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        Choose the best answer to each question and make sure to enter it on CPS!!
        1. As with most plans, sometimes there are circumstances that change or alter your
           schedule. Therefore, being                  is an important part of setting
           up a realistic time management plan.
           a. optimistic
           b. flexible
           c. confident
           d. thorough

           2. The OPERATIONS ORDER consists of ______ paragraphs?
           a.   3
           b.   4
           c.   5
           d.   6
           e.   7 or more

        3. Concept of the Operation falls under which category?
              a. Mission
              b. Situation
              c. Command and Signal
              d. Service Support
              e. Execution

        For each of the following Key Words, circle the letter of the correct definition.

        4. It behooves you to wear your uniform on Wednesday. This means:
           a.   It is mandatory.
           b.   In your best interest.
           c.   Optional because you can make up on Friday.
           d.   None of the above.
           e.   All of the above.

        5. challenges
           a.   requires full use of one’s abilities, energies, or resources
           b.   influences a person through deceptive or dishonest means
           c.   forces action through threats
           d.   faced by cadet Dugo in unruly classes

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               6. Squads have two prescribed formations; they are ______________________________.
    A. line and rank
    B. column and file
    C. line and column
    D. column and column of twos
               7. The __________________is responsible to run the Brigade Staff.
                           a. Brigade Commander
                           b. Brigade XO
                           c. Brigade S3
                           d. Brigade Command Sergeant Major
                           e. None of the above
               8. mission
                  a. an emotion or desire operating on a person and causing him or her to act
                  b. an act of combining two or more elements to accomplish a task
                  c. a specific job given to a person or group of persons to accomplish

               9. motivate
                  a. to provide a need or a purpose which causes a person to want to act
                  b. to force a person to stop an action against his or her will or desire
                  c. to change your position through an inclination or impulse of the mind or will

               10. opportunities
                   a. advantageous situations missed through poor timing and/or lack of effort
                   b. unsuitable or inconvenient situations that occur at inappropriate times
                   c. situations where time and/or circumstances are favorable for a purpose

               11.         T/F - When a squad drills in a line formation, the squad leader’s position is two
                           steps in front of and centered on the squad.

               12. The two ways a person can become an American citizen are by
                   a. birth and adoption
                   b. birth and naturalization
                   c. marriage and naturalization
                   d. marriage and adoption

               13.         T/F - When a platoon forms in a column, its squads are numbered from to left to
                     14.   democratic
                     a.    where the majority of the power is held by a strong central government
                     b.    where the majority of the power is held by the state governments
                     c.    where the majority of the power is held by the people through elected

15. Federalists
    a. people who advocated a strong central government
    b. people who advocated for state rights and strong state governments
    c. people who opposed the addition of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution

16. freedom
      a. a just, legal, or moral claim guaranteed by law
      b. the condition of being without restraints
      c. a special condition that is granted as a benefit

17. privileges
    a. just, legal, or moral claims guaranteed by law
    b. rights and/or freedoms that are granted as a benefit
    c. the capacities to exercise one’s choices

18.       T / F - The command “Platoon, Fall-in” is a proper command.

19. redress
    a. to obligate
    b. to guarantee by law
    c. to remedy or rectify

20. responsibilities
    a. just, legal, or moral claims guaranteed by law
    b. special rights
    c. duties or obligations

21. rights
    a. just, legal, or moral claims guaranteed by law
    b. freedoms that are granted as a benefit
    c. special advantages given to citizens in a democracy

22. Obeying laws, serving on juries, and paying taxes are                          of
    a. freedoms
    b. rights
    c. privileges
    d. responsibilities

23. The teaching methods of Major Mallamaci and MSG Fitzpatrick best illustrate
which of the following characteristics of participating citizens?
    a. putting the welfare state above their own
    b. supporting fair business practices
    c. cultivating qualities of character and personality
    d. respecting and upholding the law

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              24. The cadet chain of command is important because?
                  a. it teaches leadership and responsibility
                  b. maintains unit cohesiveness
                  c. maintains order and discipline
                  d. all of the above

              25. The following are parts of a speech:
                     a. Introduction, purpose, format, conclusion
                     b. Body, outline, questions, introduction
                     c. Purpose, body, conclusion, introduction
                     d. Outline, purpose, questions, conclusion

              26. The following are types of speeches:
                  a. reading, informative, accepting, commemorative
                  b. informative, persuasive, entertaining
                  c. speaking, accepting, commemorative
                  d. listening, persuading, accepting

