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									Kate Chopin
          Ben Marshall
          Bobby Clower
          Chelsea Jones
          Corina Oltean
Dates of Life                    • 1885- Her mother passed
                                   away. (due the to
 • July 12, 1850- Born in          emotional stress/deep
   St.Louis, Missouri              sorrow her doctor
 • 1868- Graduated St.Louis        suggested that she take
   Academy of the Sacred Heart     up writing in order to
                                   deal with her sorrow by
 • June 9, 1870- Marries Oscar     expressing her emotions.
   Chopin. They moved to New       So she began to write.)
   Orleans after their
   Honeymoon.                    • 1904- contracts a
                                   cerebral hemorrhage
 • May 22, 1871- First son,        after spending a day at
   Jean Chopin, was born.          the St. Louis World's fair
 • 1883- Her husband died. One     and she died two days
   year later she moved to         later on Aug. 24, 1904
Literary Period
• She was active during
• Victorian Era:
   • Bolder statements
   • More nationality in author’s
   • More debate about political
     and social issues (more
Famous Works

               • First work was a piano polka
                 for her daughter called
                 “Lilia’s Polka”
               • The Awakening- The piece
                 she is best known for.
               • Bayou Folk- Short story
               • “The Storm”- short story
                 published in 1898
               • At Fault- First Novel 1890
               • Her second novel was Young
                 Doctor Gosse, which she
                 later destroyed. It was
                 unsuccessfully submitted to
                 the publisher.
Famous Peers

• Susan B. Anthony
• Elizabeth Cady
        Wrote speeches for Susan B. Anthony

• Lucy Stone
• Sojourner Truth
Famous First
• The Great Awakening- It
  realistically depicts Creole
  life in Louisiana as tells
  story of young woman in
  stultifying marriage who
  discovers a new sense of
  self when she takes a
• Her writing was unique in
  the sense that she wrote
  about real issues that
  faced women during this
  time and that many of the
  community leaders
Influenced by…
                 • She was influenced by her
                   mother and grandmother
                   from who she learned
                   French and strength.
                 • Sarah Orne Jewett
                 • Catholicism and
                 • Hawthorne, Whitman, and
                   Henry James
Influence on…
• Future society- The
  Awakening is studied
  throughout the nation
  in many colleges and
• Feminist leaders- she
  changed the view on
  women’s rights.
   Significant Quotations
• “There are some people
  who leave impressions     • “The bird that would soar
  not so lasting as the       above the plain of
  imprint of an oar upon
                              tradition and prejudice
  the water.”
                              must have strong wings”
• “She missed him the day
  when some pretext         • “The voice of the sea
  served to take him away     speaks to the soul. The
  from her just as one        touch of the sea is
  misses the sun on a         sensuous, enfolding the
  cloudy day without          body in its soft, close
  having thought much         embrace.”
  about the sun when it
  was shining.”
Most Famous Character
             • Edna Pontellier- the
               heroine of The
             • She is the protagonist of
               the novel.
             • Woman that struggles to
               find independence.
             • Edna Pontellier’s life and
               Chopin’s were ironically
Literary Terms/Elements
• Themes- Love and passion,        • Irony- use of words to
  marriage and independence,         express something different
  freedom and restrain.              from and opposite to their
• She wrote a lot about the          literal meaning. Ex. The
  public needs of women (ex.         Awakening
  Voting rights and education)
• Down to earth
• Her stories were fictional but
  based on real life from her
  own and other’s experiences
  she had witnessed.
Family Facts
• Her father was an Irish
  Catholic and her mother was
  a French Catholic.
• Her father was the founder     • Kate was the 3rd of 5
  of the Pacific Railroad          children.
• 1855- Thomas O'Flaherty,       • Kate and Oscar had 6 kids.
  her father passed away. She    • Her husband was a cotton
  was 4/5 years old.               trader in Louisiana.
• After her father's death she
  was taken out of public
  school and home schooled
  by her mother, grandmother,
  and great-grandmother.

                                                        Her Parents
                                  • Her home is now a national
Fun Facts                           historic landmark and the
                                    home of the Bayou Folk
• She was unable to live off      • The Awakening was out of
  profits from writing so she       print for several decades.
  earned extra money from
  real estate in Missouri and     • She graduated from Sacred
  Louisiana.                        Heart Academy in 1868 but
• Oscar left her a $12,000 debt     did not achieve any
  when he passed away, which        particular distinction--except
  is approximately $200,000.        as a master storyteller.
• Kate Chopin was infamous
  for having an affair with a
  local resident, Albert
  Sampite, apparently after
  Oscar died

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