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									                                      Mixed Breed Dog Club of California

                                   mutt muster
Winter Issue                                                                                                                 February 2008

                                                  Monkey and Me. . . By Denise Fournier
  Special points of in-                Monkey and his sister were      he growled at me. I had just
        terest:                    turned into a shelter in the Dal-   picked him up at the airport
                                   las/Ft Worth area in 2005. They     and looked in the crate.
 • Coming soon—Spring Fling
   and Elections—now you can       were very shy and not well so-      When I put the crate in my
                                   cialized so the shelter con-        car, he growled again. I was
   vote by e-vote!
                                   tacted Col Potter Cairn Rescue      wondering what I'd gotten
 • Start teaching some new         N e t w o r k .           T h e     into.
   tricks to show off at the       Col Potter volunteer who first          When we got home, I put
   Spring Fling April 20th         saw them told me that they          his crate in the office and
 • Next issue—do you know if       were very traumatized. Both         just hung out with him. For a
   your houseplants are poi-       dogs had curled up into a small     while every time I got close,
   sonous to your dog?             ball and were trying very hard to   he growled. But then he
                                   disappear into the wall.            stopped that and began to
                                       Even though the pair were       explore. After about three
                                   cairn mixes, the rescue group       hours, he had gotten up on
                                   took both in and named them         the futon so I decided to sit
                                   Jared and Anna Nicole. They         by him. He didn't growl so I
                                   shipped Jared (aka Monkey) out      decided to see if he'd let me
                                   to Sacramento for me to fos-        touch him. He let me put my
                                   ter. Anna went to a foster home     hand on his back. I decided
                                   in Oregon. Anna was adopted by      to go for broke and pick him up,
                                   a family and now resides in Penn-   fully expecting to be bitten. No     good time to put his collar and
                                   sylvania.                           growling, no biting, no protesting   harness on and while I was do-
                                       The first time I saw Monkey,    at all. I figured it would be a                     (Continued on page 14)

    Inside this issue:
                                                               Meet Blue Tick Peanut!
 Contacts                      2

                                       Hi! My name is Blue Tick Peanut, but                 Santa Cruz fixed me all up. Oh and by the
 President’s Message           2    everyone just calls me Peanut. Mom (Ann                 way, mom didn't call me Blue Tick Peanut,
                                    Dahlin) came and took me home last June                 because of all those ticks I had on me. She
 Welcome New Members           3    when I was six months old. Since then, my               called me that, because of my coloring. I
                                    life has been soooooo much better than it               have blue-colored ticking under my very
                                    was before. Me and my sister were feral                 light beige coat.
 Spring Birthdays              5
                                    puppies and we lived by a very small town                        Here's a picture of me (Page
                                    180 miles outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. A              3)with all the stuff I've gotten. That's my
 Minutes-Board Meeting         6    really nice woman named Rose brought us                 diploma on the wall behind me. I got that
                                    up to Santa Cruz, California. I had worms,              when I graduated from beginning obedi-
                                    around 40 ticks on me, and I was in really              ence class. I already did intermediate obe-
 Tracking with Mixed           8
 Breeds by Ann Dahlin               bad shape when I got to Santa Cruz. I also              dience too. The trophies I won in confor-
                                    had a disease from the ticks called Er-                 mation at the club Specialty. Well, no, not
 Specialty Photos              9    lichea. But, Harbor Veterinarian Hospital in                                            (Continued on page 3)

            Winter 2008                         Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                                    Page 1
              MBDC of CA Officers, Board Members, & Important Contacts – 2007 - 2008

OFFICERS                                     Chris Blanco
Betsy Jones, President                                                                    Gloria McClain, Photographer &
Phone:                                                                                    Election Proctor
e-mail:                                                                                   Phone:
------------------------------------------   Ann Dahlin
Kitty Norwood, Vice President,               Phone:
Newsletter Editor & Chapter Rep              e-mail:
to National                                                                               Margaret Reed, Membership
                                             ------------------------------------------   Chair
                                             Jackie Phillips
Phone:                                       e-mail:                                      Phone:
e-mail:                                      ------------------------------------------
------------------------------------------                                                Membership e-mail:
                                             Lucy Rasmussen, Photography        
Dawn Bushong, Chapter Secre-
                                             Chairperson                                  Personal e-mail:
                                             e-mail:                                      ------------------------------------------
------------------------------------------   ------------------------------------------   Mary Lou Montgomery, National
Terry Beardsley, Treasurer                   Cindy Sohrenssen                             Awards Secretary & National Conformation
Phone:                                       ------------------------------------------
e-mail:                                      IMPORTANT CONTACTS
------------------------------------------                                                ------------------------------------------
                                             Dorothy Angus, Past Pres
BOARD MEMBERS (in alphabetical                                                            Julia Haeger, Sunshine
order)                                                                                    Phone:

