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                                   Vol: 222IN GREEN AND GOLD
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December 2011                                             From The Principal’s Desk:
Wednesday 21st
                                   BOOK SALE DAYS
    Grade 6 Graduation
                                      Tuesday 24th January                      (12:30-1:30pm; 2:00-3:30pm; 4:00-5:30pm; 7:00-8:30pm)
     Ceremony (Children               Wednesday 25th January                     (7:30-9:00am; 9:30-11:30am; 1:00-3:30pm)
     required at 6:30pm)              Thursday 2nd February                     (12:00-3:00pm)
     (Ceremony starts at 7pm)         Friday 3rd February                       (9:00am – 12:00pm)
Thursday 22nd                      Uniform orders placed by Friday 20th January with PSW can also be picked up from school on these days.
    Assembly 1:10pm
                                   START OF 2012
    Last Day
                                    Teachers – Wednesday 1st February
      (Early Dismissal 1:30pm)
                                    Students in Grade 1- 6 – Monday 6th February
             January 2012
                                    Preps 2012 – Tuesday 7th February
Tuesday 24th                       MAD ON MUSIC EXAM RESULTS
    Book Sale Day - (12:30-       Congratulations to all students on passing. Fantastic Effort.
     1:30pm; 2:00-3:30pm; 4:00-    A+ -     Riley Saunders 4B
     5:30pm; 7:00-8:30pm)          A–       Christina Bird 5T
                                   B+ -     Olivia Robins 5R, Samantha Rae 6K, Tristan Wainwright 2B, Emmet Lamb 5R, Sarah Whitelaw 3N
Wednesday 25th
                                   B-       Ayush Nair 3N
    Book Sale Day - (7:30-        C+ -     Liam Hellwig 3M, Amy Saunders 6K, Brodie Millet 2B
     9:00am; 9:30-11:30am;         C–       Alma Leung-Wo 2N
                                   COLES AND SAFEWAY DOCKETS
             February 2012         With the Coles dockets we collected 53,540 points we have purchased table tennis tables and equipment and
Thursday 2nd                       sporting packs
    Book Sale Day – 12 – 3pm      With the Safeway dockets we collected 26,688 points we have purchased library shelving and books.
Friday 3rd                         CAROLS EVENING
    Book Sale Day – 9am –         What a wonderful night of singing Christmas Carols, Aerobics exhibition, the school choirs with the
     12pm                          teachers and the JibJab card with myself, Kevin and Jennie singing “Rock Around the Christmas Tree”.
                                   Many Thanks to Travis Cole and the Special Events for their organisation of the event.
Monday 6th
                                   SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS
    First day Term 1 for GD 1-6
                                   At last Friday’s assembly the Scholarhsip winners were announced. They are:
Tuesday 7th                        Prep – Izzabelle Suprapta;          Year 1 – Ryan Howell;       Year 2 – Rita Sharma
    First day Term 1 for Preps    Year 3 – Maddison Satchwell;        Year 4 – Rose Tapora;       Year 5 – Melanie John
Friday 10th                        Congratulations to all our winners. The scholarship covers their fees for 2012.
    School Canteen Reopens        2012 SCHOOL LEADERS
Friday 17th
                                   On Monday’s assembly, the 2012 School Leaders were announced. We had the “Passing of the Leadership
                                   Torch” ceremony, where the 2011 School Leaders talked about highlights of their leadership year. The 2011
    Closing date for Grade 5/6
                                   and 2012 School Leaders exchanged gifts - a laminated certificate to the new 2012 leaders and a
     Gold Fever Camp payment       commemorative medal for the 2011 leaders.
                                   Congratulations to our 2012 School Leaders: Sharanya Kaswan; Melanie John; Bellal Nasar and Oliver
                                   2011 SCHOOL LEADERS
                                   Many thanks and congratulations to our 2011 School Leaders:
                                   Blake Anderson-Hughes; Brodie McLean; Kaitlyn O’Brien and Hosna Salehi. They have gained many
                                   leadership skills and we wish them all the best in their secondary colleges in 2012.
                                   The reports will arrive home today. We are pleased with the Improvement sections that have been added
                                   after English and Mathematics.
                                   The teachers have added a great deal of information for parents. We hope this increases your knowledge
                                   about your child’s progress and what they could do to improve their achievement.
                                   Next year there will be further improvements to the reports.
It takes many people to make a successful school. Many thanks to the whole staff – teachers and ES staff who work together so well to
provide care, support and excellent learning for all students.
Many thanks to all our parents who support the school in many different activities which include: Fundraising; School Council;
classroom help, camps, excursions, school committees, Food For Everyone, Sporting activities.
This will be the last newsletter under the Green and Gold banner.
In 2012 there will be a new newsletter under the Banyan Fields Primary School name.
Everyone at Carrum Downs Primary School wishes you all a Merry Christmas and relaxing and safe holidays. We’ll see you back in
the new year.
Cecilia Stone

