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                            Will Entrepreneurial Books Help Your Business?
                     Every new entrepreneur who wants to succeed needs a mentor, even if it's a great book, like Think And Grow Rich and Rich Dad, Poor Dad.. ..

                           Five Books Every New Entrepreneur Must Read
                           By Karen J Miller
                                                                                       The beauty of starting a home-based
                                                                                       business is that you don't really need any
                                                                                       experience whatsoever. If you are careful,
                                                                                       you can align yourself with a training
                                                                                       program and a mentor who will guide and
                                                                                       teach you everything you need to know.

                                                                   One of the areas critical to long term
                                                                   success is constantly working on your
                                                                   personal development. This is also
                                                                   popularly referred to as "self help". The
                                                                   practice of self help became wildly popular
                                                                   in the late 1960s and early 1970s with the
                           publication of Thomas A Harris, MD's book I'm OK, You're OK. Today, most people
                           engage in some form of personal development, be it continuing education, reading
                           or listening to books, watching a PBS program, or joining a support group.

                           Anyone seriously involved in business has a mentor and actively engages in
                           personal development. The most successful business people read a personal
                           development book every few days. They are honing their skills and learning from a
                           very large Master Mind group.

                           An entrepreneur new to a home based business must start their library with the
                           guidance of their mentor. A skilled and thoughtful mentor will instinctively know
                           what work to start with and what the person is ready for next. There is no magic
                           sequence. Every individual starts at a unique place and is ready at his or her own

                           Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

                           This is likely the book every new entrepreneur has read, or at least has been told
                           to read. Who wouldn't want to learn how to just think about being rich and have it
                           happen? If the reader actually studies Think and Grow Rich, he will discover that it
                           is quite an impactful work. Published in the 1930s, the personal issues Hill writes
                           about are still relevant today. The thoughts and behaviors that hinder people's
                           success in acquiring riches have been the same through the decades.

                           Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

                           Probably one of the most popular books on finance written in modern times, Rich
                           Dad, Poor Dad speaks to the everyday person. The main theme is our attitudes
                           about wealth and how we prepare ourselves and children to be money smart. There
                           are many financial revelations in this book which make it an excellent primer for
                           those seeking to change their perspective on wealth.

                           The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

                           Olson teaches the concept of compounded interest in a whole new light. If you will
                           just put a penny's worth of effort each day towards your goals, over time you will
                           achieve them. If you are to be successful, you must make the Slight Edge
                           philosophy a part of your daily attitude. Making a home-based business work takes
                           a lot of time and effort. This has to happen over time: a little bit every day, done

                           The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

                           Habits are a matter of choice. We can choose to continue ineffective habits, or we

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                          can chose to change those habits into more effective ones. Covey goes into the
                          depths of our attitudes (paradigms) and principles to help us identify "where we
                          are coming from". Once we can identify which of our paradigms are keeping us from
                          interacting effectively with others, we can work on changing them.

                          The Secrets to Manifesting Your Destiny by Dr. Wayne Dyer

                          An audio that delves deeply into the heart of what troubles many people about
                          getting what they want out of life. Dyer's work is definitely for people who have
                          already started on the path of personal development and have begun to make
                          some breakthroughs. Dyer has some incredible insights and speaks from a level of
                          spiritual understanding.

                          Personal development is an ongoing process. As you grow and change, you will find
                          that when you revisit a self help book it may seem like you had never read it
                          before. It's not that you forgot. You are simply seeing things through a different
                          "pair of glasses". Perhaps you are seeing things clearly for the first time.
                          When I started Network Marketing, I felt like I had arrived in a foreign country. I
                          had to learn a new language, customs, and survival. The internet is full of training
                          programs and opportunities. How do you make sense of it all and pick the right
                          one? I specialize in mentoring and training MLM colleagues until they achieve their
                          goals. I invite you to visit my blog at http://mlmnetworkingwomen.com/