  President’s Message                          From Betsy Jones, Smedly & Happy

  Spring is coming early this                so get started now!                    It's not too soon to look ahead to
  year! Or at least our Spring Fling            The Board is also working with      the National Specialty which our
  will be held earlier this year. In         the National Club to finalize a        Chapter will be hosting in the
  response to requests from numer-           Versatility Program through            Fall. We hope to make it bigger
  ous Club members, the Board has            which your dogs can earn points        and better than before, so we're
  moved up the date of the Spring            towards Versatility titles. Your       counting on all of you to pitch
  Fling to Sunday, April 20. If the          dogs' titles in obedience, rally,      in. The Board welcomes your
  weather cooperates, it will be             conformation and agility will all be   ideas, feedback, and of course
  cooler for all the black (and              good for                                             your helping
  mostly black) dogs who aren't so           points. Other                                        hands! Contact me
                                                                         Club Website:
  fond of the hot sun in June. We            activities will                                      for more info.
                                             count as                   The Spring Fling
  hope it will also be more conven-
  ient for those of you who start            well, including                                      flyer and the ballot
  leaving for vacation in June. The          hiking, frisbee, therapy dog visits,   for the new candidates for
  only drawback is that you'll have          demos and parades and                  our Club's Board of Directors will
  less time to work on new tricks            more! We'll keep you posted as         be mailed within the next few
  and practice bobbing for hotdogs,          this new opportunity unfolds.          weeks. See you all at the Spring

          Winter 2008                        Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                                        Page 2
Kathy Kinney
           And her dog Dream Star Josie,
A 21.5” female Border Collie/Australian                                        Email:
Shepherd mix. She was born on December                                         Carol T. Wilson
27, 2005.                                                                              And her dog Maya a 22.75” female
                                                                               Border Collie mix born on June 1, 2006.

Charlene J. Moore                                                              Email:
        And her dog, Miss Molly Lulu, a 21”                                       New Address
female Labrador/Border Collie/Stafford-                                           Kathleen Alles
shire mix born on November 1, 2003.                         to our

                                                   New Members!
Phone:                                             (Remember to update your
                                                                                  New Dog:
Email: none                                        2007 Membership Roster!)     Cris and Melanie McNeil have a new dog. Juno
Karen Panico and Martin Gibb                                                    is a male 28.5” German shepherd mix. His
        And their dog Molly a 26” female Labrador/Poodle        birth date is January 1, 2007.
mix born in May 2005.                                           New Email:         Ann Dahlin

    Meet Blue Tick Peanut! Cont.

(Continued from page 1)

really. They were pretty
much given to me, because
hardly anyone showed in
conformation. I was the
only Class II bitch. But still
I deserved them, because
I'm pretty special anyways
and mom had to show me
how to look pretty in the
ring. Mom says someday if
I ever get enough confor-
mation points first, she'll
try for the Mixed Breed

                                    Peanut and her trophies from the 2007 Specialty!

A Dog’s Pet Peeves: (from K-9 Connections/2/08)                 ♦    Any trick that involves balancing food on my nose. .
                                                                        Stop it!
♦    Yelling at me for barking. . .I am a dog, what am I sup-
     posed to do?
                                                                ♦    The sleight of hand, fake fetch throw. You fooled a dog!
                                                                     What a proud moment for the top of the food chain.

           Winter 2008                       Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                             Page 3
                                                                                        hold the sit and there she went—the
    Editor’s Message
                                                                                        first leg just disappeared. But we
Wow! So much to look forward to this                                                    got Judge Amy Kitay out of the deal!
year. We should have a great time get-                                                  Boy does it feel good. But it also
ting the 2008 National Specialty to-                                                    feels weird—now what?
                                                                                           By the way, all that work was to
    Thanks as always to Ann Dahlin for
                                                                                        complete the performance require-
contributing the article on tracking.
Thanks Margaret for letting us use your
                                                                                        ment to become a Mixed Breed Cham-
pictures of tracking with Zeke.                                                         pion—Rex had earned all 30 points
                                                                                        under at least three judges two years
   At some point we would like to have a                                                ago. Much as I grumbled about the
club hike. Maybe in the summer.                 On to the Brags:                        performance requirement, it was the
    I had the very interesting experience                                               best thing that could have happened
of taking a dog training class over the        From Kitty Norwood and Rex:              to Rex who is a reactive dog and quite
internet. It was called Cyberagility. This                                              hard to train. He’s very smart just
class was a foundation class called Team-      Rex finished his Rally Excellent title   extremely distracted.
work. Although it involved more of a time      at the Cow Palace on the 3rd of Feb-
commitment than I originally thought and
                                               ruary! He never really left me (like        But we finally did it and he is now
the weather was terrible, I really got a                                                a Champion!
                                               he used to all the time) he just did
lot out of the course. I think it made
Rex work with me more closely in Rally
                                               some sniffing.                           From Cheryl Gillick and Libby:
and Obedience (as evidenced by his com-
                                                  I was really proud of him at our      My dog, Libby, took the Canine Good
pletion of his Rally Excellent title and his
                                               Mini-Mutt Match the next weekend.        Citizen test on September 5, 2007
Novice Obedience title in two weekends!
                                               He hung in there and managed to get      and she passed on the first try! This
   Always something new for us to try          his third leg on his Novice title by     was quite an accomplishment for her
out!                                           scoring 170 points. Yikes! Usually I     as she is very people friendly. It
   Enjoy the spring weather—go out and         try to train him at San Lorenzo a few    took everything she had to sit and
train your dog or just take him for a walk.    times before our match. Instead I        stay at my side when the friendly
                                               took him for his morning walk and got    stranger approached!
    Kitty Norwood & Rex                        there a bit later than usual. I guess
                                               that took away enough steam and Rex         Thanks for letting me brag!
              was able to do the exercises well
                                               enough to pass. He still had a sniff-
                                               ing problem on the Off Leash Heeling.
      Brags Request                            I didn’t think we had passed but I
                                               was still proud because that was the
   Want to tell the world how great            best he had ever done there.
your dog is? Or share something
that you’ve accomplished? Tell US!                But we did pass—that was extra
We love to hear about and share any            special. It has taken us three years
brags, large or small, dog-related or          to complete our Rally Excellent title
not!                                           and the Companion Dog title. I re-
E-mail me (Kitty) your tales of won-           member the first match three years
der (or snail-mail) and everyone will          ago at Hayward. Our judge wasn’t
be glad you did! Be sure to include:           MBDCA approved so I gave her the
     Member Name                               forms to fill out. Amazingly Rex
     Dog’s Name                                passed. Then we had to find an ap-
     Event and Date                            proved judge for sits and downs.
     Accomplishment                            Dorothy Angus waited with us so we
                                               would have another dog for sits and       Judge Amy Kitay demonstrates the
Photos are also welcome!
                                               downs. We waited and waited and            heeling pattern while John Sudler
                                               waited—in the sun, in the shade. We       and Freddie wait. Regional Specialty
                                               waited over two hours for those sits                 October 2007
                                               and downs. Poor Rex just couldn’t

