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					Apprenticeships                                             To be shared with LSC staff and stakeholders

The marketing task and the strategy
Creative idea, next steps

 16 January 2009

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releasing with
Creating an iconic brand and integrated campaign
              A comprehensive, integrated and enhanced campaign to:
 change perceptions, create understanding, inspire, and align the Apprenticeships sector

Creating an iconic brand
 “Customers must recognise that you stand for something”
                                              Howard Schutz - Starbucks

                                              ICONIC BRAND

           CLARITY                              COHERENCE                              CONSISTENCY
Clear market positioning and messaging to   Defined roles and inter-relationships to   Consistently reflect new meaning
 communicate what the brands stands for        create a coherent brand system               through a new identity

     Why a campaign?
     Currently, for some, the Apprenticeships brand image is “low status’’

                              “Low Status”                “High Status”
                            •Inherent prejudice          •Portable
                            •Southern/ Middle            •Continual learning
                            class ‘blue collar’          •Not wasting time
                            perspective                  •Getting more out of
                            •Non-academic                yourself
                            •“Out of fashion”            •Not building up debt
            Barriers                                                             Motivations
                            •Low self belief             •Positive Choice
                            •Little confidence           •Equivalent calibre
                            •Anticipate                  •Bright
                            disappointment/ failure      •Highly motivated
                            •Easily put -off             •Committed
                            •Poor motivation             •Flexible


Source: HPI research 2007/2008 with young people, parents and employers
The Communications Task

          Deliver an iconic, integrated campaign
          that unites participants and influencers
                   in the collective belief
    that Apprenticeships are a positive force for good

      Potential Participators     Key Influencers

      At this stage: Employers    Parents and potential apprentices
                                  Wider family and family friends

Campaign Objectives

• Demonstrate the government’s support and investment in Apprenticeships as
  part of investing in England’s future economic prosperity.
• Improve public, employer, workforce and influencers’ attitudes towards
  Apprenticeships (both in their own right and compared to other forms of learning)
  by communicating the benefits and challenging the barriers.
• Position Apprenticeships as a positive career choice and create a sense of pride
  and achievement for successful apprentices and their influencers.
• Motivate and galvanise more employers to take on or offer more
• Protect, grow and strengthen the brand and reputation of Apprenticeships in the
  current and future economic climate.

Target audiences; large groups and specific audiences

 Public, Workforce and
    Influencers on

    Participants –
    employers and


     Challengers -
 audiences that have a
   strong opinion of

    Customer insight – to build on positive brand attributes
•    The creative solution is designed to celebrate life's doers, those people who "make things
     happen" - both raising the status and clearly positioning Apprenticeships for all audiences

          Practical                                                          Theoretical

              Apprenticeships               Diplomas                       A-Levels

                                      “You know how it is,
                                      everyone’s different.
                                       Some people learn
                                    through reading and all
                                     that academic stuff, I
                                        just learn best
                                       through doing.”*

                      Apprenticeships realise the talent in “doers”

 Campaign line

                          Make Things Happen

    Apprentices                      Jobs                 Outcomes

“Doers”, getting things done     Not just manual     Starting a successful journey
Up for it attitude               Contemporary        Doing well at work
Solving problems                                     Making business thrive
Adding value                                         Creating their own business
                                 High status roles   Helping the country compete
Innovative and skilled

Creative route developed for the TV campaign

     'Apprenticeships Make Things Happen’
  – A celebration of the kind of people apprentices are and
    what they do for business.
  – Given credibility by using Sir Alan Sugar fronting the
    campaign and delivering his personal message on why
    apprentices are good for business.
  – Initial emphasis on employers and value of
    Apprenticeships to business
  – Features real apprentices in a range of sectors
  – Strong call to action to employers

