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By David Webb

In the past, Living in rural areas of the states was common. In today's word, must of us live in the city.
Even if we don't live in the city, most of us have become so accustom to just purchasing all our food at
the store. As people become more aware of how food is being raised and processed; a renewed interest
in urban farming and raising chickens has sprung up. A large number of people are looking to chicken
coop design to build sustainable chicken coops that make sense in the urban environment.

Even just a few decades ago, keeping a small flock of chickens seemed almost unheard of. A thing to
notes is that most city ordinances now allow small outdoor flocks. As we become more nature friendly
and make better lifestyle choices, we tend to want meat and produce that is raised organically. Aside
from the major health benefits, it is also relatively cheap to get started. With as little as a few young
hens and some basic materials, you will be well on your way to organic chicken farming because the cost
is so low.

Raising hens has become more than a hobby in recent years. It has become a part of the norm to have
chickens. A lot of talk has started up again due to renewed interest. Getting the chickens is cheap, but
the thing to focus on is the chicken coop. What are the best materials to use? What are the best chicken
coop designs for urban and local areas? What is the best way to guard hens from danger? Regardless of
where you live, these are things you need to consider.

On top of guarding your hens and raising them in a healthy manner. This will also be their home.
Chicken coop designs need to also account for many elements. It is important to have a pen or run for
them to get outside and run in, nesting boxes to lay eggs, and perches to roost on, and good ventilation.
A good chicken coop should have plenty of room for the chicken, be well lit and have plenty of
ventilation, as well as insulation from the cold if you live in a cooler climate. Ability to clean should be
number one on the list. Perhaps one of the most important things to consider when looking at good
chicken coop design.

Chicken homes can be any size, shape or color. There as simple as boxes with an attached runs to them,
all the way up to the elaborate mini mansions. Chicken home can be anything you want them to be.
Chicken arks are usually what new people start with. Ideal for up to 3 chickens. For lots of information
and design, you should check out the chicken home book.

Some people opt for just buying a pre-made coop, but these are very costly. I would recommend that
you just find a good chicken coop design and go at it. It’s more cost effective and feels great to build
your own. The chickens usually get more value if you take the time to build it yourself.
When it’s built and completely done. You have the pleasure of putting the chickens in their new home.
This is when it really starts to get exciting. You won’t ever need to eat drugged poultry again. Start your
own chicken farming now.

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