          Winter 2008                          Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                        Page 4
       SPRING Dog Birthdays                                    13 years: Carolyn Harrison’s Roger, April 19, 1995
              March, April, May                                12years: Jackie Phillips’ Woodacre’s Rocket Fire,

                                                                             April 3, 1996
                                                               10 years: Angela Silvestri’s Sasha, March 17, 1998
                                                               10 years: Elizabeth Nelson’s Twinkie, May 5, 1998

                                                                             MARCH Birthday Dogs
                                                               3 years: Kathy Nedberge’s Martha, March 28, 2002
                                                               4 years: Lucy Rasmussen’s Ozzie, March 24, 2004

                                                                              APRIL Birthday Dogs
                                                               4 years: Cindy Sohrenssen’s Tony, April 2004
Ca-                                                    nine    3 years: Dawn Bushong’s Penny, April 1, 2005
Sen-                                                   ior     3 years: Marci and Thomas Lee’s Chief, April 17,
            Citizens (10+ years old):
 Special Birthday Wishes to our Spring Canine Seniors!
                                                                              MAY Birthday Dogs
14 years: Mardi Richmond’s Jesse, March, 1994                  9 years: Mary Millar’s Miss Amadeus, May 15, 1999

14 years: Christina Blanco’s Little Missy, April 1,            4 years: Denise Fournier’s Monkey, May 12, 2004
              1994                                             2 years: Jeannie Peterson’s Gus, May 14, 2006

                      Diamonds are a girl’s best friend
                                       Only if they sparkle!

                                                                 I have a huge brag for the micro dog ... Sparkle is
                                                                 now an agility champion! She finished her CPE C-ATCH on
                                                                 February 2nd. Just a few months ago I would have said this
                                                                 would never happen. Sparkle is an on-again off-again teeter-
                                                                 phobe and had not done a teeter in competition since March
                                                                 of last year. She suddenly decided that the WAG facility in
                                                                 Elk Grove was a fun place to do teeters. In the first three
                                                                 CPE trials this year she has done all 13 teeters. What a
                                                                 brave girl! The judge, Ken Perlmutter, said he remembered
                                                                 judging Sparkle when she was very young. I checked her
                                                                 records and it was her third trial when she was just 20
                                                                 months old. It was nice that he was the one to judge her
                                                                 Championship run. Sparkle has come such a long way. She
                                                                 was dumped in a park when she was just six weeks old and
                                                                 was bitten by a large dog before being found. Last year she
                                                                 broke her leg and went through three surgeries and six
                                                                 months of quiet time before returning to agility. I am so
                                                                 proud of my tiny little Champion!

                                                                                      Arlene Watson
 Arlene Watson with Sparkle and her C-ATCH ribbon and pole!
                 (Photo (c) Dave Mills—

