, Conference Room C

12:30       Walk jointly to UN Secretariat for Lunch at UN Cafeteria
            Location: United Nations Secretariat Building, ground floor

14:00       Secretariat Briefing on the United Nations Security Council
            Mr Nikolai Galkin, Political Affairs Officer, Security Council Affairs
            Division, Dept of Political Affairs (DPA)
            Location: again Conference Room C

15:15       Walk jointly to the Austrian Cultural Forum for Reception/Briefing and
16:00       Discussion with Director Mag. Andreas Stadler (followed by a tour of the
            landmark building designed by Austrian architect Raimund Abraham).

            Location: 11 East 52nd Street (between Fifth and Madison Avenue)
                      Contact: Michael Hofer, Phone: (212) 319 5300 #211

17:30       Return individually to YMCA

Saturday,   11 February

8:45        Assemble at YMCA for half-day guided Bus Sightseeing Tour of
            Manhattan with Premier Coach Tours – return to YMCA at 13:00
Sunday,   12 February

          Day at leisure.
          Optional cultural sightseeing programme (New York Museums or boat tour
          around Manhattan on Circle Line at 9:45 or 13:30, or Helicopter sightseeing
          flights etc)

Monday,   13 February

08:30     Walk jointly from YMCA to UN General Assembly Building, Visitors
          Entrance for…
09:00     Secretariat Briefing on Peace-Keeping and Emergency Relief Operations
          N.N., Public Affairs Section, Dept. for Peace Keeping Operations (DPKO)

          Location: General Assembly Bldg, Dept. for Public Information (DPI)
                    Underground floor, (next to UN Bookshop), DPI Guides
                    Briefing Room

10:30     Secretariat Briefing on Conflict Resolution
          Mr Peter Barwick, Political Affairs Officer, Mediation Support Unit, Policy
          and Mediation Division, Department for Public Affairs (DPA).

          Location: as above, DPI Guides Briefing Room

12:00     Lunch at UN Cafeteria

13:20     Walk jointly to nearby DC 2 Building, for security check followed by
13:45     “Welcome” on behalf of the Secretary General and Briefing by
          Austria’s highest ranking UN Official, Dr Thomas Stelzer, Assistant
          Secretary General for Policy Coordination & Inter-Agency Affairs, DESA

          Location: Two UN Plaza, DC 2 Building, (entrance 44th Street, btw 1st &
          2nd Ave), 23rd Floor, Conf. room #2330

15:15     Joint walk from DC 2 to the Austrian Mission to the United Nations for
16:00     Briefing and Discussions with Botschafter Dr. Martin Sajdik and possibly
          other Embassy staff

          Location:   600, Third Avenue, 31st floor, between 39th and 40th Street
                      Contact: Ms Beate Oberbruckner, Tel.: (917) 542 8402

17:30     Return individually to YMCA
Tuesday,   14 February

08:30      Walk from YMCA to UN General Assembly Building, Visitors Entrance
09:00      Secretariat Briefing on Global Sustainability
           Mr Georgios Kostakos, Senior Adviser, Secretary General's
           High-level Panel on Global Sustainability

           Location: DPI Guides Briefing Room

10:30      Secretariat Briefing on Human Rights,
           Ms Linnea Arvidsson, Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary General,
           Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR - NYO)
           Location: same as above

12:00      Lunch at UN Cafeteria

13:20      Walk jointly from DC1 Bldg to UNFPA for
14:00      Briefing on the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA)
           Ms Saskia Schellekens, Special Assistant to the Director, Technical
           Division, Mr Luz Melo (Gender, Human Rights & Culture), Ms Marleen
           van der Ree (HIV & Condom Programming), and Ms B. Juncal (Sexual
           and Reproductive Health, incl. Family Planning), United Nations Population

           Location: 605 Third Avenue (btw 39th and 40th Str), 5th floor, Conf. room
                     5D (5118) Contact: S. Schellekens, Tel.: (212) 297 5259
                     or Marybeth #5311

15:30      Walk from UNFPA to the Austrian Trade Commission for
16:00      Reception/Briefing and Discussions with Trade Commissioner
           (Handelsdelegierter) Dr Christian Kesberg

           Location: 120 West, 45th Street, Suite 9A (btw 6. and 7. Ave)
                     Contact: Denise Riedlinger, Tel.: (212) 421 5250