TV - The Creative route

  – Sir Alan Sugar talks to employers about his view of apprentices and why the type
    of people they are contribute to business success
  – Sir Alan meets some apprentices and we see others in a learning environment
    and place of work
      • Catering, mechanical engineering, sport and fitness and business administration are all
        featured to give a sense of the range and modernity of the sectors Apprenticeships are
        available in
  – Sir Alan references that there are over 200,000 apprentices in the country
  – We direct responses to the website (and maintain employer focus)

Multi-channel campaign designed to multiply and build momentum
nationally, regionally and locally

 Feb         •   Television (02 Feb – 01 Mar) driving awareness and changing
                 perception to create positive opinion about Apprenticeships
             •   Targeted at ABC1 adults to ensure access to quality peak-time
                 programming to maximise conversion to core employer audience
             •   Radio (23 Feb– 22 Mar) to amplify & extend the impact of TV
                 advertising with proven effective reach & impact against an employer
             •   Press (Mid Feb – Mid Mar TBC) to amplify the impact of TV advertising
                 during Apprenticeships Week while also extending campaign
                 messaging into March to optimise the reach of the campaign over time
             •   Sector activity through PR and advertising builds on broader activity
                 and connects with employers and employees in a business mindset
                 making a direct connection between benefit and situation
             • Search smoothes the customer journey to interaction with the Apprenticeship
               website and the VMS by directing the target audience to further information.
               Ensuring the maximum number of potential participants are captured
             • PR – 4 employer seminars, Apprenticeships Week, Awards
  Apprenticeships Integrated Campaign Plan
  The campaign will reach 90% of employers an average of 8 times each

                                                                Apprenticeship Communications Plan 08/09
                                                      October                             November                             December                                     January                              February                                       March                                  April                                May































                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Young People & Parents
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Week 23rd -
                                                                                                                                                                                                           27th Feb
                                                                                                                         Proposed activity

Reputation building PR

ATL                                                                                                                                                                                                     2nd FEB- 1st MAR
TV                                                                                                                                                                                                          500 TVRS
Radio                                                                                                                                                                                                                               41% @ 7 OTH
National Press
Regional Press
Trade / Business Press
Online Advertisng
(Newsletters, Bulletins, Q&A forums)

Celebrate employers with exisiting
Apprenticeships (Regions)

Regional activity promoting seminar events

Stakeholder activity

Sir Alan Seminar Events
London - 26th Feb
Leeds - 4th Mar
Newcastle - 12th Mar
Birmingham - 19th March

Stakeholder Communications

    A stakeholder communications plan is in place to:
•   Ensure we identify and involve all stakeholders and partners
•   Raise awareness of the campaign internally and externally
•   Identify roles and responsibilities of joint activities
•   Communicate planned activities
•   Including: NAS launch/Apprenticeship Week/2009 Apprenticeship Awards
•   The initial focus is on campaign communications. A toolkit of resources
    including FAQs, copy and key messages is available to ensure we tell a
    consistent story

    There are four Association of Learning Provider (ALP) briefings
    taking place throughout January updating members on:
•   National Apprenticeship Service
•   Apprenticeship vacancies being available on line
•   Apprenticeships Week
•   2009 Apprenticeship Awards
•   Policy Developments

Apprenticeship Awards – closing date Friday 27 February

A world without apprentices….                                                         Blackpool – a towering
                                                                                      success story
This year’s Apprenticeship Awards were launched
with a story celebrating the role apprentices have
played in the history of the nation. By highlighting
what England might have looked like without iconic
landmarks built by apprentices such as Blackpool
Tower, we have been able to dramatically
demonstrate the value of apprentices over the ages.

