Access Fixtures Introduces New Line LED PAR30, PAR38 and A19 Lamps

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					Access Fixtures Introduces New Line LED PAR30, PAR38 and A19

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 The 8w Kumho A19 lamp above puts out over 460 lumens and is equivalent to a 40w

 Access Fixtures has introduced a new line of fully dimmable LED lamps that offer low power
 consumption, high lumen output, a rated life of 50,000 hours, and warranted too.

Online PR News – 14-March-2012 Access Fixtures new line of KumhoLED Lamps is energy-efficient,
elegant, more reliable and brighter than competing products. The Kumho A19 LED lamp produces more
lumens per watt than any other lamp of its type. This means more light for every dollar spent on energy.
Kumho's PAR30 and PAR38 LED lamps present the best alternative for direct replacement of their
halogen counterparts; not only do they operate at a fraction of the energy, but they also provide the highest
value in terms of lumen-per-watt. PAR lamps are ideal for retail environments, recessed housings and track
heads. Kumho LED lamps are made in South Korea and warranted for five years.

“This new line of LED lamps by Kumho is astonishing,” said Access Fixtures CEO Steven Rothschild. “The
color rendering is fabulous, the warmth of the light is inviting and the beam spread is even and wide. These
are true replacements for incandescent and halogen bulbs.”

Using a vertically integrated manufacturing process, Kumho ensures that each component, starting with the
LED itself, is engineered and manufactured in a coordinated manner to optimize every aspect of the final
product. This light source makes objects look better than CFLs and replaces incandescent and halogen
lamps with ease. LED Lighting continues to gain acceptance for a growing number of applications by
providing superior performance, higher efficacy and longer lifetimes. LED lamps are delivering improved
lighting performance while reducing electricity consumption by over 80% when compared to most of the
lamps that they replace.
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This new line of LED lamps is also available on Amazon. See it here:

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