Probable Cause Affidavit by CGs31n1


									OBTS Number                                           PROBABLE CAUSE AFFIDAVIT                                                      3                    N
                                                              1. Arrest 2. N.T.A. 3. Request for Warrant 4. Request for Capias                Juvenile
Agency ORI Number                     Agency Name                                                        Agency Report Number
FLO 5 0 0 0 0 0                            PALM BEACH COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                              06 – 11-077567
Charge Type:      1. Felony            3. Misdemeanor                 5. Ordinance                    Special Notes:
Check as many     2. Traffic Felony    4. Traffic Misdemeanor         6. Other
as apply.
Defendant’s Name (Last, First, Middle)                                                                       Race        Sex            Date of Birth
Davis, Lonnie Johnson                                                                                        B           M              9/19/90
Charge Description                                                             Charge Description
First Degree Murder (Principal in the First Degree)
Charge Description                                                             Charge Description

Victim’s Name (Last, First, Middle)                                                                          Race       Sex             Date of Birth
Griffin, John C Jr.                                                                                          B          M               9/29/87
Victim’s Local Address (Street, Apt. Number)         (City)                   (State)       (Zip)       Phone                Address Source
732 Arkansas Ave                                     Clewiston                  FL.        33440                             Family
Victim’s Business Address (Name, Street)             (City)                   (State)       (Zip)       Phone                Occupation
None                                                                                                    None                 None
The undersigned certifies and swears that he/she has just and reasonable grounds to believe, and does believe that the above named Defendant
committed the following violation of law. The Person taken into custody…

   committed the below acts in my presence.                     was observed by Witness #1 and Witness #2 who told Det. Tobey #7250
   confessed to                                                 that he/she saw the arrested person commit the below acts.
admitting to the below facts.                                   was found to have committed the below acts, resulting from my (described) investigation.

On the 23day of May, 20011 at 11:42        A.M.     P.M. (Specifically include facts constituting cause for arrest).


On Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at approximately 0030hrs, I was contacted by Sgt. Eddy of the Gang Task
Force in reference to the homicide of a black male at 301 SW 8th Street, in the City of Belle Glade. I
was informed I would be the lead Detective on the case.

I arrived on scene at approximately 0215hrs. Upon my arrival, I observed the entire parking lot area
of the Peppi Head Start Academy to be secured with yellow crime scene tape. I was briefed of the
facts of the case that were known at the time. On 5/23/11 PBSO dispatch was notified that there was
a black male who had been shot in the parking lot of 301 SW 8th Street. Upon arrival, deputies
observed several people standing over a black male, later identified as John C. Griffin Jr., who was
lying on the sidewalk area of the school with a possible gunshot wound to the head. Palm Beach
County Fire rescue responded and pronounced Griffin deceased at 0024hrs. Griffin’s mother and
father (John and Helen Griffin) responded to the scene and identified the victim as their son, John
Griffin Jr.

Crime Scene responded, processed and photographed the scene.
The area around the body was secured with yellow crime scene tape. I observed Griffin to be lying
face up with his head pointing in a southwesterly direction (towards the front door of the school.)
Griffin’s legs were over the parking stop in a northeasterly direction. I observed a small pool of what
appeared to be blood on the side walk under the victim’s head and a very small wound in the temple
area of Griffin’s head just over his left ear. There did not appear to be any other trauma to Griffin’s

I was made aware that the persons who discovered Griffin deceased were still on scene. Both
parties provided sworn digitally recorded statements as to their involvement.
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                                 NARRATIVE CONTINUATION
They stated the following: At approximately 2230hrs the two walked down SW Ave C and stopped in
front of 714 SW Ave C to talk with some females. After a short period, approximately 20-30 minutes,
They decided to walk home. They walked through the parking lot of Peppi Head Start Academy when
they noticed a black male laying on the side walk near the front door. They thought the black male
was intoxicated and passed out. They tried to wake the black male and grabbed his arm. When they
realized there was no pulse, they called 911.

On 5/24/11 at approximately 0900hrs I responded to the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner’s
Office in reference to the autopsy of John Griffin Jr. I attended the autopsy. The preliminary
determination of death was a single gunshot wound to the head. A projectile was recovered from
Griffins head.