       Winter 2008                          Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                       Page 5
            MBDC of CA Board Meeting                                              5) Gift bags for participants/exhibitors were pretty good
                                                                                  6) Lunch - Cindy: was fine
               December 7, 2007                                                   7) Drinks: Chris can't get drinks b/c has gear - needs some
                     Baker’s Square, Milpitas, CA
                                                                                  one else to get drinks
                                                                                            a. Betsy says drinks traditionally go with hospital-
I. Call to Order and Introductions – 10:15AM
Attendees: Chris Blanco, Dawn Bushong, Betsy Jones, Lucy Ras-
                                                                                            b. Maybe grounds and hospitality too much for one
mussen, Ann Dahlin, Gloria McClain, Jackie Phillips, Terry
                                                                                  8) Awards - Terry: finally got ribbons and they were free
II. Approved Agenda
                                                                                            a. Got plaques, but not exactly what we wanted
III Approved Minutes of Previous Meeting
                                                                                  (have to undo screws to put paper under, rather than just
                                                                                  slide card in)
IV. Treasurer's Report – None
                                                                                            b. Consensus that it's a great idea to have cards
                                                                                  that slide in
V. Committee Reports
                                                                                  9) Dorothy got new conformation awards, but Terry hasn't
    A. Newsletter
                                                                                  gotten any bills for them. Terry will talk to Dorothy about
        1. Deadline 12/14
                                                                                  getting her reimbursed
        2. Kitty having some difficulty with photos, but Lucy gave
                                                                                  10) Check-in: Went well to have Clemmie handle check-ins
        her a disk. Gloria offered to help with photos
                                                                            D. Budget
    B Membership Roster
                                                                                  1) Takes a while for checks to make their way to treasurer.
        Some people (even long time members) haven't renewed (30
                                                                                  2) Margaret needs to group checks and send more often.
                                                                         V. New Business:
        2) Divide up list and call to ask if they want to renew (need
        form, etc) or if not meeting their expectations, etc. Ann
                                                                            A. Future Events
        asked if email would be ok. Betsy said phone calls would be
                                                                                    1) Feb. Mini Match:
        more personal.
                                                                                             a. Kitty thought 2/9 (Saturday) would be best day
    C. National
                                                                                  - agility going on that weekend
        1) Kitty submitted versatility program to national board
                                                                                             b. Terry says San Lorenzo would be available that
        2) Cindy is reviewing; 4 nice comments from members
        3) Need to find out when/where to send judge's certifica
                                                                                             c. Betsy will start talking to judges and ask Kitty
        tions when changeover happens
                                                                                  about flyer
                                                                                             d. Betsy said need more people showing in Confor
VI. Old Business:
                                                                            B. National Specialty ‘08
   A. Agility Fun Day - 08/12/06:\
                                                                                  1) Where to have it?
         1) Cleared $600 in profit (had to pay for field & gave Kath-
                                                                                             a. Kitty says needs to be two days to draw people
         leen a gift)
                                                                                  in from out of state
         2) Don't know if we can use Pacifica again next year (new
                                                                                             b. Need to pick day (in October)
                                                                                             c. Will check Cow Palace, Alameda County Fair-
         3) Kathleen & husband bought property in Ben Lomond (near
                                                                                  grounds, San Mateo County Fairgrounds, and Santa Clara
         Big Basin) and have two agility fields. Kathleen volunteered
                                                                                  County Fairgrounds
         the use of her property for the mixed breed agility day
                                                                                             d. Betsy thinks that there will be more entries for
         4) Gloria wondered if allowing non club members to enter is
                                                                                  national, so would be good to have two rings of each
         ok (IRS-wise) General consensus is that it's probably ok.
                                                                                  2) Indoors vs. Outdoors
   B. Summer Mini Mutt Match - 09/16/07:
                                                                                             a. Jackie says more people would be interested in
         1) Made money on this event too - netted over $300
                                                                                  coming to specialty if it was indoors and if it was 2 days and
         2) Well attended and a bunch of people earned legs
                                                                                  if offered as many opportunities to title as possible
         3) John & Freddie earned their MB-OTCH - need to give
                                                                                             b. Can't use spikey ring stakes indoors - also need
         them something nice, maybe gift certificate or plaque.
                                                                                  mats for jumps
   C. Regional Specialty – 10/16/07
                                                                                             c. Gloria suggests asking a club that trains there if
         1) Kitty & Chris have gotten set-up down to a science
                                                                                  we can rent equipment
         worked out well with rings - 2 rally, 1 obedience
                                                                                  3) Lodging: Gloria says would be nice to find a nice hotel/
                   a. some conflict & down time with rings, but got
                                                                                  motel that would accept up to three dogs near show site.
         done at reasonable time
                                                                                  Whoever checks facility can also check nearby hotels
         2) Catalog & premium were good
                                                                                  4) 4 chances at legs: At specialty this year, could go for two
         3) Raffle - Terry says went well, especially when people help
                                                                                  legs each day - 4 chances over whole weekend (also two con
         put cans together; made $207
                                                                                  formation judges - one each day)
         4) Think gift cards for judges were well received. John
                                                                                  5) Stewards: in past, give free entry to people who steward
         Maher said he thought we would get judges busting down
                                                                                             a. Would be good to get more commitment for
         doors to judge if they find out we are actually paying judges
         to judge
                                                                                             b. Ideally two full time stewards per ring (8 total),