                                           More Entrepreneurial Books

                                          The Start-up of You:     The Lean Startup:   You Gotta Have Balls:
                                           Adapt to the Future,      How Today's         How a Kid from
                                         Invest in Yourself, and  Entrepreneurs Use Brooklyn Started From
                                         Transform Your Career Continuous Innovation     Scratch, Bought
                                          by Ben Casnocha and     to Create Radically  Yankee Stadium, and
                                             Reid Hoffman        Successful Businesses   Created a Sports
                                                                     by Eric Ries       Empire by Brandon

                                          The Social Capitalist: Rich Dad's Before You Heart, Smarts, Guts,
                                         Entrepreneur's Journey    Quit Your Job: 10    and Luck: What It
                                         from Passion to Profits   Real-Life Lessons     Takes to Be an
                                        by Josh Lannon and Lisa Every Entrepreneur Entrepreneur and Build
                                                Lannon            Should Know About    a Great Business by
                                                                   Building a Million-  Anthony K. Tjan
                                                                   Dollar Business by
                                                                   Robert T. Kiyosaki


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                                 Entrepreneurial Work
                                 By Angelica S Olstad
                                 Entrepreneurial enterprises have become a popular phenomenon. There
                                 are a couple of factors that contribute to this new trend. Social media
                                 has made marketing very accessible for individuals to reach thousands of
                                 viewers/customers/readers. In addition, the fluidity of today's economy
                                 has resulted in job layoffs and elimination of the typical career path. For
                                 some pursuing entrepreneurial work can be from wanting to avoid drama
                                 of a typical workplace, or to pursue a creative vision or dream. For others
                                 it may be an opportunity to turn a hobby or a side project into a
                                 marketable product. Whatever your reasons may be to pursue
                                 entrepreneurial work it is important to understand a few basic guidelines
                                 before diving in.

                                 If at first you don't succeed- try try again. Entrepreneurial empires and
                                 superstars doesn't happen over night. Successful enterprises are trial
                                 and errors and sometimes just pure luck. The ability to keep on trying
                                 when the chips are down and pick up the pieces is perhaps one of the
                                 most valuable skills and entrepreneur can possess. Maintaining a
                                 positive outlook is key for success.

                                 There have been many studies done on the behaviors of success. Of
                                 these attributes are constant learning, technical proficiency, self-
                                 confidence, co-dependence, risk taking, and measurements and
                                 responsive. These unique attributes in entrepreneurial individuals make
                                 for good bosses and essentially good creators for those looking to get
                                 into this type of work. In addition, strategic thinking can help build an
                                 individual's life and business based on goals, objectives and vision for a
                                 project. Strategic work is very important and should be an absolute
                                 priority every day no matter what happens.

                                 A life coach can assist with working on positive psychology and other
                                 attentional training methods. These skills improve willingness to learn
                                 and cultivate passion and knowledge into tangible and marketable
                                 assets that can result in a successful enterprise. With a strong focus on
                                 positive psychology the entrepreneur creates a positive work
                                 environment for high productivity and employee satisfaction.

                                 Getting organized and creating good work habits for entrepreneurial work
                                 is key. For many the concept of working for free is a foreign concept.
                                 However, one of the plights of entrepreneurial work is spending a large
                                 amount of unpaid hours helping your business grow. For many individuals
                                 these projects are low budget so the tasks of the mundane parts of the
                                 business are included in this work. The ability to be able to do the boring
                                 work in addition with the exciting and fun work is key. Creative ideas
                                 must be fresh but the logistics of seeing these ideas through is what
                                 sets successful enterprises apart from others. For work habit suggestions
                                 and self teaching exercises there are many resources that help make this

                                 Pursuing entrepreneurial work can be a wonderful opportunity to live your
                                 ideal life and to also contribute to the society around you. While this
                                 path can be a frustrating and difficult path entrepreneurial work can be
                                 an excellent opportunity for creating a work environment that is
                                 meaningful to them.


                                      Every new entrepreneur who wants to succeed needs a mentor, even if it's a great book, like
                                                          Think And Grow Rich and Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

                                                          Will Entrepreneurial Books Help Your Business?

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