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                               Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                  March 13, 2012
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Coordinator:   Welcome and thank you for standing by. At this time all participants are in a
               listen-only mode. To ask a question during the Q and A session press star 1.
               This call is being recorded. If you have any objections you may disconnect at
               this time. Now I'll turn the meeting over to Rick Gomes. You may begin.

Rick Gomes     Welcome everyone. I'm Rick Gomes. I'm the Director of Communications at
               Travel Channel. It is my pleasure to introduce the team from Travel Channel's
               popular travel series Ghost Adventures.

               We have Zak Bagans, Host and Lead Investigator, Nick Groff, Co-host and
               Investigator and Aaron Goodwin, Investigator. Together the investigative
               team explores the most haunted locations in America to unearth the trapped
               souls and dark energy from within.

               (Yet) in Season 6, the Ghost Adventures team visits spots that have never
               been explored by the trio including Denver's historically haunted Peabody-
               Whitehead mansion featured in this week's episode.
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              Built in 1889 its first owner Dr. William R. Whitehead was convinced the
              building was plagued by the spirits of hundreds of soldiers he tried to save
              from his days as a surgeon for the Confederate Army during the United States
              Civil War.

              After his death when controversial Colorado governor James Peabody moved
              into the mansion, things only worsened. USC fighter Brendan Traub joins the
              team and hopes to shed some light on the evil entities in order to learn more
              about the darkness that lies within the walls of this well-known location.

              You know, each one hour episode ghost adventures starts with an in-depth
              profile of the locations haunted past and once the story is told viewers follow
              the investigative team as they survey every nook and cranny while conducting
              scientific experiments while being locked down over night. And Ghost
              Adventures airs Friday night at 9 p.m. Eastern.

              Now we're going to start things off with comments from Zak, Nick and Aaron
              about what other investigations viewers can expect from the new season of
              Ghost Adventures. Zak, actually, do you want to take it first?

Zak Bagans:   Yes, sure. Some other cool locations that we've done were the Copper Queen
              Hotel in Bisby, Arizona, the National Hotel in Nevada City and then also for
              the very first time ever we got invited by a family into their home, into their
              private residence with a very emotional story to tell from a daughter that had a
              fatal accident - a car accident - in 2004.

              But ever since then, the father, the family, they've been having experiences
              with their daughter visiting them at their house. And every birthday on
              Valentine's Day she goes there and visits with them and it's not just her family
              that has seen her.
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There's been other guests that have seen her at the house as well and that
inspired the father who's an electrical engineer Gary Galka who designs our
Mel meters which is named after Mel, Melissa - you know, he's a very very
very talented and high-level engineer that worked for a major companies,
major computer companies as well - and he has designed equipment to
communicate with her and now to share with the rest of the world.

And so we got invited - it took a while to gain entrance into their home, you
know, to convince his wife and everybody because, you know, to tell that
story, to relive every detail, to show photos and videos was a big impact for
not only the family but for us as well.

But we were invited there for Valentine's Day. We had a birthday celebration
for Mel. We went to her school, we talked with her principal, visited the site
of the accident. We learned everything we could about her and developed a
very spiritual relationship with her.

And once we got invited into the house and did the birthday cake celebration
we had cameras set up, digital recorders set up, all of the pieces of equipment
and it was just really emotional. It was very draining in that respect.

And then it happened. And she came through and spoke to us. This was all
live. You know, everything was captured live. We had Gary listening in and
then also our guys, (Billy Tally) - he helps with our audio visual-tech - and we
could hear it. You know, we could hear her through our own ears and then we
were getting questions that we were asking, she was answering them to us.
And then she said hi. It was pretty amazing.
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Rick Gomes:   Thanks, Zak. Nick, how about you. Do you have anything you'd like to add?
              Any specific spirit sightings that viewers can expect from this season?

Zak Bagans:   You there, Nick?

Nick Groff:   Yes, we actually captured all sorts of amazing things coming up in this
              season. It's been really cool traveling from the west to the east. Just like Zak
              was saying, going into the family's home, it was very very touching and
              emotional for all of us, all three of us just to connect in that realm especially
              with the daughter that tragically lost her life and still is communing beyond
              the other side.

              And hearing it, you know, coming through on real-time digital recorders was
              absolutely astonishing more or less for us personally because they had her old
              cell phone voice message that you could hear and it was pretty amazing
              hearing her voice come through.

              And other locations that we've been to are off the hook like Bisby, Arizona.
              We went to the Copper Queen Hotel. We've captured - it was from actually
              Zak - I can't wait everyone to see this.

              We're doing some digital recorder work trying to communicate with spirits in
              this hotel and we actually captured a current in the shower moving which was
              mind blowing and we tried to debunk and everything go like the distance in
              seeing if there's any air currents, (if) the water, anything.

              I cannot wait for everything to see this one because this one took us off guard.
              We weren't' expecting to see this or capture this in this hotel.
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                 And then the other location which was really interesting is in Denver,
                 Colorado. We went to this old Peabody Mansion and it was really cool to have
                 Brendan come in, the UFC fighter and Zak's friend there.

                 And we brought him in and his expression - Zak, weren't you saying to Aaron
                 like his expression was priceless when we had that voice come through on the
                 spirit box saying she was raped in an unsolved murder case that we were
                 actually trying to dig up.

                 But it was a rumor to be that so we were trying to dig up information but we
                 were communication with some sort of spirit that came through saying those
                 exact clear words and it was absolutely mind blowing.

Nick Gomes:      Cool. And, Aaron, do you want to add anything especially maybe something
                 about your return to Linda Vista hospital or anything of that nature?