         HAPPY BIRTHDAY                                                             CHRISTMAS RAFFLE
                                                                               Thank you to everyone that bought tickets for
       Happy Birthday to the following students:                               the Carrum Downs Primary School Christmas
December 2011                                                                                    Raffle.
22nd     Laylah Park, Maitri Chitroda, Aaron Mountney
23rd     Shanae Hurst                                                         The raffle was a success due to your support and
24th     Lewis Thomson, Elle Allnutt                                              we were able to raise just over $2200!!
25th     Tamba Ngainda
27th     Rhys Foster                                                          The funds will be going towards the upgrade of
28th     Shannon Nixon-Hughes
                                                                                            our school library.
29th     Morgan Pledger
30th     Aparajitha Krishna Kumar, Morgan Jones
31st     Jack Cannon                                                         The Top 5 Prize Winners were-
January 2012
1st      Mutahar Moawaz, Alex Cheong, Hayden Thistlewaite, Yousif            1st- Joan Kelly (sold by Gemma Cameron)
2nd      Jye Lefleur-Thoeung
                                                                             2nd- B Millett (sold by Zoe)
4th      Rimaati Rakei, Simone Abernethy
5th      Kelei Lelenoa
6th      Mason Thistlewaite, Caleb Tonks                                     3rd- Tom (sold by Mutahar Moawaz)
7th      Billie Mclean, Jaimik Chauhan
8th      Kaylah Crotty, Ava Seers, Charlotte Simmons, Hayden Ellis           4th- Keni (sold on the night)
9th      Myles Liberti
10th     Taylor Tre-Week Kane
11th     Honey-Ri Amaru                                                      5th- Grace Pym
12th     Jarome Ua, Joshua Abbott
13th     Skye Betts-Travis, Pranit Parashar, Georgie Docker,                       Congratulations to all 31 prize winners!
         Jamie Jackson, Hosna Salehi
14th     Holly Godfrey, Anastasia Papadopoulos
15th     Aaron Janes, Christopher Buttner
                                                                                       We hope you enjoy your prizes!
17th     Olivia Young
18th     Alex Cox, Liam Knott                                                   We look forward to your ongoing support in
20th     Brodie Millett, Emma Kerley                                                              2012.
21st     Shilo Davis, Ryann Jenkinson
22nd     Daymon Upton
23rd     Zachary Barker
                                                                             Merry Christmas,
26th     Robert Taylor
27th     Jordyn Murphy, Jaxon Williams, Hayley Wylie, John Flandez           The Fundraising Team
30th     Faiqa Moawaz, Ruby Johnstone, Travis White, Chelsea Olive
February 2012
1st      Jay Dicuonzo, Daniel Grynenko, Lomiga Foliga
2nd      Tina McGillivray
3rd      Jamie McEvilly, Bliss Hibbert, Brianna Jarvis, Xander Hooper,
         Hamsa Krishna Kumar
7th      Nadine Lockens
8th      Aiden Tomlin, Simeon Aholelei
  Grade 6 Graduates 2011
   “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”

Carrum Downs Secondary College
Maria Alqaragooli, Jack Cannon, Latham Eames, Brianna Eklom, Krissy Etienette, Tarryn Gooch, Sarah
Halbish, Chris Hammersley, Ebony Ingamells, Lilli Kavanagh, Andrew Lamprecht, Finny Leung-Wo, Graeme
Porter, Tabitha Sheppard, Faustine Sy, Corey Tasker - Brown, Josh Taylor, Moana Te Nahu, Chloe Waterman,
Jared Browne, Brodie Foster, Kailem Hayes, Emmanuel Maliko, Jarrod Mifsud, Shania Norrey, Brodie Parrent,
Aidan Saliba, Abbey Smith, Emily Wilson, Mark Clover, Paige Howell, Morgan Jones, Antiny Jordison,
Robbie Klein, Jayde Kresinger, Brendan Lloyd, Chelsea Olive, Ben Robins, Corey Russo, Elisa Te, Simone
Abernethy, Del Davis, Kingi Henderson, Shanae Hurst, Jack Mann, Zachary Morton, Aaron Mountney, Debora
Okinga, Shane Perera, Dylan Pound, Tia Roden, Taylor Tre-week Kane, Daymon Upton, Chloe White, Brianna
El Hussein, Blake Anderson Hughes, Terangi Cecil - Daniel, Hayden Ellis, John Flandez, Jessica Forbes,
Jayden Gee, Bodi Heaton, Taylah Jacobs, Karan Kaur, James Kresinger, Jesse Laure, Brock Mair, Marina
McNabb, Brandon Mifsud, Shanaia Miguel, Pranay Parashar, Katie Prentice, Hosna Salehi, Tom Tangata,
Hayley Tobin, Brittney White, Olivia Young

Patterson River Secondary College
Hamish Allen, Jaimik Chauhan, Connor Howard, Brianna Jarvis, Emma Kerley, Amanda King, Emily Bray,
Brodie McLean, Jordan Mihan

Monterey Secondary College - Jake Clancy

Mount Erin Secondary College - Sarah Williams and Tylah St Anne

Elisabeth Murdoch College - Kaitlyn O’Brien

McClelland College – Llewellyn Llelenoa

Rowville Sports Academy – Samantha Rae

Flinders Christian College - Tiffany Robinson

Koo-Wee Rup High School - Amy Saunders

John Paul College - Liam Scrivano

Kilbreda College - Elle Allnutt

St Anthonys Coptic Orthodox Secondary College - Anastasia Papadopoulos

St Peters College – Vanessa Baxter

Werribee Secondary College – Caleb Hooper
MEET YOUR                                                         ATTENDANCE
                                                       Congratulations to Grade 4B for
GD 6K TEACHER                                                           100%
                                                                 attendance for last week.
Jodie Knights – Grade 6K Teacher

Star Sign: Cancer

Football Team: North Melbourne FC (Fondness for

 Husband Shane – in the Navy

Favourite Hobby/Sport:
 I enjoy playing Netball. My favourite positions
   are GK and WD.
Favourite Places I have visited or like to go:
 My Dad has a farm in Eildon and I love visiting
   and getting my hands dirty!

Best Thing about my Job:
 Being part of the student’s lives.

Future Aspirations:
 I’d like to travel to Japan sometime in the

           Sell your home through Ben Doughon or Steve Woodard and they will donate
                                         $250.00 to the school
                                 Donations so far total $1000-
          Just call: Steve Woodward on 0418 516 335 or Ben Doughton on 0431 163 189

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