17:30      Return individually to YMCA

Wednesday, 15 February

08:25      Walk to UNDP DC 1 Building, 3rd floor Lounge, for both morning briefings
09:00      Secretariat Briefing on “Arab Spring – United Nations Assistance with
           Analytical Support and Institution Building”
           Mr Abdel-Rahman Ghandour, Deputy Director, Office of
           Communications, UNDP
          Location: 1 United Nations Plaza (corner First Avenue/ 44th Street),
                    DC1 Building, 3rd Floor, UNDP DC1 Staff Lounge.
                    Contact: Michelle Tong (917) 367 42

10:30     Briefing on Environment Initiatives by the United Nations – Rio + 20,
          Beppe Lovoi
          Location: same as above, DC1 Staff Lounge

12:00     Lunch at UNDP or UN Cafeteria

          Thereafter assemble at DPI Guides Room for afternoon Briefing on
13:30     The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP),
          Mr Charles Lankester, former Senior Technical Adviser to the UNDP
          Administrator (on Natural Resources Mgt and Communication)

15:15     Briefing on UNDP’s Human Development Report (HDR)
          Ms Carlotta Aiello, Production and Translation Coordinator, Human
          Development Report Office
          Location: Conference Room E

16:00     Group leaving jointly for nearest 42nd Street subway station
          (Line 7 to Times Square, then Line 1 to 116th Str.) to
17:00     Columbia University for Lecture and Discussions on
          “The Obama Empire” or “US Foreign Policy Priorities” by
          Dr Jack Snyder, Professor for International Relations, Political Science
          Dept. and Institute of War & Peace Studies,

          Location:     Columbia University,
                        School of International & Public Affairs (SIPA)
                        420 West 118th Street, International Affairs Building,
                        Room # 1512
                        Contact: Dr. Jack Snyder (212) 854 8290

18:30     Return individually by subway to the YMCA

Thursday, 16 February

08:25     Walk to UNDP DC 1 Building, 3rd floor Lounge, for both morning briefings
09:00     Secretariat Briefing on the Activities of the Office for the Coordination of
          Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Ms Stefanie Bunker, Senior Officer,

          Location: DC1 Staff Lounge, 3rd floor
10:00     Career Coaching for International Organizations,
          Mr Ingolf Schuetz-Mueller, Former UN Coordinator in Afghanistan; and
          Head of UNDP/UNOPS Environment Division, New York

          Location: as above

12:00     Lunch at UNDP Cafeteria, same floor

13:30     Group leaving jointly UNDP Cafeteria for UNICEF Building for
14:00     Briefing on the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
          Ms Clara Sommarin, Child Protection Specialist, Exploitation and Violence
          and Ms Susu Thatun, Child Protection Specialist, Migration and
          Trafficking, Child Protection Section, Programme Division, UNICEF

          Location: UNICEF House, 3 UN Plaza, entrance 44th Street, btw. 1st
                    & 2nd Ave, Ground floor, Danny Kaye Hall
                    Contact: S.Thatun (212) 326 7704/C. Sommarin (212) 326 7779

15 :30    Leaving UNICEF jointly for the European Union Delegation to the UN
16 :00    for Briefing and Discussions with Ambassador Dr Thomas Mayr-Harting
          and possibly other Delegation staff.

          Location: 222 East 41 Street, 20th floor, btw 2nd and 3rd Ave
                    Contact: Laura Gregory (212) 401 0122

17:30     Return individually to YMCA

Friday,   17 February

          Day free for individual consultations with UN units concerning background
          material for scientific studies or possible internships etc.

Saturday, 18 February

8:00      Departure from YMCA for whole-day Bus Tour of Long Island
          (Premier Coach Tours)
          Itinerary: Long Island University – LIU (C.W. Post Campus), Robert Moses
          Atlantic Beach & Lighthouse on Fire Island, “The Hamptons Architecture”
          (homes of the wealthy), Southampton, (back at YMCA around 19:30 hrs)

Sunday,   19 February

          Whole day at leisure, optional cultural sightseeing programme (in case of
          bad weather on Saturday, Long Island Tour may be switched to Sunday)
Monday,    20 February

07:30      Departure by bus (Premier Coach) for Washington D.C. via Atlantic City
           (the “Las Vegas” of the US-East coast) and the Pennsylvania Amish Country

10:00      Arrival Atlantic City, individual visits of Casinos

11:00      Departure from Atlantic City via Philadelphia for Lancaster

13:00      Arrival in Lancaster (Amish Country), Pennsylvania and Lunch

14:30      Guided Sightseeing Tour preceded by a brief film of Amish Country,
           (18th Century German speaking Colony), Mennonite Information Center,
            2209 Millstream Road, Lancaster PA, Tel: (717) 299 0954

16:45      Departure for Washington D.C.

