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					                             NetBeans IDE Keyboard Shortcuts
Editing                                              Alt-L                  Next in jump list (present file)       Compiling and Running
                                                     Alt-K                  Previous in jump list (present file)
Ctrl-Space     Code completion                       Alt-Shift-L            Next in jump list (all files)          F9               Compile selected file/package
Esc            Close code completion                 Alt-Shift-K            Previous in jump list (all files)      Shift-F9         Compile file/package and all
Shift-Space    Enter a space without expanding       Ctrl-Shift-J           Insert internationalized string                         children
               an abbreviation                       Ctrl-Minus (-)         Collapse (hide) a block of code        Ctrl-Shift-F9    Compile project
Alt-F1         Display Javadoc                       Ctrl-Plus (+)          Expand a collapsed block of code       F11              Build selected file/package
Shift-F1       Search Javadoc                        Ctrl-Shift-Minus (-)   Collapse all code blocks               Shift-F11        Build file/package and all children
Alt-Shift-I    Import class                          Ctrl-Shift-Plus (-)    Expand all code blocks                 Ctrl-Shift-F11   Build project
Alt-U, G       Append get to identifier                                                                            Alt-Shift-C      Stop compilation
Alt-U, S       Append set to identifier              Navigation                                                    F12              Scroll to next error in source
Alt-U, I       Append is to identifier                                                                             Shift-F12        Scroll to next error in source
Ctrl-Shift-F   Reformat selection                    Ctrl-`                 Toggle open IDE windows                F6               Run selected file
Ctrl-T         Shift one tab to the right            Shift-Escape           Maximize window                        Ctrl-Shift-F6    Run project
Ctrl-D         Shift one tab to the left             Ctrl-Shift-2           Show file in Filesystems
Ctrl-Shift-T   Comment out with line comments        Ctrl-F4                Close window                           Debugging
               ("//")                                Ctrl-Shift-F4          Close all documents
                                                     Shift-F4               Open Documents dialog box              Alt-F5           Start debugging current file
Ctrl-Shift-D   Remove line comments ("//")                                                                         Shift-F5         Stop debugging session
Ctrl-W         Delete current or previous word       Alt-Left Arrow         Next tab
                                                     Alt-Right Arrow        Previous tab                           Ctrl-F5          Resume stopped session
Ctrl-E         Remove the current line                                                                             F4               Run to cursor location in file
Ctrl-J, S      Start recording macro                 Ctrl-0                 Switch to Source Editor
                                                     Ctrl-1                 Switch to Properties                   F8               Step over
Ctrl-J, E      Stop macro recording                                                                                F7               Step into
Ctrl-[         Move insertion point to matching      Ctrl-2                 Switch to Filesystems
                                                     Ctrl-3                 Switch to Project                      Alt-Shift-F7     Step out
               bracket                                                                                             Ctrl-Alt-Up      Go to called method
Ctrl-L         Word match - forward                  Ctrl-4                 Switch to Output
                                                     Ctrl-5                 Switch to Runtime                      Ctrl-Alt-Down    Go to calling method
Ctrl-K         Word match - back                                                                                   Shift-F8         Add/remove line breakpoint
Ctrl-F         Find                                  Ctrl-6                 Switch to To Do
                                                     Ctrl-7                 Switch to HTTP Monitor                 Ctrl-Shift-F8    New breakpoint
Ctrl-H         Replace                                                                                             Ctrl-Alt-1       Switch to Local Variables
F3             Find next                             Ctrl-8                 Switch to Versioning
                                                     Ctrl-9                 Switch to VCS Output                   Ctrl-Alt-2       Switch to Watches
Shift-F3       Find previous                                                                                       Ctrl-Alt-3       Switch to Call Stack
Ctrl-F3        Search for word that insertion        Ctrl-Shift-6           Switch to Execution
                                                     Ctrl-Shift-N           New/open project                       Ctrl-Alt-4       Switch to Classes
               point is on                                                                                         Ctrl-Alt-5       Switch to Breakpoints
Alt-Shift-H    Turn off search result highlighting   F1                     Show Help for selected component
                                                                                                                   Ctrl-Alt-6       Switch to Sessions
Alt-Shift-O    Fast Open class                       Editing XML Documents                                         Ctrl-Alt-7       Switch to Threads
