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Computer Books or Computer Training? by surginga


Some helpful computer books are Persuasive Technology, How Computers Work, Computer Science and Programming, OpenVMS, Java and more

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                                    Computer Books Vs Computer Training?
                  Some helpful computer books are Persuasive Technology, How Computers Work, Computer Science and Programming, OpenVMS, Java and mor..

                          Computer Training - Books vs Hands On
                          By Michael Russell

                                                                                    There has been an ever growing battle
                                                                                    among teaching professionals,
                                                                                    businesses and even students as to what
                                                                                    is more important, being book learned in
                                                                                    a subject or having some practical hands
                                                                                    on experience. We're not going to try to
                                                                                    answer that question in this article, only
                                                                                    present both sides and allow you, the
                                                                                    reader to come to your own conclusions.

                                                                      With computers, unlike many other
                                                                      subjects, such as accounting, where
                                                                      without theory you simply can't make the
                          correct journal entries, there is a growing number of people without formal training
                          who have very productive careers in the field of computers. In spite of this, there
                          are those who argue that these workers will ultimately not be able to keep up with
                          the ever-changing technology because they have not had formal training and don't
                          know how to read and understand a technical training manual.

                          Those who believe that understanding the theories of computers, whatever the
                          discipline, is more important than actual hands on use this as their argument. A
                          student who simply gets a hold of a computer and begins working on it is working
                          in the dark and only by trial and error and chance stumbles onto the correct
                          procedure for whatever it is they are trying to do.

                          In some disciplines, like data entry, this may not be too difficult. After all, most
                          data entry programs have menus to guide the user along, and specific text boxes
                          for each form of input that is required. A person with basic reading skills could
                          probably walk his way through a data entry screen and manage to perform simple
                          data entry tasks.

                          But what happens when the student tries to tackle a more complex task like
                          installing a hard drive in a computer. Without understanding the basic theories of
                          electricity and grounding, it is quite likely that the student will end up shorting out
                          the drive and possibly every component in the computer itself.

                          Those who argue the other side of this tricky coin, say that if a student were to try
                          hands on without the aid of formal book knowledge, he would certainly have
                          someone there to show them just how to install that hard drive. The overseer
                          would explain to him along the way the main points that he would need to know in
                          order to do the job correctly, without all the technical stuff that is usually 90%
                          useless in most situations.

                          However, their more compelling argument for hands on over book knowledge is
                          this. That same student, with all the book knowledge in the world, has still never
                          physically handled a hard drive. In theory, he knows what's going on electronically
                          and understands about grounding but until he actually gets his hands on a drive
                          and tries to place it into that computer, he has no idea if he'll actually be able to
                          handle the task. Maybe his hands will shake. Maybe he has poor eyesight and can't
                          see well enough to make the right connections. Maybe he has trouble hooking up
                          wires. Some people just aren't mechanically inclined.

                          Even in the field of programming a computer, a person may have complete
                          knowledge of the language he is programming in, but without actually writing a
                          program in a real business environment he has no idea of the complexities of a real
                          life business application. That is why so many computer based products have                                                                                                         Page 1 / 4
                         patches upon patches of bug fixes, because many programmers working their first
                         job simply aren't ready for what's involved.

                         No doubt the argument of book learning versus hands on will continue until time
                         itself stops, and while no actual answers are given here, it is hoped that this
                         article will give the reader something to think about when taking one side or the


                                                   A Few Computer Books

                                       Persuasive Technology:    Human-Computer      Computer: A History
                                         Using Computers to    Interaction Handbook: Of The Information
                                       Change What We Think        Fundamentals,      Machine, Second
                                          and Do (Interactive         Evolving         Edition (Sloan
                                        Technologies) by B. J.   Technologies, and Technology) by Martin
                                         Fogg (Dec 30, 2002) Emerging Applications,    Campbell-Kelly
                                                                  by Julie A. Jacko

                                        How Computers Work       Brain-Computer      Careers in Computer
                                         (9th Edition) by Ron Interface: High-impact     Science and
                                          White and Timothy Emerging Technology - Programming (Careers
                                            Edward Downs        What You Need to        in Computer
                                                                 Know:  by Kevin     Technology) by Jeri
                                                                     Roebuck              Freedman



                                Book Reviews: Computers Category
                                by Norm Goldman
                                Norm Goldman, Editor, reviews FutureHype: The Myths Of Technology
                                Who Moved My Blackberry
                                by Pam Stokes
                                I've just finished reading "Who Moved My Blackberry" by Martin Lukes
                                with Lucy Kellaway which is a hugely funny dig at the corporate world
                                and electronic communication.
                                The Minimum You Need to know to be an OpenVMS Application Developer
                                - Book Review
                                by Heather Froeschl
                                Do you want to be an OpenVMS Application Developer? If you don t                                                             Page 2 / 4
                                know what that is, then you probably don't need this book, but if you do,
                                you ve found the seemingly most comprehensive and readable guide to
                                doing so. Roland Hughes offering, The Minimum You Need to know to
                                be an OpenVMS Application Developer is an abundance of information
                                that you cannot afford to be without.
                                The Minimum You Need to Know About Java on OpenVMS - Book Review
                                by Heather Froeschl
                                Stop right there. If you haven't read Roland Hughes' first book in this
                                series, "The Minimum You Need to Know to be an OpenVMS Application
                                Developer" you'll need to do so. Think of it as the prerequisite of a
                                college course. Now, you are ready for the second book, "The Minimum
                                You Need to Know About Java on OpenVMS." Why two books? Java
                                wasn't covered so thoroughly in the first. Believe me - you'll be glad you
                                have both.
                                The Minimum You Need to Know About Logic to Work in IT - Book Review
                                by Heather Froeschl
                                If you are an IT college student, you are likely being gypped. Logic is no
                                longer taught and it really is something you need. According to Roland
                                Hughes, in his book, "The Minimum You Need to Know About Logic to
                                Work in IT," "Logic is the fundamental tool of IT."
                                "The Minimum You Need to Know about Java on OpenVMS" by Roland
                                Hughes - Book Review
                                by Regan Windsor
                                Hughes wrote the second book "The Minimum You Need to Know about
                                Java on OpenVMS" in response to popular demand after "The Minimum
                                You Need to Know to Be an OpenVMS Application Developer" was
                                published. Hughes' second book provides answers to Java's most difficult
                                problems: calling system services, using run-time libraries, reading and
                                writing RMS indexed files and interacting with the user on a VT-320
                                Interview with Roland Hughes, Author of "The Minimum You Need to
                                Know" Series
                                by Tyler R. Tichelaar
                                Both experienced computer programmers looking for a useful desktop
                                reference book and information technology beginners in search of the
                                best tips and tricks in the trade will find what they seek with Roland
                                Hughes' "The Minimum You Need to Know" series. Hughes" 20 years of
                                experience in the IT field allowed him to write three books filled with
                                practical and readily applicable knowledge for today's IT specialists.


                                    Some helpful computer books are Persuasive Technology, How Computers Work, Computer
                                                    Science and Programming, OpenVMS, Java and more.

                                                             Computer Books Vs Computer Training?

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