19:30      Arrival and check-in at:   Hotel Harrington,
                                      436 11th Str., corner E Str., N.W.
                                      Washington D.C. 20004,
                                      Tel: (202) 628 8140
Tuesday,   21 February

           Breakfast (at cost) in Hotel breakfast room or nearby cafeterias

09:45      Walk jointly from Hotel to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

10:15      IMF Building security clearance

10:30      Briefing on IMF Goals and Strategy
           Dr Johann Prader, Alternate Executive Director for Austria, Belarus,
           Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Slovakia,
           Slovenia, Turkey

           Location:      IMF Main Entrance, 700 19th Street (btw G&H),
                          Auditorium HQ1 – RD 710
                          Contact: Ms Brigitte Mayr, Tel: (202) 623 4588

11:45      Walk to the nearby World Bank Building (optional visit of World Bank
           bookshop) and security clearance

12:15      Lunch at the World Bank Cafeteria

13:30      Briefing on World Bank Goals and Strategy
          Executive Director and Ms Seena Moongananiyil, Adviser to Dr.
          Konstantin Huber, Executive Director, for Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Czech
          Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey

          Location: World Bank, 700 18th Street, Visitors Entrance, Conf. Room
                    MC 2-800; Contact: Ms Susanne Simader, Tel: (202) 458 1562

14:45     Departure by bus for the Austrian Embassy

15:30     Reception, Briefing and Discussions at the Austrian Embassy to the
          United States of America with Botschafter Dr Hans Peter Manz

          Location:     3524 International Court, N.W.,
                        Contact: Christine Mansfield, Tel: (202) 895 6716

17:00     Return by bus to Hotel Harrington

20:00     Departure for optional evening programme in the University district
          Georgetown (bus stops at corner, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin Ave)
          Walk jointly to Potomac River and then gather at
21:15     Mr. Smith’s, “The Friendliest Saloon in Town” on Pennsylvania Ave
24:00     Return jointly by bus to Hotel

Wednesday, 22 February

09:00     Departure by bus from Hotel for half-day guided City Sightseeing Tour of
          Washington, D.C. Tel: (202) 628 2842

13:00     Return to Hotel

          Afternoon optional visits to Washington Museums (Air & Space, Natural
          History etc…)

          Evening at leisure

Thursday, 23 February

          Morning at leisure for optional visits to Washington Museums

12:30     Luggage to be stored on the bus

13:00     Departure by bus from Hotel Harrington for Williamsburg, Virginia
          (preserved 17th century colonial state capital)
16:00     Arrival in Williamsburg and check-in at: Country Inn & Suites,
                                                   400 Bypass Road,
                                                   Williamsburg, Virginia 23185
                                                   Tel: (757) 941 2164

          Remainder of the afternoon at leisure, or possibility of

16:30     Optional visits to factory outlets, return to Hotel by bus in hourly intervals

          (Individual dinner possibility at Golden Corral buffet restaurant nearby)

Friday,   24 February

07:30     Continental breakfast included

08:20     Departure from Hotel for Colonial Williamsburg Visitors Center

08:40     Check-in at Visitors Center and pick-up of Guides

09:00     Guided walking tour of downtown Colonial Williamsburg

11:45     Tour ends at the “Cheese Shop”, Lunch at leisure

12:45     Return by bus from corner Nassau/Francis Street to Visitors Center for
          showing of the world’s most played
13:15     Film: “Williamsburg: The Story of a Patriot”

13:55     Return by bus to Hotel

14:30     Recapitulation and Discussions on the Academic Study Tour
          Programme (to be held in Breakfast Lounge) with individual presentations
          to be given by the students, moderated by
          Prof. DDr. Ingfrid Schuetz-Mueller (until 17:30hrs)

18:00     Individual dinners or last opportunity to visit outlets by bus

20:00     Departure from Hotel for Farewell Evening Celebration (drinks) at Ruby
          Tuesday Inn

24:00      Return to Hotel
Saturday,   25 February

             Continental breakfast at leisure

10:00       Check-out from the Hotel and all luggage on the bus

10:30       Departure by bus for Washington, International Airport Dulles (IAD)

13:30       Arrival at Washington IAD (bus continues via Newark to New York with
            those who will eventually depart from Newark and JFK)

            Late afternoon: various flights taking-off from Washington AID

20:00       (approximately) Bus arrives New York JFK Airport (only for flights
             departing after 22:00hrs) and continues from there to Manhattan

Sunday,     26 February

            Arrival Vienna Schwechat International Airport

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