              27. Cadet CSM Robin Welch made a cogent argument. This means:
                     a.   forcible, convincing
                     b.   unprepared
                     c.   well documented
                     d.   well outlined

               28. After Golf Company defeated Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo and Foxtrot in
a stunning Honor Company upset, cadets in Golf Company consumed copious amounts of food and
drink at Organization day. This means:
                   a. measured amounts
                   b. large amounts
                   c. small amounts
                   d. even amounts

            For the following questions, fill in the corresponding letter answer to the

            29.     Cadet Colonel                         a.

            30.     Cadet First Lieutenant

            31.     Cadet Second Lieutenant

            32.     Cadet Major

            33.     Cadet Lieutenant Colonel              b.







            34.              Cadet First Sergeant              a.

            35.              Cadet Private First Class

            36.              Cadet Sergeant Major

            37.              Cadet Master Sergeant             .b

            38.              Cadet Sergeant

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    39. When displaying the U.S. flag, always raise it         and lower it         .
        a. briskly, briskly
        b. briskly, ceremoniously
        c. ceremoniously, briskly
        d. ceremoniously, ceremoniously
    40. In land area, this is the second largest country in the world:
        a. Russia                 c. China
        b. Canada                  d. United States

    41. In terms of population, this is the world’s third largest country:
        a. United States     c. India
        b. China             d. Brazil

    42. Although this country is smaller than Rhode Island, it has enormous world

                   a.   Luxemburg
                   b.   The Vatican
                   c.   Lichtenstein
                   d.   Switzerland

               43. The smallest continent is:
                   a. Europe
                   b. Antarctica
                   c. South America
                   d. Australia

               44. The highest mountain in the world is located in:
                   a. North America
                   b. South America
                   c. Europe
                   d. Asia

               45. 80% of the land in this place is covered by glaciers:
                   a. Russia
                   b: Canada
                   c. Greenland
                   d. Norway

               46. Cadets Burklew and Larson are tasked to decorate the Moose Lodge in
               preparation for the Military Christmas Ball. The main Ball room measures 150 feet
               long by 50 feet wide. If light strands cost $0.50/ft, how much will it cost to string the
               perimeter of the ballroom?
                      a. $50.00
                      b. $100.00
                      c. $200.00
                      d. $400.00
                      e. not enough info is given to solve the problem

Column A provides ranks/responsibilities of JROTC positions listed in Column B. Match the
position with the appropriate rank/responsibility by placing its letter in the space to the left of
Column A.

                                   Column A                                    Column B

                   47.    The Brigade supply officer                       a. platoon sergeant

                   48.    Usually is a 1LT                                 b. Brigade S3

                   49.    Responsible for Brigade color                    c. Brigade command

                                                                                        PAGE          7
               guard                                                 sergeant major

        50.    Develops responsibility and leadership
               in squad leaders                                  d. company executive
        51. Senior officer after BDE CDR & XO                    e. Brigade S4

    52. The cadet brigade __ maintains audio/video equipment, while the cadet battalion
            acts as the security officer.
        a. S-1, S-5
        b. S-4, S-1
        c. S-2, S-4
        d. S-6, S-2

    53. Which of the following is a duty of the cadet brigade S-3?
        a. Prepare the weekly training schedules
        b. Publish the cadet battalion’s recruiting plan
        c. Maintain all merit and demerit reports
        d. Assist in inspections of security of weapons

    54. The U.S. Flag has ___________stars, and _________stripes.
        a.    50 and 20
        b.    48 and 13
        c.    50 and 13
        d.    none of the above

    55. What is the proper way to dispose of a U.S. Flag?
        a. in a shredder     c. burning
        b. burial at sea      d. send it to the U.S. flag disposal agency

    56. Under what conditions should Cadet Luke-John Spencer remove his hat to show
        respect for the U.S. flag as it passes him?
        a. when outdoors in uniform
        b. when outdoors in civilian clothes
        c. when outdoors in uniform or civilian clothes
    57. When Cadet Young is in uniform inside the gym for a school assembly and the
    Colors are about to pass her, what should she do?
       a. stand at attention
       b. stand at attention and render a hand salute
       c. stand at attention with you right hand over your heart

    58. During a Raider PT test, females must complete at least_______pushups?
        a. 11
        b. 19
        c. 25
        d. 53