Aaron Goodwin: Yes, I mean, they covered most of it but Linda Vista was awesome. Nick saw
                 an apparition of a lady there, a patient we think. So we came in there and we
                 tried this whole new concept, we tried this big huge like - it looked like the
                 machine from The Fly basically pumped out energy and (drawed) an
                 attraction to ghosts.

                 So we kind of went with a whole bunch of cool new equipment on this one.
                 We got a hunt list Chad - he's from Supernatural and Fast and Furious - and it
                 was awesome because we actually were walking around with the spirit box
                 and it scans radio channels really fast through fast rate and you could hear
                 voices talking through it.
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                And we asked where are we at and it goes Linda Vista. And I was like - it was
                awesome because it's like when a spirit talks to you and tells you where you're
                at. It's intelligent that means you can talk to it. So it's pretty amazing.

Nick Gomes:     Great. Thanks, guys. Now we're going to open it up to questions. Audra, do
                you want to bring in the first?

Coordinator:    Yes. As a reminder please press star one to ask a question. And the first
                question comes from Allie Hanley of Culturemob.

Allie Hanley:   Hey, guys. Can you hear me?

Zak Bagans:     Yes.

Allie Hanley:   Hi. Well, I'm really looking forward to Season 6 and we just heard a little bit
                of what's going to be expected. Can you touch on namely that episode you
                described with the girl Melissa? Which episode will that be and then touch on
                a couple other highlights for this season?

Zak Bagans:     Sure. I don't know the exact date. Rick, do you have that?

Rick Gomes:     It's going to be - it's scheduled for April 20th.

Eilie Hanley:   Sounds good.

Zak Bagans:     And other highlights we had the lead singer for Motely Crue, Vince Neal.
                Vince was a guest investigator recently in our Las Vegas episode. We
                investigated the Riviera Hotel about a week ago and we investigated Frank
                Sinatra's old suite.
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                And the Riviera's the oldest standing hotel still on the main part of the Las
                Vegas strip - not in downtown - but it was built in 1955 and it's still one of the
                original ones that hasn't been imploded yet.

                And we did an investigation there. They opened up the doors which is very
                very uncommon for a casino resort that is still in operation to allow us to
                investigate and they let us do that.

                And we investigated Frank Sinatra's old suite. We had Frank Sinatra's old
                pianist who played his old private parties come in and play the piano. We had
                Vince Neal bring in a whole entourage of girls. Frank Sinatra would have
                loved that. And we also brought in a World Series of Poker 2008 Star won 12
                million dollars, Jamie Gold.

                And we threw our own Vegas party with who - you know, Frank would bring
                in high notable guests, we brought in notable guests. And to be honest with
                you once everybody got in there we thought it was just going to be - you
                know, we didn’t' know how this was going to go and then things got really
                serious after about an hour.

Allie Hanley:   Have you guys changed up the show format at all?

Zak Bagans:     Well, I think what we've done is we show more of the debunking process.
                You know, in the first Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 we were still learning
                obviously. Here we are six years now.

                And we did debunk in the earlier seasons. We didn't really show it but now
                that we've grown in investigating we've become better at it and you've got to
                remember we use the word unexplained a lot.
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                So when you see us capture unexplained voices, you know, unexplained this
                or that, we're not always tagging it as a ghost is creating that. We're tagging
                that as we are in the dark and we don't know what made the noise. Yes, we
                jumped, it startled us but it was unexplained.

                However, some of the voices now in the new higher levels of equipment we
                are getting valid paranormal evidence like the spirit communication you'll see
                in this Friday's episode with Brendan Shaw where a spirit was telling us about
                a rape murder that they witnessed back in the 1970s even telling us where the
                body is buried in the house. And that evidence was shared with the Denver
                police department and they have interest to reopen a cold case file.

Allie Hanley:   Do I have time to ask one more question without being a pig on the phone
                here? I was just curious how has your investigating changed from Season 1
                and 2 and now having more unusual and more powerful equipment versus
                those seasons versus Season 6.

Zak Bagans:     Better evidence. Nick and Aaron?

Nick Groff:     Yes, I agree. I think, you know, we're the same three guys that you saw us in
                the beginning when we started our documentary Ghost Adventures. But I
                think, you know, that was years ago.

                Everybody grows into their process and into their own feet and I think we're
                more knowledgeable and we have a better understanding of the paranormal

                So I think the more equipment the more scientific we're getting as we're
                developing with science into the future. I think we're getting very very very
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                 close to, you know, almost getting to the point where we're communication
                 strictly with a spirit on the other side.

                 You know, we've been using the spirit box a lot. We're having live
                 conversations back and forth. It's just very interesting how we've developed
                 and are gearing into this fully functioning live sessions rather than capturing
                 something and analyzing later.

                 We're almost like speaking intelligently live back and forth with the other side
                 or whatever realm we're talking with. It's intriguing more or less so we've
                 grown in that aspect but at the end of the day we're still the three same guys
                 investigating the paranormal and the unexplainable.

Allie Hanley:    Well, thank you very much. I love you guys' show.

(Zak Bagans):    Thank you.

(Nick Groff):    Thank you.

Coordinator:     The next question comes from Stacey Sweet, Life is Sweet T.V.

Stacey Sweet:    Hi, guys. Very much looking forward to Season 6. And I know you guys are
                 pretty brave and you're not exactly scared of ghosts but is there one thing that
                 really does scare you? Is it spiders? Is it elevators? What is it?

Zak Bagans:      Aaron?