         Winter 2008                                Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                                   Page 6
       plus extras for breaks
                  c. Try to bring friends and family to steward all
       day - one good source would be new members of training club
                                                                               Results from the
       who aren't ready to show, but could get information about           October 14, 2007 Specialty
       showing by watching
       6. Awards: Terry asks if we need the date on the ribbon -
       it's wasted money if we don't give them away                                            Obedience
                  a. Jackie says it looks more professinal to have the   Open
                  b. Might not be our decision (might be in the rules)   1st Place: John Sudler and Freddie 182
                  c. Debi & Ruff trophies: Terry went through tro-
       phies, but there aren't really enough to use for a special                                Rally
       "Debi day" except for one special awards                          Novice B (John Maher)
                  d. Special Ruff trophy - Debi has but no info on
       who/what to engrave it with                                       1st Place: Mary Palumbo and Bailey 80
       8) Vendors: Gloria needs to find out about extra vendors          2nd Place: Megumi Kaneko and Ellie 70
       9) Goodie Bags
                  a. Can hit up more people for items for national       Advanced A (John Maher)
       specialty (Betsy asked for 50 items for regional last year
                                                                         1st Place:   Jan Frias and Sarah 91
                  b. Before asking for items, need to have confirmed
       date and location
                                                                         2nd Place:   Denise Fournier and Monkey 90
                  c. Had form letter to send to people - also done by    3rd Place:   Ann Dahlin and Penny 86
       email                                                             4th Place:   Ann Dahlin and Boe 85
                  d. Give free catalog advertisement and/or busi-
       ness card in each bag also
                                                                         Excellent B (John Maher)
C. AB-1634-No discussion                                                 1st Place:   Dawn Bushong and Pablo 97
D. Spring Fling
                                                                         2nd Place:   Betsy Jones and Smedly 87
       1) Date: People interested in April - think June too hot--
       tentatively say 4/20 for Spring Fling                             3rd Place:   Terry Hawkins and Lucky 87
       2, Games-Fling Master                                             4th Place:   Terry Hawkins and Chewie 80
                  a. Arlene would do it if nobody else would
                                                                         Novice A     (Penny Robinson)
                  b, Each game have a "captain" to be in charge of
       running game                                                      1st Place:   Megumi Kaneko and Ellie 93
                  c. While games are going, get next "captain" situ-     2nd Place:   Dorothy Angus and Cheyenne 82
       ated and on deck to start next game                               3rd Place:    Vicki Ronchette and Cowboy 76
                  d. Eliminate smoothest heeling or modify it to a
       relay or timed event                                              Advanced B (Penny Robinson)
       3. Yellow Jackets: Gloria talked to people at Milpitas about
                                                                         1st Place:   Dawn Bushong and Pablo 98
       yellow jackets
                  a. Smedly got stung at least 5 times, and Vicki got
                                                                         2nd Place:   Julia Haeger and Po 95
       stung once                                                        3rd Place:   Terry Hawkins and Lucky 91
                  b. Wouldn't hurt to bring a few traps to park from     4th Place:   Terry Hawkins and Chewie 89
       now on
       4. Insurance: Terry says should be able to get one proof of
                                                                         Excellent A (Penny Robinson)
       insurance for whole year - not need for each event at that        1st Place: Lucy Rasmussen and Ozzie 90
       one place just as if you ask for one specific date otherwise
       it's $50 every time you ask for one.
E. Rally Mini-Match
       1) If have spring fling in April, Betsy would like to have an
       other mini match in June - just Rally possibly at Adobe park
       2) Possibly partner with San Lorenzo, if they are still doing
       MOWs (members only workshops)                                                                        John Sudler and
F. Public Relations Committee                                                                             Freddie—First Place
       1) Need some sort of organized person/group about these                                                 in Open!
       sorts of events
       2) More than one person wants to do - would be good to have
       a committee
                  a. Dorothy & Gloria handle many of these events
                  b. Maybe somebody else in charge of parades
       3) Publicity - article in paper when have specialty
                  CONTINUED ON PAGE 12                                                                              (Continued on page 12)

      Winter 2008                               Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                             Page 7
                       Tracking with Mixed Breeds By Ann Dahlin
With thanks to fellow club mem-                                                    structors to our club members, con-
              ber                                                                  tact our newsletter editor Kitty Nor-
                                                                                   wood. Please only recommend instruc-
          Gloria McClain
                                                                                   tors who you personally know or have
                                                                                   taken lessons from. And of course,
                                                                                   please only recommend instructors
    I have been interested in track-                                               who are happy to work with mixed
ing for many years, but it has been                                                breed dog owners!
something I never pursued. With
                                                                                   Getting Titled Through The
two of my past dogs, I even went
as far as purchasing tracking har-                                                 MBDCA
nesses and a long line. One thing                                                      To earn a title through the MBDC,
that stopped me was my incorrect                                                   you will follow the AKC tracking regu-
assumption about tracking with                                                     lations. You can order the tracking
mixes. I simply assumed it would be                                                regulations from the AKC at
impossible, or at least extremely                                         Mixed breeds
difficult, to earn titles with mixes.                                              may not participate in AKC tracking
I wish I had known about the                                                       trials. However, this is actually a
MBDCA back then, because now I                                                     blessing in disguise, since AKC track-
find that titles can be earned                                                     ing trials always fill to capacity.
through the MBDCA and the Aus-                                                     Therefore, the chances of a mix get-
tralian Shepherd Club (ASCA).                                                      ting into an AKC trial, even if they
                                                                                   were allowed, would be nil or ex-
Tracking Lessons
                                                                                   tremely remote. Instead of attending
   Our club member, Meg Kaneko,
                                                                                   an AKC tracking trial, you will arrange
currently takes lessons from
                                                                                   to be judged privately by a MBDC
tracking instructor Bea Moore.
                                          Margaret Reed and Zeke MB –TD            approved tracking judge. In addition
Meg says she and her Dachshund
                                                                                   to the judge, you will need one person
mix, Ellie, really enjoy their tracking
                                                                                   to witness your tracking test. Natu-
lessons with Bea. Bea currently            written her own book, but she recom-
                                                                                   rally, more than one MBDC member
teaches in the San Jose area and she       mends the following: Tracking Dog:
                                                                                   may be ready for a test at the same
has a good tracking book that I rec-       Theory and Method, by Glen Johnson;
                                                                                   time. In that case, several club mem-
ommend. Bea has earned champion            Enthusiastic Tracker, by Sil Sanders;
                                                                                   bers can arrange to have a tracking
tracking titles with her Golden Re-        and Tracking from the Ground Up, by
                                                                                   test for the group. The MBDC web-
triever dogs. In addition, Bea has         Susan Boyd and Sandy Ganz.
                                                                                   site has all the necessary forms for
tracked and helped find dogs lost             To recommend other tracking in-
                                                                                   conducting a tracking test and for
after being involved in highway acci-
dents. You can go to Bea's website
for; training and trialing information,
to contact her for lessons, or to or-
der her tracking book.
   Another tracking instructor, who
Gloria McClain recommends, is Deb-
orah Best. Deborah teaches on the
East Bay of the San Francisco Bay
Area. Currently, she gives lessons
Tuesday through Thursday and on
Saturdays. For more information you
can email Deborah at or call her at
                                                    Margaret and Zeke MB-TD tracking                      (Continued on page 11)
(510) 278-4642. Deborah has not