On 5/26/11 at approximately 0945hrs Det. Wong Won and I met a friend (W#1) of the victim at his/her
residence. W#1 provided a sworn digitally recorded statement as to the following: At 11:42pm he/she
received a phone call from John Griffin. Griffin told W#1 he was in Belle Glade and stated he would
be back to Clewiston in the morning. At that point, W#1 heard two voices in the back ground say,
“Fuck Nigga, Give me (this)! Fuck Nigga give me (that)! Get off your fucking cell phone!” Griffin
stated, “Hold up man.” The suspect stated, “No, Fuck Nigga, Give me everything in your pockets,
empty your pockets!” W#1 heard one suspect tell the other suspect, “Go in his pocket, Go in his
pocket!” W#1 then heard a loud “boom” and the phone went dead. W#1 tried to call Griffin back and
there was no answer. W#1 tried to text message Griffin, but got no response. W#1 further stated the
conversation lasted just over a minute.

On 5/31/11 at 1630hrs Det. Wong Won and I met with Witness #2 (W#2) at the District 5 Substation
in reference to him/her being a possible witness in this case. W#2 provided a sworn digitally
recorded statement as to what he/she saw that night. The facts are as follows: W#2 and a friend
were standing down stairs in front of his/her residence , When he/she observed two black males that
W#2 knows only as “Boss Hog” and “Lunny” walking down the street. Both parties were picked up by
Boss Hog’s mother, in a white Dodge Charger. A few moments later W#2 observed the same two
males walk through a little ally way. Boss Hog and Lunny walked to the North side of the Peppi
Headstart academy near the air conditioner units. W#2 observed Boss Hog place a hand gun
between the air conditioning unit and the building. Lunny had his gun in his back pocket. At that
point, W#2’s friend told him/her to go upstairs because something was about to happen. W#2 went
up the stairs and turned the porch light off to make the porch dark. W#2 observed Boss Hog and
Lunny look around to see if anyone was watching, and then place bandana’s/head scarfs over their
faces. Boss Hog and Lunny ran around the corner to where the Griffin was sitting and pointed the
guns at him. Griffin was sitting on the parking stop of the Peppi Head Start Academy with his head
down. W#2 stated he/she heard one of the suspects say, “Give me your money, what you got?”
Griffin raised his hands and dropped them. W#2 stated he/she is unsure if Griffin handed over
anything to the suspects, or just raised his hands as if he didn’t have anything. W#2 then stated
Lunny began to run and Boss Hog shot Griffin one time. Boss Hog then ran with Lunny across the
field that is across the street from Peppi. Griffin fell backwards and laid there. W#2 stated Griffin did
not struggle with either of the suspects during the incident. W#2 stated when Griffin was shot, Boss
Hog was in very close range (under 5 feet). W#2 stated the entire incident happened very quickly.

**It should be noted Griffin's cell phone and wallet was not found on his person when PBSO arrived
on scene.
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                                 NARRATIVE CONTINUATION
W#2 further stated when the suspects approached Griffin with the guns; he/she went inside his/her
apartment and watched from an open window. W#2 stated he/she sees Boss Hog and Lunny every

Boss Hog is described as a black male, 5’3-5’4, thin build, 18-19 years of age, low cut hair, dark skin,
he was wearing black long pants and a black short sleeve shirt.
Lunny is 5’8-5’9, medium build, 20 years of age, low cut hair, and always wears a baseball cap. He
was wearing an Orange, blue, white and lime striped shirt and light blue jeans. W#2 described the
gun Lunny pointed at Griffin as a black handgun.

W#2 stated he/she could identify both Boss Hog and Lunny in a photo lineup.
While researching the street name “Boss Hog” we found a Lewis Burks, in the PALMS system, who
goes by the street name “Boss Man”. A photo lineup was created which included Lewis Burks and
five other black males with similar features.

On 6/4/11 Det. B. Smith met with W#2 at the District 5 substation. W#2 stated the person who shot
John Griffin was not included in the photo lineup.