Aaron Goodwin: Probably spiders. Spiders right now because they're small and they come up
                 and they crawl up on you and you don't know it and then they decide to bite
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                  you and then you're like, oh, what's that and the next thing you know you're in
                  the hospital.

(Zak Bagans):     I don't like snakes. I have a phobia of snakes.

(Nick Groff):     I don't like morgues because I've been in them way too much.

Stacey Sweet:     So I guess it's not the dark. No one there is scared of the dark.

Aaron Goodwin: No. We live in it. If it's light out I (unintelligible) my windows up and make it
                  dark inside.

Zak Bagans:       I like the dark better than the light. Little shutters in the (unintelligible).

Stacey Sweet:     Darkness is good. Right?

Zak Bagans:       Right.

Stacey Sweet:     Now, I don't know if I'd make through a night hanging out with you guys but
                  how do you prep for a night of paranormal activity? Is there some kind of
                  warm up? Is there mediation, deep breathing, stress release? How do you do

Zak Bagans:       I think like every investigation is so different because there's a different story
                  involved and, you know, some of the stories are heartbreaking, some of the
                  stories make you angry, some of the stories are, you know, bully ghost, some
                  of the stories are accidental, a death, you know?
                                                                               Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                                03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
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                In preparation you have to mentally put yourself in that emotional state for
                whatever you (vent) that you're trying to go back in time and communicate

                So whether it's an emotional story of a family losing a daughter, you know,
                learning the story and interviewing the people and just letting your body
                become sensitive to the location is very very very very important as
                investigators because it's basically, you know, balances you out for that
                energy. You know, that's what it does. It sets your body to that emotional state
                to connect better with the spirits.

Stacey Sweet:   Do any of these spirits ever - I know sometimes you take your work home - do
                spirits ever follow you home or come back to talk with you another day?

Zak Bagans:     Oh, yes. Yes, they follow us. It's funny because in my house it's a different
                world I think - not I think. It's a different world that we live in because we do
                this so much that especially with the new level of equipment that we're using,
                it's groundbreaking, you know?

                The level of spirit communication that we are having now, it is
                groundbreaking. The questions that are being answered, the direct questions
                that are being answered, the guest investigators that attend our investigations
                now that we have to help show skeptics that this is going on, let them ask

                Once a spirit who has been trying for 60 years to try and get somebody to
                listen to them so they can get closure for their own selves, once that spirit
                realizes now a living person has just heard them - like in the movie Ghost
                when, you know, Patrick Swayze finds out that Whoopi Goldberg can hear
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                him, what does he do? He doesn't leave her alone. That's a fictional movie but
                a very accurate portrayal on what we do.

                Imagine that times a thousand. We go in just like this Friday's premiere, okay?
                This Friday we have a guy whose name is Pete. Pete comes through and talks
                to us about nine different time and answers our questions. Okay? Then a
                woman comes through and says Brendan's name. Class A. Brendan.

                Those two spirits now know and saw that we heard their voice, something that
                they may have been trying to do for 50 to 60 years, 30 years, whatever. Once
                that spirit knows that we have a reaction we can hear them. Maybe they don't
                ever want to leave us alone now so they follow us.

                And since following us I've had about 15 of my friends have experiences in
                my house. Just two nights ago sleeping in my with my dog in my guest room
                with the door shut and at 3:30 in the morning we can hear her squeaky toy
                squeaking out in the living room. It never ends.

Stacey Sweet:   I don't want to take too much of your time but I do have one last question if
                it's okay. I'm out here on Long Island and if you Googled paranormal activity
                on Long Island there's something like 34 more places come up as hotbeds of
                Paranormal activity. Case in point, Amityville Horror House, Pilgrim State
                Psychiatric Center. Is Long Island one of the scariest places in the country?

Nick Groff:     I think it has a lot of history. That's for sure. Just New York in general has a
                lot of history and we even went down there, what was it, Zak, Long Island
                Sound? Was that it? The execution (unintelligible) house. That one. We did
                that one.
                                                                                 Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                                  03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
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                I forgot about that location and that had some crazy history just on those rocks
                right there. There's so much history all over the United States, all over the
                world in general it just - you wouldn't necessarily know it in your back yard
                because a lot of these establishments like mental hospitals, hospitals or some
                other more sinister locations they try to hush hush it up and button it up but it
                would be in your back woods until we dig it up and find out some of the
                history and stuff that actually went on there.

                And so many spirits that are still trapped, still lingering. I mean, that's just the
                energy how the world revolves and how life is just interesting like that. But
                there's so many locations throughout Long Island.

Stacey Sweet:   Any plans for an Amityville Horror House kind of visit or anything this way,
                all the way east here?

Zak Bagans:     No, we haven't looked into that yet. I think a while back ago.

Stacey Sweet:   Well, I'll wait for you. I'll wait for that. I'm very excited. Thank you guys.

Coordinator:    The next question comes from Eric Olsen, The Morton Report.

Eric Olsen:     What's up, guys? Always a pleasure.

(Zak Bagans):   How are you doing?

Eric Olsen:     Very well, very well. I was really interested to see the kind of explicit
                direction you guys took toward social commentary. It's always been there but
                the ride-along with the police and looking into the current state of prostitution
                and then comparing that to the Shanghaiing and kind of labeling it all as
                                                                              Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                               03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
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              various forms of slavery, I thought that was really interesting and kind of
              elevated the tone of the show into something like social commentary.

              Is that something you're going to continue? Was that more of a one-time
              thing? I'm really interested in that aspect.