         Winter 2008                       Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                        Page 8
    Mixed Breed Dog Club of California 2007 Specialty

Clemmie Thompson with Ned-Rally Adv.             Lucy Rasmussen and Ozzie on course; Terry & Lucky on Honor—Rally

 Dawn Bushong’s Penny going out for the                    Vicki & Cowboy, 3rd Place, Meg & Ellie 1st Place, Judge Penny
              dumbbell                                      Robinson and Dorothy & Cheyenne 2nd Place, Rally Novice A

                                                                                           Lots of legs
                                                                                         earned at the
                                                                                            Weather ,
                                                                                          volunteers ,
                                                                                           were great!
         Happy Rally contestants with Judge Penny Robinson!

      Winter 2008                    Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                             Page 9
       Mixed Breed Dog Club of California 2007 Specialty

Rally Judges: Penny Robinson, John Maher
                & Merlin                            Julia Haeger & Po, Chris Blanco & Skyler, Betsy Jones & Smedly and

Judge Vicki Ronchette with Ann Dahlin and Peanut Points Bitch                                  Dorothy heeling off leash in Open with
and Best Opposite Sex and Betsy Jones with Smedly, Points Dog,                                   Jasper under Judge Bonny Heitz
              Best of Points and Best Mixed Breed

                                                       Judge Vicki awards Julia’s Po Reserve
    Dorothy stacks Dillon on the table                              Points Dog!                         Chris & Skyler, heeling in

         Winter 2008                          Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                             Page 10
                           Legs and Titles (Recorded Thru February, 2008)
Obedience                                                              Rally:
 1st Leg Novice:                                                          1st Leg Excellent
Chris Blanco’s Skyler-181                                              Kitty Norwood’s Rex-85
Lucy Rasmussen’s Ozzie—183                                                2nd Leg Excellent
  2nd Leg Novice:                                                      Kitty Norwood’s Rex-92
Chris Blanco’s Skyler– 184.5                                              3rd Leg Excellent and MB-RE
   3rd Leg Novice and MB-CD                                            Kitty Norwood’s Rex-79
Kitty Norwood’s Rex—170                                                   27th Leg RAE
   2nd Leg Open                                                        Terry Hawkin’s Lucky (A-90/E94)
Dawn Bushong’s Penny—190                                                  16th Leg RAE
   3rd Leg Open and MB-CDX                                             Terry Hawkin’s Chewie (A-95/E93)
Dawn Bushong’s Penny—193.5                                             Conformation
Agility                                                                Kitty Norwood’s Rex –MB-Ch
Terry Hawkin’s Chewie-CPE Extraordinaire Snooker

Tracking with Mixed Breeds, Cont.
(Continued from page 8)                          tracking, it is important to watch, and
                                                                                            the events caledasof the dog training
                                                 hopefully help at, tracking trials.
                                                                                            clubs in your area. To let club mem-
MBDC judge approval.                             Watching and helping lets you know
                                                                                            bers know of other California track-
                                                 what to expect at an ASCA tracking
Getting Titled Through ASCA                                                                 ing tests, please contact our newslet-
                                                 trial or when you are evaluated by an
    Our only current club member                                                            ter editor Kitty Norwood.
                                                 MBDC approved judge. Tracking tests
with a tracking title is Margaret                                                               Here are a few tests coming up
                                                 are infrequent events, so you will
Reed. She earned her TD title                                                               soon in Northern California:
                                                 need to take advantage of the very
through the ASCA. As noted in a pre-                                                           Napa Valley Dog Training Club,
                                                 few that occur in your area. Even
vious article about ASCA, Margaret                                                          Sunday March 9, Los Posadas State
                                                 though you will not be entering AKC
says she entered her mixed breed                                                            Forrest, Angwin, CA —Tracking Dog
                                                 tracking tests, they will often be the
like anyone else, but first picks for                                                       Excellent Test.
                                                 most convenient tests for you to get
tracks went to ASCA dogs. Then any                                                             Santa Clara Dog Training Club,
                                                 to. So, for educational purposes you
tracks left over went to mixes. For-                                                        Sunday March 30, Anderson Park,
                                                 will want to help and observe at both
tunately, Margaret                                                                          Morgan Hill
                                                                    AKC and ASCA
says, tracking appar-                                                             
ently isn't popular        To get involved with Tracking offer                              html
                                                                       To find local
with ASCA and she
                              to help at an upcoming trial          tracking tests, check   Lost is found—jackpot for Zeke!
no problem getting              or match!
   The tracking
regulations of ASCA mirror those of
the AKC. To compete in ASCA events,
mixed breed owners need to get a
tracking number for each dog. The
fee for doing so is nominal. To obtain
a tracking number and regulations you
can go to the ASCA website
Local Tracking Tests
    To get involved in the sport of