                  59. Males must complete _____pushups during the Raider PT test.
                      a.   25
                      b.   42
                      c.   50
                      d.   55
                      e.   62

                  60. If you are outdoors in uniform and you hear the national anthem, you should:
                     a. face the flag and stand at attention
                     b. face the flag, stand at attention, render the hand salute at the beginning of the music,
and again at the end
                    c. face the flag, stand at attention, render the hand salute on the first note of the music,
and hold it to the last note
                   d. face the flag, stand at attention, and place your right hand over your heart throughout
the music

                  61. If you are indoors in uniform (not under arms) and you hear the national anthem,
    you should:
                      a.   face the flag and stand at attention
                      b.   face the flag, stand at attention, render the hand salute at the beginning of
                           the music, and again at the end
                      c.   face the flag, stand at attention, begin the hand salute on the first note of
                           the music, and hold it to the last note
                      d.   face the flag, stand at attention, and place your right hand over your heart
                           throughout the music

                  62. During the Raider PT test, males and females must complete______situps.
                      a. 43
                      b. 48
                      c. 53
                      d. 58

                  63. bombardment
                      a. a sighting device for aiming bombs
                      b. a structure safe from the force of bombs
                      c. an attack with bombs, explosive shells, or missiles
                      d. what happens to you after eating in the school cafeteria

        64. When a platoon forms in a line, its squads are numbered from _____________ to ___________.
        A. front, rear
        B. rear, front
        C. right, left
        D. left, right

                  65. Which arrow depicts Magnetic North?

                                                                                                           PAGE   9
                       a. A
                       b. B
                       c. C

                                                   A          B           C

For the following questions use this map:


66. At what six digit coordinate will you find a cemetery?

               a.   941931
               b.   016932
               c.   023013
               d.   023932

67. The straight line distance from BM 145 located at 045934 to BM 118 located at 048907 is
approximately _______________.

                a.   50,000 meters
                b.   30,000 meters
                c.   3 miles
                d.   3,000 meters

68. What is the terrain feature located at Grid 006913
                a.   Hill 134
                b.   Valley 134
                c.   Spur 134
                d.   Depression number 134

69. Which of the following are major terrain features?
               a. mountains, oceans, ridges
               b. hill, saddle, valley
               c. depression, trench, hill
               d. cliff, saddle, mountain

70. The base directions in map reading are:
               a. true north, magnetic north, grid north
               b. north, south, east, west
               c. up, down, across
               d. diagonal, vertical, horizontal

71. denigrate
                a. to attire with a certain degree of uniformity
                b. break down or severely criticize
                c. to present oneself in formal clothes

72. esprit de corps
                a. cleverness and wit used to entertain at a gathering
                b. an occupation shared by individuals that unites them as a group
                c. a common feeling of pride found in members of the Raider Team.

73. A grid azimuth is plotted with the use of a _________.
               a. compass.
               b. protractor.
               c. super computer
               d. calculator.

                Use the diagram for the answers to the following questions:

74. The back azimuth for 360 degrees is                                        0°
        a. 18 degrees                                                          or
        b. 270 degrees                                                        360°

                                                                                     PAGE   11
         c. 180 degrees
         d. 0 degrees

75. The back azimuth for 45 degrees is
       a. 251 degrees
       b. 215 degrees
       c. 225 degrees
       d. 360 degrees

76. The back azimuth for the Direction Line:
      a. 330 degrees
      b. 199 degrees
      c. 270 degrees
      d. 244 degrees

77. The back azimuth for 333 degrees is
      a. 145 degrees
      b. 153 degrees
      c. 89 degrees
      d. 360 degrees

78. Which of the following choices is a scanning hint.
         a. looking at words/phrases that are italicized or bolded in the text
         b. reading aloud
         c. reviewing frequently
        d. explaining what you have read to someone else

79. When securing the ties on a fracture you should tie the knot on the?
      a. Side where the wood and the knot make contact
      b. Over the fracture so that you do not need a tourniquet
      c. Below the wound/fracture

80.       What are the three things a leader provides to others to accomplish a mission or task?
         a.   Supplies, money, personnel
         b.   Purpose, direction, motivation
         c.   Time, resources, guidance
         d.   resources, time, purpose