Zak Bagans:   I think like Nick said, you know, we're continuing to grow not just as
              paranormal investigators but as investigators. And I think a lot of the energy
              of the past especially the dark past, you know, the energy can't be destroyed.

              So whatever energy was harboring back then to do bad things, that energy is
              still here puppeteering modern day people into doing the same type dark

              So as we had human trafficking back in the 1800s in Shanghai Tunnels, you
              know, that energy was formed down there and now it's risen from the dead
              and now it's grabbed the souls of people today and it's still Shanghaiing people
              just in a different form.

              So I think that it is - all of this stems about energy. Every place, every
              structure, every house, every living soul has energy and, you know, we like to
              experience the energy of whatever investigation we are going to be doing -
              just like I was talking about the emotions. Emotions are like an energy.

              So anything we can learn about what we're hunting or what energy caused
              them to do this it, like I said, it will calibrate us to better understand what type
              of souls we may be dealing with if we interact with them.

Eric Olsen:   Fascinating. Now I've asked this before but, you know, it kind of just keeps
              coming up. Do you guys have any thoughts - or maybe it's further developed
                                                                              Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                               03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
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              like you're saying you guys are growing and learning all the time - do you
              have any thoughts about what is the nature of this energy? I mean, what kind
              of energy is it? Is it something we will eventually discover scientifically? I
              don't want to put words in your mouths.

Zak Bagans:   That's the mystery of the world. Right, Nick, Aaron?

Nick Groff:   Yes, I think, you know, you've got to look at it from this perspective. We have
              bad people and good people in this world, right? And we're all going to die.
              That's a fact.

              What happens to that energy within our bodies that we're living in in this
              world right now, where does that energy go because that energy doesn't die.
              So you have negative, you have dramatic energies, you have sad energies, you
              know it's kind of like their moving so it changes all the time the nature of us.

              When we pick our journey in life and that energy forms but people, you know,
              leave this world, leave this body with that energy, where did that energy go?
              And it does linger at locations like we're talking about like prisons, very
              demented places that we've been to and encountered before.

              You know, like where a murder was kept in a jail cell and we'll go in there
              and we'll communicate with this evil entity where it had this bad energy in the
              world that we're living in and he died and he's still trapped in this jail cell and
              we're going against it.

              It's that dramatic change in the atmosphere that we're coming against. That's
              the scary thing I think to the fact that we're doing it because energy is
              something that doesn't die and that's what we're going against.
                                                                                  Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                                   03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
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Eric Olsen:       What do you think holds the energy? What binds the energy to a given

Zak Bagans:       Its imprint, its experience it had with that location. Aaron, did you want to go?

Aaron Goodwin: No, no. That's all right. Go for it. You got it.

Zak Bagans:       I think, you know, whatever energy, you know, whatever type experiences
                  affected that energy in, you know, whatever that energy has left an imprint on
                  that location. You know what I mean?

                  Let's say if six people died in a room very tragically, that energy - energy
                  inside of you can cause your body to do really crazy things. Energy when
                  you're mad can cause your body to sweat and can cause your skin to turn red
                  and your body temperature to rise.

                  So that energy inside of you, that emotional energy is creating a physical
                  effect on your body. So if that energy has power to do that then once that
                  body's gone, what's it going to do to the environment. You're still going to feel
                  that charge.

                  So what we have to define though is the difference between residual energy
                  and intelligent spirits, intelligent spiritual energy. That residual energy is just
                  that. You walk into that room and you can feel the energy that caused that
                  horrific event.

                  You can feel that energy now enter your body and it's almost like it's doing
                  what it did to the person when it happened. So back then it made the person
                  scream, cry, sweat, body temperature rise. So once that person left, that
                  energy stayed there.
                                                                                Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                                 03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
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                  And I believe that in certain times - not all the time - our universe, our world
                  is like a combination lock. Everything works together for a purpose. The sun
                  rises every morning to make our plants grow and to create oxygen for us. The
                  moon rotates and revolve to make our tides go in and out, have an effect on

                  Everything has a purpose, everything. Water, rock, fire, everything has a
                  purpose but these are all the simple elements of our planet and of our earth.
                  And those different elements I believe went in certain sequential order have an
                  effect on these energies to be heard and for these energies to re-manifest from
                  times ago.

Eric Olsen:       Amazing stuff. I will not take any more time. Could always ask hundreds if
                  not thousands of questions. Really appreciate it. Very excited about the new
                  season and always enjoy you guys very much. Thank you.

Zak Bagans:       Thanks.

Coordinator:      The next question comes from (Christina Trevaskis), RT Magazine.

(Christina Trevaskis): Hi, guys. How's it going?

(Zak Bagans):     Hey, how's it going?

(Christina Trevaskis): When you have such a personal and such an emotional experience like you
                  did with Melissa and her family, how does that affect the investigation, how
                  does it affect you when you go home? Do you view things differently?

Zak Bagans:       Aaron?
                                                                                Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                                 03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
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Aaron Goodwin: You want to answer this one?

Zak Bagans:     Yes, it - you know, Aaron, Nick and I, we all have different experiences at
                every investigation. Sometimes an investigation will hit me harder than Aaron
                or likewise. And it all changes. Guys, we all agree on that, right?

(Nick Groff):   Yes, absolutely. I think. Oh, go ahead. Sorry.

Zak Bagans:     I'll say something real quick, Nick, and then you can go. This investigation hit
                me harder. Obviously it's a very sad emotional story but, you know, when
                Gary - we were interviewing Gary. We took him to the crash site and he never
                walked up to the crash site in the last eight years, seven years that this

                And to see him to begin to cry and to feel the pain that some of us haven't felt
                before, it makes life scary and it puts things into perspective that at any time
                in anybody's life, you know, we can die from any reason, medical, accidents,
                crime, anything at all.