To encourage entries the press release was sent to         Would a summer
the following:                                             holiday in Blackpool
        •National newspapers                               still be a great British
        •Local and regional newspapers                     institution without the
        •Trade media                                       apprentices that
        •SSCs                                              helped to build its
Further copy was also sent to SSCs for their members and   famous icon?
stakeholder employers including BCC, CBI, FSB, TUC


Apprenticeships Week                                                         23-27 February 2009

  Apprenticeships Week will provide an excellent platform from which to showcase the latest policy announcements, to reassure
  employers the support they need is available and that investment now in Apprenticeships will reap rewards over the longer term.
  PR will be used to tell the story of companies bucking the economic trend by increasing their apprentice numbers and so staving off
  a more difficult future. In addition, preparatory engagement with stakeholders is ongoing to encourage them to actively engage and
  participate in the Week.
             Highlights of the Apprenticeship Week 2009 include:
   –    Make things happen day: an opportunity to shadow leaders
        e.g. Apprentice Minister, Apprentice Fire Chief
   –    Cost benefit Analysis: research demonstrating how apprentices
        significantly add value in the current climate
   –    National employer seminars with Sir Alan Sugar:
       The first of four seminars takes place in London
   –    Launch of new AASE sport: with the media, Ministers and stakeholders
   –    Media and stakeholder roundtable: a discussion on the role of
       National Apprenticeships Service                                             Last year’s Apprenticeship Week got off to a
                                                                                    racing start when Olympic silver medallist
   –    Radio and Webchat day: launch of National Apprenticeships story
                                                                                    Steve Cram launched a new Apprenticeship
   –    Proud to employ apprentices: Employers celebrate their apprentices          for sporting excellence.
       and promote benefits in current climate

Apprenticeship Seminars

• The seminars will support the forthcoming Apprenticeship Marketing and Communications campaign
• The events are billed as ‘national seminars’
• The target audience is high level decision makers from organisations ranging in size from 30-250 employees.
• The events plan to attract approximately 500 employers per seminar
 Dates and venues (subject to contract):
• London 26 February 2009 - ExCel
• Leeds 4 March 2009 – Royal Armouries
• Newcastle 12 March 2009 (tbc)
• Birmingham 19 March 2009 – International Convention Centre

• The half day seminars are designed to be engaging and interactive
• Delegates will hear from Ministers and Sir Alan Sugar
• There will be a Q&A session hosted by Sir Alan Sugar.
The aim of the events is to offer employers the opportunity to:
• gain a greater understanding of how Apprenticeships work
• explore the business benefits
• voice their opinion on the current Apprenticeship system
• have their questions around Apprenticeships answered and get involved!

Apprenticeship Seminars - Contd

• Attendees will be invited to register via the following website at
• Delegates will be encouraged to attend in one of 3 ways:
   1. Directly invitation – to be emailed to 15,000 companies (date tbc)
   2. Through the employer page of the website
   3. We also requesting the support of LSC Mar/Comms staff and stakeholders to spread the word and
     – skills brokers – stakeholders - training providers - other organisations/intermediaries

• A media strategy and plan be used to tell the story nationally and locally
• Both LSC, DIUS and DCSF, and regional LSC Communications Mangers / Press Officers will be involved
• More information to follow

• You will soon start to see the seminars being communicated through a range of LSC channels – e.g: the
   Internal Apprenticeships Bulletin, the LSC bulletin (all staff) and on the employer page of the Apprenticeships
• We will also be communicating to our stakeholders – at ALP (Association of Learning Providers) briefings
   taking place over the next few weeks and encouraging our partners to feature copy inside their own
   communication channels to employers

Apprenticeships Media and PR

  As the Government announces measures focussed on assisting employers to maintain their
  investment in training, media and PR will concentrate on showcasing the latest policy
  enhancements that will encourage employers to take on apprentices.
  We also intend to use social media to do two things: raise supply – through activity on HR blogs etc to increase
  employer awareness and understanding; and raise demand by increasing understanding and support for
  Apprenticeships through social networks .

