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					                                                              Position Description
Production Coordinator
Manage the efficient production operation of the detail, paint and body departments of
the collision facility. Organize and Supervise the work flow, the effective utilization of the
work force and ensure that the customers’ vehicles are repaired on time and meet or
exceeds their quality expectations.

Reports To:

Body Shop General Manager

Duties & Responsibilities:

I.    Recruits, hires, trains, develops and motivates all employees directly reporting to
      this position. Provides guidance to the next level of supervision regarding the
      management of personnel as appropriate.
II.   Responsible for the Quality Control process including the implementation of
      systems to assure the prevention of quality problems as well as ongoing quality
III.  Develops and communicates standard repair procedures, and quality and cost
      standards within the detail, paint and body departments, and monitors
IV.   Develops and oversees the weekly and daily scheduling of work through the body
      shop. Directs the movement of vehicles through the shop and assigns work to the
      technicians in the most productive manner. Communicate due date goals to
      technicians daily, and coordinates information flow between the office and the
      shop floor.
V.    Breaks down repair orders by department and task assigns work to the
      appropriate technician. Coordinates all supplements with the front office to ensure
      that the repair order is properly updated.
VI.   Coordinates the acquisition, storage and use of sheet metal and hard parts.
      Provides leadership & direction to the Inventory / Color Specialist.
VII. Administers preventative maintenance program for all equipment and tools, and
      makes recommendations to management regarding replacement or upgrade.
VIII. Keeps up-to-date with new techniques and materials, and facilitates training for all
      appropriate personnel.
IX.   Tracks and monitors key numbers to monitor quality, productivity and costs.
X.    Hold regular meetings with employees to hear their input regarding issues of
      concern to them, including quality, productivity and costs.

Desired/Required Skills, Qualifications, Experience:

Five years experience working in a body shop including two years in a leadership role.
Knowledgeable in all facets of the productions operation. Will successfully complete
appropriate management training courses.

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