                And we have to understand that that's just a part of reality of our life but to
                feel the pain when somebody close to a family like their daughter dies, you
                know, part of they die too and the emotions that they've been dealing with, it
                was unbearable.

                And to feel that made me cry and a lot of the crew cried and it just set the tone
                not only for the story but for the episode as well. So - but to go into their
                house and to hear her communicate, it was probably one of the most powerful
                things that you will ever see. And it'll give I think a lot of families out there
                that have lost somebody some type of answers that they're looking for.
                                                                                    Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                                     03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
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                  I don't believe her spirit is trapped because she only comes on her birthday. So
                  wherever she is it's like she's fully aware that okay, it's my birthday today and
                  I'm going to go back down, you know, and go see my family. You know, it
                  was very strange in that respect.

                  And at the end of the episode I went into her bedroom and sat on her bed and
                  talked to her and thanked her. And as I was looking at all her photos on the
                  wall of when she was in school - and every single photo that she had she had a
                  huge smile, every photo, with her graduation picture, her prom.

                  And just for the family to let us in there and just as I was sitting there and
                  looking at these photos, you know, you'd feel her, you know, just there. And
                  she was fully aware of this. And it was a very - it was a powerful experience.

(Christina Trevaskis): Yes, you mentioned something - I'm sorry - I just want to follow up
                  because it kind of sounds to me, you know, not that I'm suggesting that she's
                  not a ghost but you kind of thought maybe perhaps -you know, only she visits
                  on her birthday - are you thinking that there might be, you know, evidence of
                  the beyond rather than just ghosts?

(Aaron Goodwin): Well, yes. What do you mean?

Chistina Trevaskis:   You know...Yes.

(Zak Bagans):     I wouldn't really call her a ghost. I'd call her a spirit - I know a spirit is a
                  synonym - but it more like the spirit of her. I think the ghost has more of a pop
                  culture kind of like - sometimes when you think of ghosts you think about this
                  trapped spirit or ghost trying to get your attention and their aggressive and
                                                                                 Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                                  03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                 Confirmation # 7121070
                                                                                                 Page 20

                   yes, we do come into contact with many of those and our show's called Ghost

                   But her it seemed more like light. She was just more like angelic. You know,
                   like she was fully aware that we were there and it was like she just came down
                   to visit on que right when her family said she would show up, she showed up.

                   And it was just more like a light, you know what I mean, and it had that
                   feeling. It had the feeling of light and just her spirit was sent somewhere down
                   to visit us for an hour and then just left to go back up to a place where she was
                   with her family.

                   That was just what I was getting. I don't want to say I'm psychic but I am
                   sensitive and that's just kind of what we were able to gather from the

(Christina Trevaskis): Okay. Thanks.

Coordinator:       And now...

(Christina Trevaskis): I'm sorry. I've got a couple other. You often use Aaron as bait, if you will.
                   What is it about Aaron that allows more attractions? What is it about Aaron?

Aaron Goodwin: Besides my good looks. Just kidding. I don't know. It just seems like for some
                   reason I get picked on. They throw me in these spots, it's worked. I used to
                   hate and now I'm kind of loving it.

                   I didn't hate it, I was more like scared about it, you know what I mean? Like
                   here we go but then that rush kicks butt. And so I don't know it seems like I
                                                                                 Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                                  03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                 Confirmation # 7121070
                                                                                                 Page 21

                  get a lot of interaction with spirits. A lot of spirits follow me home so I'm - I
                  don't know - it's just been good luck for us.

(Christina Trevaskis): Okay. Last question and then just kind of a general, how has your
                  perception changed from when you first started of the paranormal to how you
                  view it today?

Nick Groff:       It made me personally open-minded in life. It's kind of like a journey that
                  we're going through and we're getting closer and closer as we age more and
                  more as the days go by.

                  It's like, you know, you look at death and we're all aging together and what
                  happens after we pass on, where does that go? And I think that's some of the
                  stuff that we're trying to figure out in our own minds as we're investigating

                  And that's what's so intriguing in anything paranormal is, you know, just this
                  concept of our energy can move on to another place and to me that's just on
                  my mind every single day as the days go by.

Aaron Goodwin: Hey, did anyone else just hear some crazy talking like during Nick's talk or
                  was it just me? That was weird, dude. I just heard something say you're next.

(Zak Bagans):     Really?

Aaron Goodwin: Where dude, it was like all creepy and I was like whoa and I was just like
                  hoping everyone else heard that was me. No? Okay. Great.

Zak Bagans:       I've heard that before though.
                                                                               Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                                03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
                                                                               Confirmation # 7121070
                                                                                               Page 22

Aaron Goodwin: Yes, sometimes that happens.

(Rick Gomes):     Anyone next?

(Christina Trevaskis): Yes, if either Aaron or Zak want to answer the perception question? Other
                  than that that was it.

Zak Bagans:       So how was perception?

(Christina Trevaskis): How was your perception - where was it when you started and how has it
                  changed since you began?

Zak Bagans:       Well, obviously, yes, we've been getting a lot better evidence. The level of
                  communication with spirits directly is the only way that's really going to
                  change our perception of life by asking them personally. So with the level of
                  communication at its level it's changed dramatically.

Aaron Goodwin: I never believed in ghosts and all that stuff and never thought twice about it
                  until I did the documentary and then it kind of changed me, I got scared, I
                  didn't want to do it anymore.

