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									Starting an Affiliate Marketing Career

Have you learned to turn a deaf ear to all the marketing hype you read in sales letters? If not, you
certainly need to, and soon, as the internet is inundated with promotions promising the moon but
delivering little fuel to get you there. Starting your career in affiliate marketing is not as simple
as building a website and watching the sales roll in. Don't read what I'm not saying here...affiliate
marketing can be quite lucrative for the right person who is willing to follow a plan of action.
But don't believe that you can jump into affiliate marketing and be earning $200 - $500 per day
starting tomorrow because 99% of the time is is just not likely to happen that way.

The first and most important step in affiliate marketing is to set up sales pages that are effective
and convincing without being filled with useless jargon. You must give the reader a reason not
only to buy your product, but to want to buy it from you!

Your sales page must be designed to capture your reader's attention immediately upon hitting the
page and then continue to draw them in. Like a well written novel that you have a hard time
putting down, your sales copy must touch your reader on a personal level. If your product solves
a problem for your prospect, then focus on that problem.

Make your reader "feel" just how big the problem is and how detrimental the effect is on their
life. Then tell them how your product can ease the pain they are feeling and show them how
much better, simpler and easier their life will be when your product completely eliminates the
problem they are suffering with. Always provide usable, relevant information. Give your readers
a reason to buy your product and to recommend you to their friends.

Now that you have your sales page up, the next thing you must focus on is promoting your page
through whatever means you are most comfortable starting out with so that your customers can
find you. Search engines are one of the strongest mediums on the internet for connecting buyers
with sellers. Learning the most effective ways to promote your affiliate marketing business is

One great way for beginning marketers to promote is through article marketing. If you can write
the content yourself, this is a zero cost method of promotion (other than the value of your time)
that will continue working for you long after the work is done. If writing is intimidating to you,
you can merely outsource the article writing to quality writers who are able and willing to take
on the project. There are many places online where you can find quality writers for reasonable
rates. (Tip: You might also consider a high school or college student looking to pick up
some extra cash.)

Another option for your affiliate marketing business is to promote through pay per click ads, but
I recommend you have a good solid understanding of what it takes to be successful with ppc as
your advertising costs can quickly accumulate faster than your sales.
The world of affiliate marketing is huge and you will find people at varying levels of success
along your own journey to financial freedom. Take the time to sort through the hype and the
fluff, ensuring that your own journey to affiliate marketing success will be as streamlined and
painless as possible.

By Colt Marcovi

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