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           Which Tax Software Is Right For You?

                                    Which Laptop Computer Is Right for You?
                       Finding the right laptop may take a while. The most important issues are processor speed, memory, battery life, support, and warranty..

                           The Secret To Buying The Right Laptop
                           By Paul McGillivary
                                                                                      Laptops used to be only the possession of well
                                                                                      traveled road warriors. These days, people love to use
                                                                                      laptops for personal use because they are packing a
                                                                                      ton of power into these little wonders. The portability
                                                                                      and the wireless capabilities make laptops are powerful
                                                                                      purchase choice for consumers. But people are often
                                                                                      stymied when choosing a laptop. The market is over
                                                                                      saturated with options of every kind. Buying a laptop
                                                                                      certainly shouldn't be this difficult. Let's walk through
                                                                                      the "secrets" to buying just the right laptop for you.

                                                                             Price is absolutely the first thing you must nail down. A
                                                                             range is helpful in clarifying what kind of laptop you
                                                                             should even be looking at. It does you no good to be
                           looking at laptops that are twice what you can pay. All it will do is tempt you. So, nail down your
                           computer budget first. Laptops usually fall within ranges. All you have to do is go to any online vendor
                           and check out how they categorize their laptops by price. That should give you some clearer
                           demarcations on your price ranges.

                           Now you have to get to work figuring out how you will use this laptop. This is the key to finding just
                           the right laptop for you and your circumstance. Don't worry about x,y, and z features. For now, focus
                           on what you will use it for. Examples include: looking at recipes in the kitchen, listening to music,
                           checking email, editing photos, editing videos. All these kinds of activities will dictate what kind of
                           computer you will want and what features it will include.

                           Now that you have your list of activities, we will pair them with feature sets. If you are wanting to
                           video chat with relatives, then you will need a webcam. If you are going to video editing, you will need
                           a workhorse processor and plenty of ram. You get the idea. Make that list and have it ready.

                           Finally, we are ready to look at laptops that fulfill your feature list and are within your price range.
                           Once you have narrowed your choices down to, say, five then it is time to get hands on. You will want
                           to look at the computer, use it, and see how it functions. This is the ultimate test. If you don't like the
                           look and feel of a laptop, but the feature set is good, don't buy it. Yep, step away. If you want to use
                           that laptop for years to come, you won't want one that you don't like. Move on and find the perfect
                           laptop for you.

                           It may take a while, but I know you will find it. Just remember, the most important things on a laptop
                           are: processor speed, amount of memory, battery life, support, and warranty.
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                                                                                       Dell 600 Laptop Features:

                                                                                       The Latitude D600 is designed for users
                                                                                       who require maximum performance in a
                                                                                       mainstream notebook.

                                                                                       Even with its thin & light design, the
                                                                                       D600 doesn't skimp on performance
                                                                                       offering the ideal blend of power and
                                                                                       efficiency using the Intel® Pentium® M
                                                                                       processors and the ATI® Mobility
                                                                                       Radeon 9000 video chipset.

                                                                                       The D600 offers Intel Pentium Mobile
                                                                                       Technology featuring the Pentium M

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                                            Dell D600 Laptop (1.6ghz, 40 GB       Wireless MiniPCI card. B grade may have
                                              Hard Drive, DVD/CD-RW)              screen impressions, red tint at boot and
                                                                                  other defects such as hair line cracks,
                                                                                  missing feet and/or doors.

                           Customer Review:
                                  This is a great laptop for the price. It functions beautifully for basic use (school, work,
                                  surfing the web, etc.). I have had absolutely no trouble with mine, and would highly
                                  recommend this product to everyday users.

                                  I've seen a couple of bad reviews simply because users purchased this computer with the
                                  intent to make it their "gaming" computer, and then were disappointed with the outcome.
                                  Check the specs and your game requirements first. If you truly want a gaming computer,
                                  you probably shouldn't be looking at Laptops in the first place.

                                  It's a great computer at a reasonable price. If you just need something for work, school,
                                  and surfing the web, it's perfect..


                                       Finding the right laptop may take a while. The most important issues are processor
                                                       speed, memory, battery life, support, and warranty.

                                                            Which Laptop Computer Is Right for You?

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