Alt-O          Go to source                                                                                        Ctrl-Alt-8       Switch to All In One
Alt-G          Go to declaration                     Alt-F9                 Check XML
Ctrl-M         Select next parameter                 Alt-Shift-F9           Validate XML
Ctrl-F2        Add/remove bookmark                   Alt-F6                 Perform XML transformation
F2             Next bookmark
                                      NetBeans IDE Keyboard Shortcuts
Java Editor Abbreviations                    twn     throw new                                XML/DTD Editor Abbreviations
                                             wh      While (
En     Enumeration                                                                                ?xm      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Ex     Exception                             JSP/Servlet Editor Abbreviations                     !do      <!DOCTYPE>
Ob     Object                                                                                     !cd      <![CDATA[|]]>
Psf    public static final                   ag      application.getValue("                       !at      <!ATTLIST |>
Psfb   public static final boolean           ap      application.putValue("                       !el      <!ELEMENT |>
Psfi   public static final int               ar      application.removeValue("                    !en      <!ENTITY |>
Psfs   public static final String            cfgi    config.getInitParameter("                    pu       PUBLIC "|"
St     String                                jg      <jsp:getProperty name="                      sy       SYSTEM "|"
ab     abstract                              jspf    <jsp:forward page="                          !at      <!ATTLIST |>
bo     boolean                               jspg    <jsp:getProperty name="                      !el      <!ELEMENT |>
br     break                                 jspi    <jsp:include page="                          !en      <!ENTITY |>
ca     catch (                               jspp    <jsp:plugin type="                           !no      <!NOTATION |>
cl     class                                 jsps    <jsp:setProperty name="                      pu       PUBLIC "|"
cn     continue                              jspu    <jsp:useBean id="                            sy       SYSTEM "|"
df     default:                              oup     out.print("                                  cd       CDATA
ex     extends                               oupl    out.println("                                em       EMPTY
fa     false                                 pcg     pageContext.getAttribute("                   en       ENTITY
fi     final                                 pcgn    pageContext.getAttributeNamesInScope("       ens      ENTITIES
fl     float                                 pcgs    pageContext.getAttributesScope("             fi       #FIXED
fy     finally                               pcr     pageContext.removeAttribute("                im       #IMPLIED
ie     interface                             pcs     pageContext.setAttribute("                   nm       NMTOKEN
im     implements                            pg      <%@ page                                     nms      NMTOKENS
iof    instanceof                            pga     <%@ page autoFlush="                         nn       NOTATION
ir     import                                pgb     <%@ page buffer="                            pc       #PCDATA
pe     protected                             pgc     <%@ page contentType="
pr     private                               pgerr   <%@ page errorPage="                     To change an editor's abbreviations:
psf    private static final                  pgex    <%@ page extends="                       1.   Choose Tools > Options from the main window.
psfb   private static final boolean          pgie    <%@ page isErrorPage="
                                                                                              2.   Expand Editing and Editor Settings.
psfi   private static final int              pgim    <%@ page import="
                                                                                              3.   Select the editor.
psfs   private static final String           pgin    <%@ page info="
                                             pgit    <%@ page isThreadSafe="                  4.   Click the ellipsis (...) button for Abbreviations.
pst    printStackTrace();
pu     public                                pgl     <%@ page language="                      To change editor-specific keyboard shortcuts:
re     return                                pgs     <%@ page session="
                                             rg      <request.getParameter("                  1.   Choose Tools > Options from the main window.
serr   System.err.println ("                                                                  2.   Expand Editing and Editor Settings.
sout   System.out.println ("                 sg      session.getValue("
                                             sp      session.putValue("                       3.   Select the editor.
st     static
                                             sr      session.removeValue("                    4.   Click the ellipsis button for Key Bindings.
sw     switch (
sy     synchronized                          tglb    <%@ taglib uri="
                                                                                              To change IDE-wide keyboard shortcuts:
tds    Thread.dumpStack();
                                                                                              •    Choose Tools > Keyboard Shortcuts from the main
th     throws
tw     throw                                                                                       window.

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