                  Eventually when it happens, once you start hunting, once it starts following
                  you, once you start seeing things you get the urge to hunt more and here I am
                  now still hunting. Now I love it.

(Christina Trevaskis): Well, thank you, guys.

Coordinator:      The next question comes from Erin Wolf,

Erin Wolf:        Hi, guys. How are you?
                                                                                Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                                 03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                Confirmation # 7121070
                                                                                                Page 23

Zak Bagans:       Good. How are you doing?

Erin Wolf:        Good. So I have some light-hearted questions for you. In all your years of
                  doing this ahs anyone obviously not of a ghostly nature tried to sneak into one
                  of the lockdowns?

Zak Bagans:       You mean like a human being?

Erin Wolf?        Yes, like a human being that's still alive.

Zak Bagans:       Guys, can you remember anything?

Nick Groff:       No, I don't think so. I don't think so. Usually we'll have security guards and
                  we'll have someone walk the perimeter so we make sure very very cautiously
                  that no one enters the location when we get locked down.

Zak Bagans:       Yes, we'll have security kind of watch the perimeter.

Aaron Goodwin: It's so that we know if something was to enter to room it's not a human, it is a
                  spirit. Because if we didn't have all that, if we weren't' locked in sometimes
                  we'd think oh, someone came inside instead of knowing that no one can get in.
                  You know what I mean?

Zak Bagans:       Yes, that's a good point, Aaron. And, you know, we do the lockdown portion
                  of it to show the audience. You know, some people ridicule and we do that to
                  tell people outside that we secure the perimeter.

                  And for the other people that don't do that or other investigators or other
                  shows we (kind of) understand that audio evidence is extremely important and
                                                                               Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                                03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
                                                                               Confirmation # 7121070
                                                                                               Page 24

                  if you go in not sealing off the perimeter and having everybody that's
                  accounted for on camera is like taking a bunch of kids and putting them into a
                  crime scene, you know? You're just putting your fingerprints everywhere.

                  It's the same type stuff. So that's why we lock down just the three of us so we
                  can document just the three of us on camera or if we're by ourselves we'll
                  show where we're at and we'll even show our exterior cameras and our
                  security guys who are watching the outside perimeter doing an investigation.
                  It's paranormal investigation 101.

Erin Wolf:        Awesome. That's great, yes. And it helps too in the debunking process that
                  you said was so important in this season you have better equipment you're
                  better able to say this was definitely paranormal.

Zak Bagans:       Right. And there were times too when we would be locked down and we
                  would hear footsteps above us or outside and, you know, we would either
                  radio the security guards outside. We just did that in an episode coming when
                  we did Linda Vista. You know we had canine units, you know, walk the
                  perimeter for us.

                  You know, now that the show is getting bigger and more seasons, some
                  people are finding out where we're at and we're making sure that nobody is
                  tampering with our investigations either and we show that to show our
                  credibility and how serious we take our investigations.

Erin Wolf:        You gone to a lot of locations. Do you ever go to a location to investigate and
                  discover that for whatever reason it's just not haunted anymore?

Aaron Goodwin: Well, to be honest, like a lot of times we go into these investigations and we
                  hunt, we're really good at what we do and it's like, you know, for some reason
                                                                                 Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                                  03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                 Confirmation # 7121070
                                                                                                 Page 25

                 paranormal activity does happen around us whether it be our mojo, the stuff
                 that's there or our aggression or our niceness or whatever we bring that energy
                 in there.

                 I mean, here's the thing, if you put a dog into a fighting pit and he's in there
                 for more than a year, the next dog that comes in there that year later is going
                 to know, whoa, this dog has been here for a while and it's serious.

                 So it's the same concept because when we come in there you never know, a
                 spirit might be like, whoa, these guys connect with spirits. And they know that
                 and so they try to talk with us. Just like in the movies and TV shows, if you're
                 a spirit and you know someone can listen, you're going to do everything you
                 can to talk to them.

                 So I think our energy, they can sense that and they know that. And so I think
                 that's one reason we do get a lot more evidence is because of who we are and
                 how we do it.

Zak Bagans:      Yes, and a lot of evidence (unintelligible), you know, if you lock yourselves
                 down in a location that has a huge dark history, you know, there's some other
                 people out there, some other shows that will go to just people's homes that
                 think they're experiencing activity that has no history attributed to the house.
                 So obviously we're going to walk away with a lot of (unintelligible). We're not
                 doing that. You know, we're going...

Aaron Goodwin: Yes, we hunt away. You're right, Zak. We hunt the way we hunt. It's different,
                 you know?

Zak Bagans:      We go to places that are documented with paranormal activity. We go to
                 places that have had 900 hundred deaths. These places, you know, if we lock
                                                                               Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                                03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
                                                                               Confirmation # 7121070
                                                                                               Page 26

                ourselves in there for 12 hours we are going to have a ton of unexplained
                occurrences as well and you gotta remember, when you watch our show, how
                many times do you hear the word unexplained.

                Unexplained. We were unable to debunk what we experienced. We're not
                always labeling it as paranormal or a ghost caused it but a lot of the stuff we
                do document as a spirit voice or whatnot. So just listen to what we were - you
                know, what we decided the evidence was.

Nick Groff:     Yes, and you're seeing us in there for 12 hours. The thing is is we're showing
                you the best parts of unexplained stuff that we're capturing 23 minutes of it.
                So we're in there, you know, for a long time.

                We actually do hear noises and we go and we debunk that and we show that
                sometimes but not all the time are we going to show that because it's just not
                the best evidence.

                We want to show the best stuff that we capture in that whole night's stay of
                the lockdown so that's what you're seeing, that highlight moment of all the
                activity that we're actually capturing.

