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									Strategic Development in Higher

         Professor Stephanie Marshall
Director of Programmes, Leadership Foundation
What is strategy?

                    John Godfrey Saxe
       Be the best you can be


                        Where we want to


              Where we are
“Strategic Planning
  1.5 The governing body has a duty to enable the institution
  to achieve and develop its mission and primary objectives of
  learning and teaching and research. This responsibility
  includes considering and approving the institution’s strategic
  plan, which sets the academic aims and objectives of the
  institution and identifies the financial, physical and staffing
  strategies necessary to achieve these objectives.” p17

  Guide for Members of Higher Education Governing Bodies in the UK (2009/14),
                  Table exercise
Firstly, on your own using approx 3 – 5 post-its, jot down
the top 3 – 5 strategic developments that your institution
currently is wrestling with.
Secondly, put these on a piece of flip chart paper.
Thirdly, work together to group these according to ‘theme’.
What key themes emerge?
Finally, prepare to debrief.
                                  Strategic Developments
[The monitoring of Institutional Performance and the Use of KPIs (2006), CUC]
Top-level summary indicators (“super KPIs”)
1. Institutional sustainability
2. Academic profile and market position
Top – level indicators of institutional health
3. The student experience and teaching and learning
4. Research
5. Knowledge Transfer and relationships
6. Financial health
7. Estates and infrastructure
8. Staff and Human Resource Development
9. Governance, leadership and management
10. Institutional projects
Key strategic developments as identified by the
         Student numbers                                                                    Funding/Fees/Financial crisis

                                                                                            Market positioning / ‘Brand’
  Access / widening participation

                                                    15 key strategic
                                                     challenges for                     Enhancing student experience –
            IT/E-learning                                                                   teaching and learning
                                                         UK HE
                                                      2007 - 2012                                 Research – REF -
        Project Management
                                                                                               leadership of research


  Sustainability and social/cultural                                                   Business/regional/community links

                                       Embedding equality and diversity in all activities
          Strategy and Performance
“3.5 The role of governors is very wide – it spans both long-term
strategic issues (such as institutional mission and sustainability)
and also much more operational matters (such as control
systems and compliance issues). On the former, governors
would be expected to become personally engaged in debates
about the direction of the university, while on the latter governors
have an ultimate responsibility, but would normally expect to
delegate almost all the work to the executive, with only a need for
limited periodic monitoring…”

           [The implementation of KPIs: case study experience (2008) CUC]
             Table exercise 2
Having identified your top 5 – 10 strategic
developments, what measures will you be asking for
in terms of assessment of progress towards the
strategic vision?

Be prepared to debrief key agreed points.

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