81. If you were a commander, what steps would you take to prevent sexual harassment/assault in your unit?
         a. Set an example for proper behavior in a unit
         b. Issue a policy letter defining sexual harassment/assault, describing the procedures of investigating, and
describing the consequences of each

         c. Provide recurring training on sexual harassment/assault prevention
         d. Provide resources to victims of sexual harassment/assault.
         e. all of the above

82. What is NOT a correct description of the significance of the colors and parts of the U.S. flag?
         a.   Red stands for hardiness and valor
         b.   white represents hope, purity, and innocence
         c.   The blue rectangle is called the "confederacy" and is an emblem for unity.
         d.   The thirteen red and white stripes represent the first 13 colonies

83. Which of the following “Winning Colors” would be used to describe Albert Einstein?
         a.   Blue
         b.   Green
         c.   Red
         d.   Brown
84. The picture below depicts the transportation method known as

    a. two man carry
    b. three man carry
    c. four man carry

    85. The manner depicted below is called:
    a.   the two hand seat carry
    b.   the three hand seat carry
    c.   the four hand seat carry
    d.   the buddy system carry

86. Goal setting                             .
                       a.   is an on-going process
                       b.   requires continuous re-evaluation of goals
                       c.   requires sacrifices and discipline to reach goals
                       d.   all of the above
                       e.   answers b and c only

87. Graduating from High School is what type of goal?
                   a. short term goal

                                                                                                      PAGE   13
                    b.   intermediate goal
                    c.   long term goal
                    d.   life goal
                    e.   not a goal at all, but a requirement

88. The action of assigning push-ups to cadets is an example of:
                    a. non-judicial punishment
                    b. positive re-enforcement
                    c. administrative management
                    d. cadet SOP

89. When no one from the assigned company shows up to take down the colors, and someone else is asked
to do it, this is an example of being_____________
                       a. optimistic
                       b. flexible
                       c. confident
                       d. thorough

90. Which of the following statements is NOT the responsibility of a Platoon Sergeant?
                         a. Set the example at all times.
                         b. Learn the names of squad leaders in the platoon and use their names when
                            addressing them.
                         c. Submit absentee reports to the company first sergeant.
                         d. Keep the company commander informed about other platoons.

91. One of the most important tasks in the preparation phase for a successful speech
    is                         .
                   a. writing an outline
                   b. rehearsing
                   c. coming up with a catchy introduction
                   d. memorizing a conclusion

92. Visual aids should
                    a.   be the main substance of your presentation
                    b.   help you keep the audience interested throughout your presentation
                    c.   be the focus of your attention during your presentation
                    d.   best be used in the middle of your presentation, when you are presenting facts

93. There are several tips that you can use to make your speech a successful one.
                One of them is to be articulate. That means you shouldn’t                         .
                    a. talk to your visual aids
                    b. shuffle your feet or put your hands in your pockets
                    c. mumble
                    d. use a monotone voice

94. During the field trip to Universal Studios, students were grouped into teams. This is an example of:
                    a. Task Organization and leadership training
                    b. student preference

                     c. class breakdown
                     d. Chain of Command

95. Which of the following is not one of the toasts at the Military Ball?
                   a. To the president
                   b. To the United States Military
                   c. To the Moose lodge
                   d. To the ladies
                   e. To the gentlemen

96. Which of the following is not part of the Formal Events at the Military Ball?
                   a. Presentation of the Colors
                   b. Toasts
                   c. Receiving Line
                   d. Speeches
                   e. Dancing

97. The following are some of the events of the Military Ball. Which are in the correct order?
                       a. Reception, dinner, toasts, speeches, dancing, retire the colors,
                       b. Reception, toasts, speeches, present the colors, dancing
                       c. Reception, presentation of the colors, toasts, invocation, retiring the colors
                       d. Reception, invocation, presentation of colors, toasts, dinner, speeches
                       e. Both b & d

98. This signifies the end of the formal part of the Military Ball:
                        a. Conclusion of the guest speaker
                        b. Retire the Colors
                        c. Lowering the lights and playing music
                        d. Finishing Dinner
                        e. None of the above

99.   Who is responsible to check off guests and hand out tickets?
                        a. Battalion Commander
                        b. Adjutant/S1
                        c. Battalion Sergeant Major
                        d. Company commander
                        e. None of the above

100. Knowledge is:

                        a.   mandatory
                        b.   desirable
                        c.   power
                        d.   optional
                        e.   None of the above

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Which Company will be HONOR COMPANY???

WHO LET THE DOGS OUT???........WHO?……WHO?…….


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