Erin Wolf:      And it's - I think the audience definitely appreciates that, for sure. And last
                question is in a fun way, would you ever want to do a cameo? I mean, you
                guys are getting more popular. Do you ever want to do a cameo in a ghost
                movie or something like Ghostbusters?

Aaron Goodwin: We are the ghostbusters.

Nick Groff:     I know. I mean, we're already starring in that because we're the real live ones,
                you know? We are the real deal Holyfield. I just ran into Dan Akroyd and he
                                                                             Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                              03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
                                                                             Confirmation # 7121070
                                                                                             Page 27

               was like, dude, you guys are great. So it's like just to get his compliment was
               like, yes.

Erin Wolf:     Well, thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Zak Bagans:    Thank you.

Aaron Goodwin: Thank you.

Coordinator:   The next question comes from Tara King,

Tara King:     Hi, guys. How are you?

Zak Bagans:    Good. How are you?

Tara King:     Good. I'm in Vegas by the way. Be nice to me. Yes. And I also heard that
               voice and I was like I hope someone else heard that. I couldn't hear what it
               said but it was like a growl. And I was like, oh, they're handing out free
               samples. Great.

               Anyway, Zak, I interviewed you once before and it was all about the science,
               it was all about how to get the evidence. It was so important to you. And I'm
               wondering if once the show has run its course in 10 or 12 years or once, you
               know, I know you have a lot of other projects, have you ever thought about
               setting up like a paranormal educational school or something because the few
               colleges that have paranormal classes are pretty much gone. Would you be...

Zak Bagans:    Yes, I've actually thought some stuff in department before. I won't go too
               much in detail but yes, I have definitely thought of that before. It would be
                                                                Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                 03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
                                                                Confirmation # 7121070
                                                                                Page 28

nice to take what we are able to learn - I mean, we have been doing this for so
long now that we have seen what works and what doesn't work.

We've worked with different scientists and inventors and we've taken pretty
much every approach that you can to investigating the paranormal. So now
after, you know, six seasons, it's now time to with what works the best.

And now with these upcoming episodes like this Friday night and, you know,
Bisby, you know, the Denver, the Peabody Mansion, now the evidence is just
blowing people away, you know, and it's blowing us away.

We're not cocky about this. Nobody owns the paranormal. Nobody owns
spirits but we just get excited when we document great evidence. It's like a
treasure hunt. You find a big treasure, you want to show it off, you know what
I mean? And that's what we want to do.

And the best thing is seeing the reactions from skeptics or people who don't
believe. You know, it's not our job to persuade people to believe in ghosts.
They make up their own minds, have their own experiences. I wouldn't
believe in ghosts if I didn't have my own experience with it.

But if I started watching the level of investigations now that we are having
and just bringing in third party people - you know, that's why we're bringing
in these guests.

And we even brought skeptics in, you know? But we're bringing them in so
people at home can live their experiences through these people who have
never been on an investigation with us before.
                                                                              Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                               03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
                                                                              Confirmation # 7121070
                                                                                              Page 29

              You know, we've brought in Dakota, the kid with his father. You know, we
              got Brendan Schaub this Friday who is just speechless. This huge
              heavyweight fighter guy is just speechless from what happens.

              Vince Neil comes on. The list goes on and on. We have other people who
              come on that are absolute skeptics who don't believe and we do not bring
              them on to persuade them. We just bring them on to experience whatever
              happens and we can't ever predict what's going to happen.

              So it's just quite an amazing time. Technology's constantly changing and with
              that the ability to document better evidence through technology is getting to
              the point to where I think this is going to be proven through government,
              science or whatever.

              We're ready to challenge anybody, you know, and we're ready for that
              challenge if anybody wants to bring it as far as government or whatever, you
              know? I want to get to that level.

Tara King:    Yes, I see. I know for a while you had started a Twitter campaign to try to
              investigate the White House and I assume that didn't - ever going to happen.

Zak Bagans:   I think, you know, there's a lot going on in this country. You know, I think
              there's a lot of things that the country has to deal with so it's on their time, you

              If there's ever a convenient time where we can do it I think it's an American
              right as taxpayers and everything we do it's a right for us to investigate the
              building that stems from our own American history when it's convenient for
              our country to allow us to.
                                                                                 Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                                  03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                 Confirmation # 7121070
                                                                                                 Page 30

Tara King:        Right. I understand. And it would be a great investigation. The young lady I
                  think she had mentioned Amityville, I think that would be the most awesome
                  investigation ever.

                  And I don't know if anybody knows this, I just saw it on T.V. that the house
                  and family that Poltergeist was based on is five minutes from the Amityville
                  house in Long Island which scares me now. I'm never going to Long Island.

Zak Bagans:       Which house was it?

Tara King:        Oh, they mentioned the name. Garner, Gardener. I can't remember. It's
                  whatever house they had so many things similar and of course Spielberg won't
                  admit it but they have a lot of similar activities such as furniture moving, a
                  glow like the glow that came out of the kid's room when everything was being
                  sucked out, like, you know, lamps flying around, just all kinds of stuff.

Nick Groff:       Yes, because the Poltergeist actually, the movie was based on - because I
                  looked into it - up in California there's a whole neighborhood that's built - a
                  construction site - on a burial - on an Indian burial ground and all the houses
                  on the area were getting activity I think back in I think 70s or something like
                  that. They had to move the houses and they're going to...

Tara King:        There's that noise again. Did you guys hear it?

Aaron Goodwin: It's probably static from all the people.

