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Newsletter 2


									Newsletter No 4                                                                           27 February 2007

Dear Parents

Our school came together last week to celebrate Ash Wednesday and the commencement of Lent. The
Church begins to prepare for the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus at Easter. Father Richard
spoke about what we can do this Lenten period. We are asked to reflect on how well we are living our
Christian lives and to try to grow closer to God through more prayer time, by going without things we like
and by giving the extra money saved to Project Compassion.

Sadly we farewell one of our staff members today. Mrs Andrea Yeo has been appointed Gifted & Talented
teacher at Whitford Catholic Primary and she will take up that position immediately. We thank Andrea for the
contribution she has made to our school over the last six years and wish her well with the new challenges
that lie ahead of her. Naturally this results in some staffing changes and our aim is to make the transition as
smooth as possible for the students. Mrs Antoniette Romeo will take over from Mrs Yeo in 5TY two days
per week and Mrs Geraldine Panizza will now be working part time in 4W.

The P & F AGM was held last Wednesday evening and I sincerely thank our committee from 2006 for all
their efforts last year. I would especially like to make note of Lucy Wilkinson who is stepping down as
President this year. Everyone has busy lives and taking on a role such as President requires a big
commitment and we really appreciate Lucy’s efforts last year.

Our P & F executive and committee for 2007 have been formed and I thank all those listed below for taking
on various roles within the P & F. Please note that P & F meetings are not just for committee members, but
we invite and encourage all parents to attend meetings either to have input or just to listen to the

P & F Executive – Carol Graham (President), Liz Baxter (Vice President), Trish Evans & Melissa Bray
(Secretary), Justine Olsen (Treasurer), Ernie Prandl (Board Representative)

P & F Committee – Maria Gaynor, Lucy Da Costa, Lucy Wilkinson, Anne O’Shannon, Daniel Ball, Silvana
Russell, Sandy Coelho, Julie Cole, Tania Halusek and Deborah Bartuccio.

Last week I had a visit from the police who were extremely concerned with students’ safety around our
school. The speed at which cars are travelling along Prendiville Avenue is alarming and as a result police
presence will be heightened around our school. The other concern is parents, not children, ignoring the
crosswalk. We have a crosswalk attendant to help us cross the road so we should not be putting ourselves
and our children at risk by crossing Prendiville Avenue at different places. The skid marks on the road near
the crosswalk are the result of a driver, not from this school, coming very close to an awful accident whilst
high school students were crossing the road. No matter how much of a hurry we are in, the safety of our
children and all children should be paramount.

Recently we have had a group calling themselves the Australian Mathematics Institute attempting to survey
families after school in regard to tutoring. Please note that the school has not authorised this group to be on
school premises and we are not promoting this group.

                                     Tel: 9301 6888 Fax: 9401 7155
                         Email:   Web:
Peer mediators were introduced in our school in 2004 to assist students at lunch time with any difficulties
they may have that do not require teacher assistance. Earlier this term I called for volunteers to be trained
as peer mediators and I congratulate the students listed below, who will be presented with their badges at
our whole school assembly this Friday.

Cameron Gordon, Shannon Russon, Jennifer Keogh, Leah Kelly, Elizabeth Kennon, Jade Sanderson, Elijah
Wells, Karri Grant, Thomas Watson, Lauren McCarthy, Jessica Canham, Claire McDowell, Maisee Fee,
Aleisha Archer, Alex Garcia, Brendan Campana, Lia Stokes, Katie Phillips, Lauren Harvey, Emily Kelly,
Nicole Ostler, Tarnica Golisano, Rebecca O’Connor, Taylor Edmond, Jacob de Lima, Samuel Defiddes and
Jordan Parr.

On Wednesday 28 March at 7pm Diana Rigg will give a presentation to parents on the importance of both
print based skills (phonological awareness, alphabetic/phonic knowledge, spelling, decoding) and oral
language proficiency (especially narrative skills) in developing children’s literacy skills. Diana has an
extensive background in teaching and speech pathology and is a well regarded presenter to schools and
other groups. This presentation is open to all parents within our school community and will be held in the
school library. This is a fantastic opportunity for parents to gain an insight into children’s language
development and we encourage you to attend.