W#2 stated he/she knows where “boss hog” hangs out and agreed to ride with Det. B. Smith and Det.
Wong Won in an undercover vehicle to point out the locations. When they drove by the corner of
Ave. D and SW 8th Street, W#2 yelled out “there he is over there”. They observed two unknown
black males talking by a small building that looked like a shed. One male was sitting on a chair and
the other male was standing. W#2 stated the male who was standing and wearing the white t-shirt,
and blue pants is the person he/she knows as “Boss Hog”. Det. Smith and Wong Won then called
road patrol Deputy Baez who was working that zone and requested that he go by that location and
conduct a field interview report of the two black males. Deputy Baez provided the following
information on the black male who was wearing the white t-shirt and blue pants: Walter Burks, Jr.,
DOB. 10/28/1991.

A photo lineup was created which included Walter Burks Jr and five other black males with similar
features. On 6/8/11 at approximately 1420 hrs, Det. Caris and I met with the witness in reference to
administering a photo lineup. Det. Caris administered the photo lineup, W#2 immediately and without
hesitation pick out the person in photo number 1 as “Boss Hog”, the person he/she observed shoot
John Griffin. W#2 stated he/she is 100% sure this is the person she observed shoot John Griffin.

On 6/13/11 Det. Wong Won and Det. Grindey met with W#2, who again rode in an undercover vehicle
to point out locations where "Lunny" hangs out. While driving by 552 SW 8th St. W#2 pointed out a
black male walking into the residence and stated that black male was Lunny. D/S J. Williams
responded a short time later and completed a field interview report on the black male. The black
male was identified as Lonnie Johnson Davis (DOB: 9/19/90)

A photo line up was created which included Lonnie Davis and five other black males with similar
features. On 6/13/11 Det. Caris met with W#2 who positively identified Lonnie Davis as the other
suspect in this case.
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                                                 NARRATIVE CONTINUATION
Based on the above information, the statement given by W#1 was consistent with the statement given
by W#2. W#1 stated she heard one gun shot. W#2 stated “Boss Hog” shot one time. W#1 stated
she heard two male suspect voices. W#2 stated she saw two male suspects. W#1 stated her
conversation with Griffin was just over a minute. W#2 stated the incident happened very quickly.
Both parties confirm the same number of gun shots, the same number of suspects, and the same
time frame of the incident. These witnesses are completely independent from each other.
Investigators could find no association between the two, and do not believe their statements could
have been corroborated.

Due to the above mentioned facts, Lonnie J. Davis did unlawfully from a premeditated design to effect
the death of a human being, kill and murder John C Griffin Jr, a human being, by shooting Griffin in
the head, and during the commission or attempt to commit any offense listed in Florida Statute
775.087(2)(a)1, Lonnie J. Davis actually possessed a firearm or destructive device as those terms are
defined in section 790.001, Florida Statutes, and further during the course of committing or attempting
to commit any offense listed in Florida Statute 775.087(2)(a)1, Walter Burks Jr. discharged a firearm
or destructive device as defined in section 790.001, Florida Statutes, and, as the result of the
discharge, death was inflicted upon John C Griffin Jr., contrary to Florida Statutes
775.087(1),775.087(2)(a)1, 775.087(2)(a)2, 775.087(2)(a)3, 782.04(1)(a)1 and

Also probable cause exists for the arrest of Lonnie Davis for Robbery with a Firearm a violation of
FSS 812.13 (1)(2)(a).

Further investigation revealed Lonnie Davis was convicted and adjudicated guilty of Burglary of a
Dwelling and Grand Theft on 10/01/2008 (Palm Beach County Court Case Number
07CF015904AWB). Due to those facts, probable cause exists for the charge of Felon in Possession
of a firearm, a violation of FSS 790.23 (1)(a)(c)(d).

Sworn and Subscribed before me

   Signature Notary Public / Clerk of Court / Officer (F.S.S 117.10)   Signature of Arresting / Investigating Officer

   Name of Notary Public / Clerk of Court / Officer (F.S.S 117.10)      Name of Officer (Please Print)
               Det. Roger Wong Won #665G                                   Det. Sabrina Tobey #7250
                                 Date                                                      Date

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