Tara King:        Yes

Rick Gomes:       Okay. Is there any other questions that you wanted?
                                                                               Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                                03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
                                                                               Confirmation # 7121070
                                                                                               Page 31

Tara King:       I have one last one. Are you guys ever going to (Prevalia)?

Zak Bagans:      No, we don't have that scheduled.

Tara King:       Probably a good idea. Thanks, guys. I appreciate it.

Zak Bagans:      Okay. Thank you so much. Good to talk to you again.

Coordinator:     The next question comes from Theresa Argie, The Morton Report.

Theresa Argie:   Hi, guys. Hi, Zak, this is your haunted housewife, Theresa Argie from
                 Paranormal Challenge. How are you?

Zak Bagans:      Good.

Theresa Argie:   Good to talk to you. I watched last night's premiere and I was pleasantly
                 surprised to see you do a daytime investigation. I know it seemed dark down
                 in the Shanghai tunnels but it was really refreshing to see you come at it in the
                 day time because most people think that ghosts only happen at night and I'm
                 sure you realize that that isn't true.

                 So I know that the reason stated on the show was because that the restaurant
                 upstairs was closed but did you feel any different in investigating during the
                 day then at night?

Zak Bagans:      No, and the reason why we always investigate at night is because during the
                 day there's so much more contamination but being underground in the
                 Shanghai tunnels actually worked out better for us...

Theresa Argie:   Right. Can you hear me?
                                                                               Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                                03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
                                                                               Confirmation # 7121070
                                                                                               Page 32

Zak Bagans:      Yes.

Theresa Argie:   You cut out there for a second.

Zak Bagans:      Usually during the day you have a lot more audio contamination. You have
                 birds, you have construction crews, you have automobiles, you have people.
                 People are awake.

                 At night, you know, all of that has been reduced to little or none so that's why
                 it's so much better to investigate at night. Yes, there are ghosts during the day
                 and they're active but with everybody up and so much noise and everybody
                 moving around, you know, it's harder to hone in on what is paranormal and
                 what's not.

Theresa Argie:   And your senses are heightened obviously when it's darker and there's less
                 distraction. Yes, I see the advantages but it was really nice a T.V. show
                 tackled that investigating during the day.

                 I see that the Shanghai Tunnels is very important part of that area and I give
                 you - the three of you kudos for actually focusing so much on the history on
                 the show Ghost Adventures.

                 I think that is overlooked many times on these television shows how important
                 the history is with the hauntings and how important it is to the people in the
                 city and people who watch it.

                 Interest in the paranormal community can really help save a place. The places
                 that you visited obviously have become more popular and gotten more people
                                                                                Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                                 03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                Confirmation # 7121070
                                                                                                Page 33

                 to go there and have interest in them and I think it's done wonders for some of
                 these places that might be lost.

                 And with that being said, what are some of the places that you have not yet
                 investigated that you have set your sights on, something with a historical
                 relevance that you think would be important to show the American viewing

Zak Bagans:      Aaron, Nick?

Nick Groff:      There's tons of places all over the United States that still are untouched that
                 we would love to investigate. I mean, one place that we have been researching
                 for the last couple years is the King Psychiatric Hospital in New York there.

                 I would love for us to get in there. And it's so complicated sometimes because
                 these are government facilities and it's just difficult to get into some of these

                 So, I mean, there's so many locations that we're looking into that we have our
                 sights on but it's just trying to line them up and make them work and go
                 through all the procedures for us three to get locked down and do our
                 investigation that we want to do there and dig up all the history too.

Theresa Argie:   Well, I think it's wonderful what you do and I hope you manage to get in
                 there. It would be really great to see it. And then I have one last question and
                 I'll let you go.

                 The three of you have been very busy with your solo projects. I've seen
                 Aaron's art work and Nick's music and Zac, your album as well. Are there any
                 plans for the three of you to collaborate on something outside of Ghost
                                                                               Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                                03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
                                                                               Confirmation # 7121070
                                                                                               Page 34

                 Adventures outside maybe a public appearance like some sort of album or a
                 book together, something that the three of you will do together outside of the

(Aaron Goodwin): We are together enough on Ghostbusters. We see each other every other week.

Zak Bagans:      Yes, that's our main bread and butter but we have other passions outside of it
                 but these are just things that we always wanted to do or things that we've
                 always done but now it's just six years not so we just want to diversify
                 ourselves and let other passions as well and do side projects and what not just
                 let us do the things that we truly love to do. And, you know, that's how it's

Theresa Argie:   Well, I wish you luck with that and, yes, you do need your time apart. I know
                 what it's like to be locked up with my teammates sometimes. Are there any
                 plans for return of Paranormal Challenge, Zak?

Zak Bagans:      Travel Channel can answer that for you. Right now we're just extremely busy
                 with Ghost Adventures and my schedule is very very busy with that and I just
                 want to focus on Ghost Adventures right now.

Theresa Argie:   Well, thank you very much for your time, guys. It's been a pleasure and keep
                 doing what you're doing.

Rick Gomes:      And thanks everybody for joining today. Once, again, the new season of
                 Ghost Adventures airs Fridays on Travel Channel at 9 p.m. and feel free to
                 contact me directly at 212-835-3361 if you have any questions or our friends
                 at Ferencomm for any follow-up requests, any digital clips or photography.
                                                                            Moderator: Sheila Feren
                                                                             03-13-12/12:00 pm CT
                                                                            Confirmation # 7121070
                                                                                            Page 35

              And we will email you guys a transcript of this call as soon as it's available.
              Thanks, again and have a great day.

Rick Gomes:   Thanks, guys.


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