Given the costs of this presentation it is necessary for us to have firm numbers of attendance. If you will be
attending, please fill in the reply slip at the end of the newsletter and return it to school by Wednesday 7
March. This presentation can only go ahead if we have sufficient numbers to warrant the expense.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Yours sincerely

Fiona Green
Acting Principal

                                        THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK
                            We can do more than promise, we can commit.

                                        Right now is a good time.
                                                     Taken from “Because of You”

RE: 2nd Sunday of Lent         ‘This is my Son, the Chosen One; listen to him.’ Luke 9: 28-36
Week 5 Wed 28th Feb:          SSP & Currambine Commissioning Mass – 5.30pm
        Thurs 1st Mar:        4F – Stations of the Cross
Week 6 Thurs 8th Mar:         1B – Paraliturgy : Growing and Changing

CHANGES TO FACTION LISTS – Due to the imbalance of faction numbers in junior primary, we have had
to change some children’s faction. Hopefully this will not cause too many problems for the small number of
students affected.

FACTION NAMES UPDATE: The staff and the community have now voted on the names for our Factions.
The last stage in the process is to let the students have a vote. This will be conducted this week.
CANTEEN - I would like to say THANK YOU to the following parents who helped make our Pancake Day
last Tuesday a huge success. These dedicated parents served over 500 pancakes and without them it
wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you to Alison Prandl, Anne Van Aken, Georgina Lock, Silvana Russell,
Julie Smallwood, Tracey Merilainen, Trish Evans, Karen Ivankovic and Andrew Russon. Finally THANK
YOU to Mimma B for giving up so much of your time it is greatly appreciated.

We remind parents again that no pastries or meat will be served on Fridays during lent. Please also
remember that we cannot accept foreign coinage or offer credit.

We thank the following parents on roster next week:
Wed 26/2 J. Stokes, Thu1/3 M. Ball, G. Lock, M. Mantle Fri 2/3 K. Ivankovic, A. Prandl, S. Sullivan, L.
Yates Tue 6/3 T. Evans, T. Merilainen.     Michelle Smith – Canteen Manageress

There will be a meeting of HOPE representatives this Thursday 1 March at 9 am in the Fr Simon Carson
Hall. I look forward to seeing you all then. Carol Graham

The P&F Federation of WA will be holding its Annual Office Bearers’ Seminar & Information Night on
Tuesday 6th March 07 from 7.30-9pm at its Inglewood offices. If any Committee Member is interested in
attending, please advise P&F Vice President, Liz Baxter ph: 9404 6770 as soon as possible.

St Simon Peter Parish in Ocean Reef is again presenting this unique seminar over three Sundays, March 18,
25 and April 1, from 9am to 5pm in the gym function room Prendiville College (entry from Constellation
Drive). In a practical and thoroughly enjoyable way, you will learn how to use the natural power of your
mind to relax and banish stress; get rid of headaches, including migraines, without drugs; sleep well; put
yourself in the right frame of mind for whatever you are doing; control pain and bleeding in times of
accident; build up your immune system and improve health; and be more successful in work, study, sport,
personal relations and family life. We also learn how personal development is linked to Scripture and the
Spiritual Journey, the practical power of the Beatitudes to link faith and daily life, and how Centring Prayer
or Contemplative Prayer opens the door to take you further on your Spiritual Journey … the real meaning of
your life. This is a relaxing, enjoyable and life-changing experience which is not available anywhere else.
Almost 500 people have attended over the last 10 years and all of them love it. BYO lunch, but morning
and afternoon tea are provided. Entrance is only $30 to cover the cost of the manual and other materials.
Bookings will be taken after Masses at St Simon Peter on the weekend of March 10-11 or by post to Hugh
Ryan, 26 Aberfoyle Hts, Currambine, 6028. Phone 9305 3409.


Diana Rigg Speech and Literacy Presentation

I will be attending the Diana Rigg presentation on Wednesday 28 March at 7pm.

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