            Winter 2008                         Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                         Page 11
  PAGE 12                                                       MUTT MUSTER                                                   WI N T E R I S S U E

(Continued from page 7)                                                            volunteered to ask for some)
                                                                                              d. Need cones - small lightweight ones (w/golf
Board Minutes, Cont.                                                               tees to hold down) Wolverine Sports
                                                                                              e. Betsy will talk to Angela, John, & Penny
                  a. Kitty would be willing to go to events, but doesn't           about sign holders
        want to be on committee                                                    3) First Aid
                  b. Ann would be interested in helping out in a limited                      a. Betsy thought would be nice to have for
        way                                                                        events (including Benadryl)
                  c. Betsy volunteered Margaret, b/c she is fielding                          b. Gloria suggests asking vet tech member (ie,
        requests for booths/demos                                                  Julia) to put a kit together for the club
  G. Website                                                                                  c. Betsy would be willing to donate a pet first
        1) Angela still believed to be in charge of website                        aid book to kit
        2) Dawn has access, but is not in charge                                              d. Chris would donate some muzzles
        3) Dawn is willing to update & upgrade site, if Angela doesn't                        e. Jackie suggests just using matierial (ie,
        want to do it                                                                         gauze) to use as a muzzle
        4) Terry said San Lorenzo ordered new pens with the web                               f. Get some instant ice packs - Gloria has 6 she
        site on them                                                                            could bring to events
                  a. Mixed breed club could order                                                   I. Donations
                                                         Would you like sticky notes,
        pens too to give out at events, gift bags,                                              1) Kitty mentioned that to keep our non-
        etc                                                A pen, or a magnetic club            profit status, we need to look at places to
                  b. Gloria liked sticky notes with                                             donate
        logo in background                               business card with club logo           a. Now that we have money, we should look at
                  c. Jackie likes magnetic busi-                                                places to donate
        ness cards
                                                               in your goodie bag?              b. Terry says if we don't make $25k per
 H. Equipment                                                                                   year, they won't care
        1) Chris would like to get new lightweight jumps                           2) Terry asks if we have any articles of incorporation
                  a. Terry says Acme Company has jumps (and have 4"                3) Gloria says the national club has articles that we were
        height)                                                           I        ncorporated under - she will try to locate a copy
                  b. Chris says Oregon had jumps with wheels on them        J. Brags
                  c. Chris, Terry, and Kitty will coordinate and check             1)Chris: Skyler got two legs towards CD in Oregon
        prices                                                                     2) Angela: Streaker finished his championship with 3
                  d. Could raffle or put ad in newsletter to sell old              BOB and she is getting new puppy in few weeks. Angela
        jumps                                                                      is an approved Rally judge. Betsy will ask if she will be-
        2) Need another set of signs and holders for Rally (Signs are              come a conformation judge
        changing in January, too)                                                  3) Jackie: Dino has 29 championship points
                  a. Need somebody to download and print signs -
        Betsy can laminate                                                Meeting adjourned: 1:05pm - December 7, 2007
                  b. Wire holders are ok, but need extra clothes pins
        and hooks
                  c. Betsy likes Angela's idea of flower holders (Ann

                                                                                           Brag, brag, brag!
                                                                                           You worked hard for those titles—now
                                                                                           show the world what you and your buddy
                                                                                           have done. Order your patches from
                                                                                           Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America, Linda
                                                                                           Lewis, 13884 State Route 104, Lucasville,
                                                                                           OH 45648-8586. The patches are $7.00
                                                                                           each which includes shipping.

                                                                                           Check out the club website
                                                                                           ( to see all the patches
                                                                                           available. MB-RE and MB-RAE are being

                                                                                           < Rex’s patches on his Messenger Bag.

            Winter 2008                          Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                                    Page 12
                           Quickie CALENDAR OF DOG AGILITY (last updated 2/15/08)
                            Reprinted by permission of the Bay Team, with special thanks to Karey Krauter

  See Karey’s complete Agility Calendar on the Bay Team web site (Apologies to Karey’s Calendar—AKC events
                       been deleted as Mixed Breed Dogs cannot compete at AKC events)
Mar 22/23 (easter) Sunnyvale Bayteam CPE, ElkGrove NADAC
Mar 29/30 Hollister PASA ASCA, Wilton NADAC

Apr 5/ 6 DixoSantaRosa R2R NADAC
Apr 12/13 Dixon HautedawgsTRACS 4-day USDAA, CarsonCity NADAC
Apr 19/20 SantaRosa NADAC, ElkGrove funmatch, CarsonCuty MDT-AA NADAC
Apr 26/27 Prunedale SMART USDAA, ElkGrove DOCNA

May    3/ 4   Sunnyvale Bayteam USDAA, CarsonCity R@R NADAC
May   10/11   CarsonCity QAC USDAA, Turlock VAST NADAC, ElkGrove HauteDawgs CPE
May   17/18   ElkGrove CPE
May   24/25   (mem) Moorpark Happydog USDAA/mas, ElkGrove NADAC
May   31/ 1   Turlock NAF USDAA/team, Hollister PASA ASCA, Madera CAT CPE

Jun 7/ 8 Dixon PowerPaws Camp, CarsonCity R2R NADAC
Jun 14/15 ElkGrove NADAC,
Jun 28/29 Portland CAT USDAA/GP+,

