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									                       Building Community
                                Networks at
                  Pirtle's & the Word Cafe

LIS 451                  Suzanne Im     Jared Dunn
Introduction to          Tony Laing     Will Kent
Network Systems          Joel Spencer   Nick Lonergan
Fall 2010                Greg Hunt
   Background on the Project
• East St. Louis, IL               Historical population
                                   Census Pop.             %±
  o Corollaries                    1870       5,044         ---
       History of institutional   1880
        racism                     1900       29,734       96.0%
       Depressed economy          1910
        and high crime rates       1930       74,397       11.4%
       Technological and          1940
        educational                1960       81,728       −0.8%
        disadvantages              1970       70,029       −14.3%
                                   1980       55,239       −21.1%
                                   1990       40,921       −25.9%
                                   2000       31,542       −22.9%

                                   Source: US Census
                   Our Project

• Work with small businesses in East St.
  Louis, IL
  o   New endeavor for ESLARP and LIS 451
  o   New challenges and risks
  o   Emphasis on sustainability
  o   One large group assigned multiple sites
                Our Sites
• Original focus on three (3) sites
  1. Pirtle's Ice Cream Shop
  2. The Word Christian Book Store
  3. Soul Food Cafe
• Local business owned by James Pirtle
• Foothold and hub of the community
  o   Part of the community for years, formerly as convenience
      store, now as ice cream shop
  o   Patrons on a first-name basis
  o   Not just ice cream – community news and gossip, cards,
      and welcoming atmosphere
  o   Well-connected establishment that can connect community
      members with technology
Before   After
The Word Cafe
                     The Word
• Christian bookstore owned and operated
  by Gracie Morgan since 1994
  o   Has expanded tremendously
        Large cafe space used for various meetings
        Boutique for ministers and family
        Other merchandise to meet laymen’s needs
• Serves as a hub of information for the
  substantial ESL religious community
  o   Also caters to children and teenagers in the area

           Needs Assessment
• Two visits to determine how we can help
  stakeholders utilize what we can offer
• Questions asked
  o   How would you like to see this space used?
  o   What technology do you currently have?
  o   How do you want to help your patrons with new
  o   What kind of software do you need to meet your goals?
    Existing Spaces and Tools
Pirtle's                     The Word
• Large unused space         Large multipurpose space
   o space taken up by           o Needs to stay
      unused freezers              multipurpose
   o entire adjacent room     • Strong internet connection
• One computer used by Mr.      (DSL)
  Pirtle                      • One extremely outdated
                                computer to upgrade
       The Process

• Analyze and understand the space
• Obtain and incorporate feedback
• Refurbish donated computers & install
  needed software
• Make desks and a counter
• Configure each network
• Consider sustainability of solutions
           Visions for the Spaces

Pirtle's                       The Word
• Well-defined, partner knew   • Uncertain at first, vision
  exactly what he wanted.        developed over time
• Resources for families in    • Improve customer
  transitional housing           experience
• Resources for Small          • Resources for religious
  Businesses                     audience
• Connect the store to the     • Add multimedia capability
  street, enhance and grow       to meeting space
  an already vibrant           • Basic computer classes for
  community space.               seniors
       Hardware Choices
Pirtle's              The Word
• 5 Dell PCs          • 4 Dell PCs
• Networked Lexmark   • Multimedia
  printer               workstation
• Scanner for Mr.     • Networked Lexmark
  Pirtle's machine      Printer
• AT&T DSL            • Wireless Router
                      • AT&T DSL
       Software Choices
Pirtle's              The Word
• Custom Firefox      • Custom Firefox
  profile               profile
• MS Office 2003      • MS Office 2003 or
• GnuCash               Open Office
• Educational Games   • eSword Bible
  for Kids            • BibleMax
                      • Choir Keeper
           Custom Firefox Profiles

Browser is the primary platform in a public lab, so we
concentrated a lot on it.
 • Bookmarks to resources that fit the needs/interests of
 • Custom search engines
 • Custom toolbars
 • Custom privacy, security, and content settings.
Pirtle's                       The Word
• Software and resources for   • Religious / Bible software
  families in transition and     to meet patrons' needs.
  small business owners        • Book and music lookup
                                 for ordering.
                               • Multimedia machine for
                                 music and presentations,
                                 add value and capability
                                 to meeting space.
Results - Pirtle's

       • Cleared out a broken freezer
       • Removed unused shelving
       • Installed two counter tops
         (15ft), complete with computer
       • Constructed six chairs
       • Installed and networked five
         computers, a printer, and a
            Results - Word Cafe
• Installed and networked three lab computers + desks, 1
  multimedia workstation, and a printer
• Created an “Easy Reader” logon with large fonts for senior
  citizens after hearing this was a need.

• Plans are underway by site owner to teach basic computer
  classes on Windows and MS Office.

• Provided “How To Manual” for use and maintenance of the
  computers, with group contact information.
      Lessons Learned – Pirtle's

• Space is a major factor
  o   Cigarette Side
  o   Transformation of Ice Cream Side
• Networking A-Z
  o   Pirtle's illustrates that without the proper lab space, complete
      with counters, chairs, and computers, nothing can happen.
• Clear vision allows us to best help him
  o   Also allows for more sustainability
Lessons Learned – The Word

 • The need for flexibility and adaptability in
 • Communication is
key. Uncertain site
vision until very late.
 • Community needs are
paramount over process
and design needs. This
balance can be difficult to
strike in a class setting.
Lessons Learned – Soul Food

• No clear objective
• Not all sites work, but don't be
• Not all contacts work the same way
• What we can do to communicate, and
  with whom we can communicate
             Future Goals
Pirtle's                The Word
• Full conversion of    • Find employees that
  unused space into       can maintain and
  computer lab            operate machines
• Connect other sites     o   Gracie's daughter to
                              maintain and help out
  to Pirtle's

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