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         Learning Outcome

 Organ donation history.
 Define organ donation .
 Organ that you can be donated.
 Discuss the different religions views.

The first successful living donor transplant was
performed between 23-year-old identical twins in 1954.
Doctor Joseph E. Murray transplanted a healthy kidney
from Ronald Herrick into his twin brother, Richard, who
had chronic kidney failure.
Richard went on to live an active, normal life, dying
eight years later from causes unrelated to the
transplant. Ronald Still alive over fifty years since the
transplant 1.
               Organ donation
       The removal of specific tissues of the human
body from a person who has recently died, or from a
living donor, for the purpose of transplanting or
grafting them into other persons.
       Organs and tissues are removed in
procedures similar to surgery , and all incisions are
closed at the conclusion of the surgery. People of all
ages may be organ and tissue donors.
    Organs that can be donated :
 Heart
 kidney
 liver
 Intestine
 Pancreas
 lungs
U.S. Waiting List
                               in used
            Statisticsdied wereUK to save many
    764 Organs from people who
    people's lives through 2,195 transplants.
•   1,914 patients received a kidney transplant.
    (which (31%) were given their kidney by a friend or relative).
•   130 people received a pancreas or combined kidney/pancreas
    transplant increase of 51% over the previous year.
•   610 patients received a liver transplant, 7% fewer than in the
    previous year.
•   264 cardiothoracic transplants were carried out, a decrease
    of 9% compared to the previous year.
•   At the end of March 2006, 6,698 patients were listed as
    actively waiting for a transplant, a 9% increase compared to
    the previous year.
  How does religions view
      organ donation?
Islam :
• The Muslims believe that the body must be buried as
   soon as possible after death and they Violating the
   human body, whether living or dead, is illegal in Islam.
• But they did not use this in a number of instances: firstly
   in cases of necessity and secondly in saving another
   person's life which that has great relevance to organ
   donation. Allah greatly rewards those who save others
   from death.
Christianity :
• It seems in keeping with this that Christians consider
     organ donation as an act of love and a way of following
     Jesus' example .
• organ donation is considered acceptable to Roman
     Catholics and most Protestants .
• But Christian Scientists object to all forms of organ
     donation and transplantation .
Hinduism :
• There are many references that support the concept of
   organ donation in Hindu scriptures.
• Life after death is a strong belief of Hindus and is an
   ongoing process of rebirth. The law of karma decides
   which way the soul will go in the next life.
• Organ donation is an integral part of the Hindu way of
   life, as guided by the Vedas. Hindus have no objection to
   organ donation,
Lutheran ;

• In 1984, the Lutheran Church in America passed a
  resolution stating that donation contributes to the
  well-being of humanity .

• It can be "an expression of sacrificial love for a
  neighbor in need." They call on "members to consider
  donating organs and to make any necessary family
  and legal arrangements, including the use of a signed
  donor card."
Gypsies (Romany);

• Gypsies are a people of different ethnic groups without
  a formalized religion. They share common folk beliefs
  and tend to be opposed to organ and tissue donation.

• Their opposition is connected with their beliefs about
  the afterlife. Traditional belief contends that for one
  year after death, the soul retraces its steps. Thus, the
  body must remain intact because the soul maintains its
  physical shape
Katie waiting on
to list for a liver
transplant. Organ
transplants are
dependent on your
o Organ donation is very useful to help
 people’s life.
o There are a lot of people waiting for the donation and the
 number increase every moment.
o The religions have different views for organ donation.
o You should be generous and try to draw a small smile
on patient’s face.

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