Jul 5/ 6 Sunnyvale Bayteam USDAA/3day
Jul 19/20 Petaluma Bayteam CPE, CityofIndustry WVDS USDAA
Jul 26/27 CarsonCuty MDT-AA NADAC

Aug 2/ 3 Hollister PASA ASCA, ElkGrove CPE
Aug 9/10 ?Ventura WVDS USDAA, CarsonCuty MDT-AA NADAC
Aug 16/17 CarsonCity CPE                                                                Mary and Snickers heeling in the
Aug 23/24 Salinas SMART USDAA                                                          Figure 8 at the October Specialty
Aug 30/31(labor) Sunnyvale Bayteam USDAA/GP+, CarsonCity MDT-AA NADAC
                                                                                       with Judge Bonnie Heitz and post
                                                                                                   Ann Dahlin.
                      Matches and Specialties, Etc.
March 16, 2008 Napa Valley DTC (Obedience and Rally) Indoor Fun Match. Pre-entries close March 12th. Info Sandy
         Bonifield Phone: 707-257-2776 See Flyer on page 14.
March 28, 29, 30, 2008 Disaster Response Training, El Dorado Co. Fairgrounds, Placerville, CA
March 29, 2008 Monthly Obedience Workshops (no legs available?), Vacaville, CA. Info Cessie: 707-410-8648.
March 30, 2008 San Lorenzo DTC All-Breed Obedience and Rally Workshop. Pre-entries close March 15th.Info Phyllis
         Gunhouse (510) 569-7173 See Flyer on page 15
April 26, 2008 Doberman Pinscher Club of Sacramento, All-Breed Obedience and Rally Workshop, Rusch Park, Citrus Heights,
         re-entries close April 23. Info: Arlene McCoin 916-988-1541
May 31, 2008 15th Annual Doggie Dash, Sacramento SPCA, William Land Park, Sacramento. Info: Denise Fournier
May 31 & June 1—Connie Cleveland—2 Day Obedience Seminar, ARF Walnut Creek. $190 for a Dog Slot. Info:
         Suzanne Bria, (925-253-4875
September 20, 2008, Bark in the Park, San Jose (
October, 2008 Date to be announced! Mixed Breed Dog Club of America National Specialty Hayward(?), CA. Hosted by
the California Chapter of Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America—THAT’s US!

         Winter 2008                      Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                    Page 13
                                                                                Keep in Touch—Mixed Breed Club Contacts &
  The Mutt Muster does not necessarily express the opinions of the           There are many activities, such as fun matches and agility trials,
  MBDC of CA Board or its members. Every effort is made to ensure            which are announced through our Yahoo groups rather than through
  accuracy, however, the editor is not held responsible for the content of
                                                                             our e-mail or newsletters. There are two groups related to the Club:

  This issue was edited by Kitty Norwood                                     MBDCAinfo ( for messages
                                                                             and announcements from the National board (not a chat group); Mem-
                                                                             bership by invitation only. Only moderators can post mes-
                                                                             sages. Debbie Duncan is the List owner - send Debbie an e-mail at
                     In Sympathy                                     Tell her that you are a CA Chapter mem-
                                                                             ber and that you would like to join.
                                        We were sorry to
                                                                             MBDCofCA chat: currently we do not have a site for our chapter’s
                                         hear of Dorothy                     info, news, photos and brags. (3/1/08). The board is working on get-
                                        Angus’ recent loss                   ting another site up and running. You will be notified by email and
                                         of her German                       invited to join.
                                           Shepherd/                         We also have a huge selection of MBDCofCA merchandise available at
                                           Aussie mix,              Here's one of our "shop" links
                                                                    The top of the page has t-shirts
                                         Cheyenne at 9                       and sweatshirts. If you scroll down past the clothes, you will find the
                                          years of age.                      "Cups, Stickers, Buttons, and Magnets" section.

                                                                             Lastly, you can buy the updated 2006 MBDCA Rules and Regulations,
                      We were sorry to                                       obedience and tracking patches, stationary, and license plate frames
                      hear that Mardi                                        from our national organization at
                       Richmond lost
her Cattle Dog Mix, Jesse at the age of
               14 years.
                                                                                                                       Jan Frias’ Sarah with her
  Cindy Leung. President of MDBCA                                                                                        ribbon for winning 1st
 and the Oregon Chapter said farewell                                                                                  Place in Rally Advanced A!
 to her Golden mix, Nora Bora at 13
  years of age. Nora was Cindy’s first
            competition dog.

Monkey and Me, Cont.
(Continued from page 1)

ing that he licked my chin. He's been                      his socialization. Earlier this year I
my best friend ever since.                                 started taking him to Rally classes
    He came to me in early June and                        at Performance Dogs In Action,
by mid August I knew I had to adopt                        hoping to continue his socialization
him. I never felt the name Jared fit                       as well as challenge him. Eventually
him so I had taken to calling him Mon-                     we want to get into Agility. Each
key because he was always into                             time we do something new he seems
things. So when I adopted him I de-                        to be less fearful and my true goal
cided to make it official. And when I                      is to see him lose his fear of people
joined the Mixed Breed Dog Club, I                         all together.
gave him the more formal sounding
name of "Col Potter's Monkey B".
    Shortly after I adopted him I
took him to obedience classes at
                                                                                                          Monkey taking a snooze!
4PawsU in Sacarmento to help with

            Winter 2008                                         Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                           Page 14
Winter 2008   Mixed Breed Dog Club of California   Page 15
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