  Key messages include the following:
   –    Apprenticeships are a highly effective way to ensure you have the right
        skills in place to survive the economic downturn
   –    In tough economic times Apprenticeships can give you a bespoke,
        enthusiastic workforce that can help you make your business more resilient
   –    Apprenticeships can help you to prepare your business for growth when
        the recovery comes
   –    Apprenticeships have been revived over the last 10 years, now the
                                                                                         Winner of the Advanced Apprenticeship
        Government is taking measures to ensure Apprenticeships add even                   of the year award, BAE apprentice
        greater value to businesses struggling to cope in this difficult climate                     Rachael Hoyle
   –    Apprentices are ‘doers’ who make great things happen for you and your business

Apprenticeship vacancies go on line

•   From January employers, through a training provider, can
    place real opportunities for potential apprentices to apply for
    on line
•   The new marketing campaign will sign post employers to the
    website and telephone contact centre to find out more on how
    Apprenticeships can benefit their business
•   When employers want to advertise a potential vacancy for an
    Apprenticeship, this will be loaded on to the enhanced
    Apprenticeships website where potential apprentices can
    search for vacancies on line.

Employer Response Handling Process (Web and phone)

•   An employer calls the national call centre, their details are
    captured and the information is entered into the CRM part of
    the on line vacancy system. These leads are then picked up
    by the regional Apprenticeship teams
•   An employer visits the website ( and
    completes web form or rings the contact centre
    08000 150 600.
•   The web form details are sent overnight (by e-mail) to regions
    (sorted by postcode).
    •   Regional: Web forms sent by e-mail to regional Apprenticeship
        teams ( a nominated, named contact).
    •   National employer service (NES): Web form leads from 5,000+
        employers sent by e-mail to NES ( a nominated, named contact).

             NOTE: Web form leads from Sco/NI/Wales will be diverted to appropriate contacts

Estimated Employer Response Volumes
The campaign is estimated to generate 3,327 incremental employer responses.
This equates to a five-fold increase in responses from the baseline during the

Calculations based on the response levels achieved during the previous full Apprenticeships
campaign from 2004
     Estimated Learner Response Volumes
     Learners are not the target audience and responses are as a result of campaign
     spill over. The campaign is estimated to generate 536 incremental responses.

Calculations based on the response levels achieved during the previous full Apprenticeships campaign
from 2004 and assuming that Employer campaign has 10% of the effectiveness of a full learner campaign
Parent/apprentice Response Process

•   Parent/apprentice goes on to the Apprenticeship website for
    basic information on Apprenticeships
•   (If applicable) they complete the on line web form for further
•   Details of enquirer and region (plus other basic information)
    captured by our contact centre from the web form.
•   An Apprenticeships DVD is sent to enquirers, on receipt:
    –   parent/apprentice views the DVD and if they wish to find out more they
        are directed to the apprenticeship website and vacancies available on

Market Research

The first phase of the campaign will be evaluated by the following market research:
Tracking research
•      pre and post tracking research with employers (500)
•      post tracking research with parents (300)
•      post tracking research with young people (400)
•      general public omnibus survey
Website statistics (unique and pages visited).
Press and media interest generated/key messages used
Web forms (number of web forms received and materials despatched).
Regional/local follow up on the above and Apprenticeship starts
Employer leads generated and referrals made

                      Note: Mystery shoppers expected from the start of the campaign.
Subsequent evaluation when the on line vacancies are introduced might change some measurements/evaluation

Dates for your diary

• Final advertisement film produced w/c 26 January
• TV on air – Monday 2 February
• Radio/Press/Search and Online activity – W/C 23 Feb
• National Employer Seminars – Commence on 26 Feb
• Apprenticeships Week – From Monday 23-27 Feb
• Apprenticeship Awards closing date – Friday 27 Feb
• 2009/10 strategy planning – from February
• Apprenticeship vacancies on line - January
• Newly enhanced Apprenticeships branding guidelines – March/April 2009
• Refreshed marketing materials
– Learner/Employer material available - 6 Feb (tbc)
• Launch of National Apprenticeships Service – April 2009

Contact us

Need more information on how to get involved? Please
  contact us:
• Campaign resources site link –
• Skills campaign line for our partners and stakeholders –
  0207 413 3400 (office hours)
• Campaign web address and telephone number – 08000 150 600 (08:00 -22:30)


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