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									   Health Information Infrastructure Vision and Target—A Roadmap for Washington State
Roadmap        Washington State Leadership                                  Private Sector and Government
Milestones     and Health IT Vision                                         Activity to Support the Vision
May 2005—      Pass legislation SSB 5064 and project funding                State programs Health IT and strategy alignment
               ($360,000)                                                   • Align Health IT activities, Board framework
December       • Appoint Health Information Infrastructure Advisory Board   • Coordinate and align activity on Governor’s 5 point health
2006           (Board) and Stakeholder Advisory Committee                   care strategy
               • Develop HIIAB infrastructure, framework, values, target    • Explore how to expedite and promote Health IT alignment
               statement, and scope                                         with private sector
               • Explore and research                                       Public – private sector conveners informed and support Board
               • Develop requirements and assessment criteria               framework, Governor’s 5 point health care strategy, Puget
               Coordinate efforts between state and congressional           Sound Health Alliance (PSHA) efforts, Blue Ribbon
               delegation                                                   Commission
               Assess and determine strategies                              Share information; participate in local, regional, state, and
               Stakeholder feedback and input                               federal Health IT initiatives
               Submit final report with recommendations and                 Marketplace builds and deploys products and solutions
               “roadmap”                                                    Secure grant and other funding opportunities and resources
               Implement interim Health IT and adoption strategies          to support HIIAB framework such as the Health Information
               • Governor’s 5 point health care strategy                    Security Privacy Collaborative Grant (HISPC)
               • Washington State Health Information Collaborative          Explore and participate in public – private partnerships and
               economic investment assistance to promote and expedite       other strategies to promote and expedite local and regional
               Health IT and EMR adoption                                   Health IT and EMR adoption
               • SHB 2573 – Encourage Health IT by 2012
               • Blue Ribbon Commission
               • Puget Sound Health Alliance

January—       Receive final report, recommendations, and “roadmap”         State programs model and align activity on:
               Adopt and fund recommendations ($8 – 11 million) for         Governor’s 5 point health care strategy; Health IT needs,
June 2007      health                                                       Board framework, and
               information infrastructure development and first health      recommendations; business case and WSHII participation
               record                                                       Identify partnerships and statewide strategies to leverage
               banks (HRBs)                                                 resources, knowledge, and strategies for Board
               Explore and identify venture partners                        recommendations, roadmap and supporting activities.
               Adopt legislation and executive orders to expedite           “Bottom up” meets “top down”:
               coordination and alignment of Health IT activities,          Coordinate, build, and deploy market solutions for strategies
               Board framework, and recommendations                         and recommendations;
               • Incentives for providers (tax credits, economic            harness and drive market synergy and alignment
               investment assistance)                                       Public - private sectors coordinate and deploy provider
               • Align financial incentives pilots                          and
   Health Information Infrastructure Vision and Target—A Roadmap for Washington State
Roadmap        Washington State Leadership                                    Private Sector and Government
Milestones     and Health IT Vision                                           Activity to Support the Vision
July 2007—     Appoint interim Board - Create implementation                  Improve state programs’ health information infrastructure
               plan/design work,                                              Develop and implement state - private sector consumer
June 2009      functions, and committees                                      and
               • Staffing and budget                                          provider engagement plans; participate in pilot charter
               • Organization and governance                                  activities
               o Governance, core functions, outreach                         Promote and utilize standardized and certified products
               processes/programs, privacy policies, liability                Collaborate with interim Board
               research and risk assessment, audit, charter compliance,       • Engage with health information technology charter pilot
               and enforcement mechanisms                                     programs; continue EMR
               • Technical architecture (“construction drawings”)             implementation and adoption initiatives
               o Transaction architecture (withdrawal, deposit, search),      • Expand transparency, incentive realignment, performance
               content, and standards                                         measures, and standards
               • Establish and assess performance measures; initial and       “Bottom up” meets “top down”
               sustainable financing model                                    • Build - deploy solutions for strategies and recommendations
               • Consumer and provider engagement processes,                  that expand Health IT,
               programs, and policies                                         EMR adoption, and information exchange
               o Privacy and security, education and outreach; provider       • Deploy and utilize PHRs towards critical mass goals;
               information and education                                      consumer tools for care
               o Personal health record (PHR) requirements, standards,        management, preventive care, and wellness activities
               and functions                                                  • Leverage existing investments/resources in the marketplace
               • Research and development of the HRB initial                  towards “testing and
               implementation sites                                           learning labs”
               o Assess – expand Washington Health Information                • Partner with the public sector and local communities on
               Collaborative economic                                         converging needs, continued
               development assistance to promote and expedite Health          innovations, and building solutions
               IT and EMR adoption                                            Utilize grant and other funding opportunities and
               o Operational requirements for HRBs; RFP for pilot             resources to
               participation and charter HRB pilots                           support recommendations and specific roadmap activities
               • Mitigate risks
               • Model payment/reimbursement incentives
               • Develop state policy and legislative issues for action on:
               health record banking, strategies,
               and incentives for Health IT and EMRs
               Coordinate and integrate efforts with regional, other
               states, and
               federal activities

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