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					    Malaria No More is determined to see an
    end to malaria deaths in Africa by 2015—
    and we’re helping the world get it done.

    20                                  malaria no more
            Everything we do and every one of
            our accomplishments is made possible
            by a network of committed and driven
            partners. Together, we will make Malaria

            No More.

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                 3
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cover: siblings smile with their mosquito net outside their family ’s home in ethiopia
Our mission.
Our goal.
Our name.

Malaria No More.
Our Story

                                                                        Why malaria?
                                                                        Malaria kills 3,000 kids in Africa
                                                                        every day—but it doesn’t have to be
                                                                        this way.

                                                                        Why now?
                                                                        Thanks to a new generation of
                                                                        tools, on-the-ground successes
                                                                        and increased political and
                                                                        public support, the world is better
                                                                        prepared to defeat malaria now
malaria no more’s mission           Malaria’s moment is now.
                                                                        than any other time in history.
is as simple as our name. We are      Malaria No More was
committed to ending malaria         founded in December 2006
deaths in Africa by 2015—and we     by business leaders Ray             Why us?
use every tool in our arsenal to    Chambers and Peter Chernin,         The world is winning the fight
relentlessly pursue our goal.       with an eye toward delivering       against malaria. Malaria No More
  The world is poised to achieve    private-sector expertise and an     leverages every opportunity to save
the first great humanitarian        entrepreneurial approach to a       lives with partnership, innovation
success story of the 21st century   global health issue. We bring       and a relentless determination to
by ending this preventable          our business acumen to the          end malaria deaths for once and
and treatable disease. The          malaria community, serving          for all.
malaria community has the           as a catalyst for impact in the
momentum, the support and           effort to end malaria deaths. By
the tools. Funding has increased    shining a bright light on malaria
exponentially, proven control       and finding innovative solutions
tools are available and African     to challenges, Malaria No More
countries are aggressively          works to leverage our expertise
tackling malaria within their       to amplify the power of the fight
borders with worldwide support.     against malaria—and get proven

3                                                                                    malaria no more
interventions into the hands of          ► Wemobilized a new                 Caucus and expanded our
families in Africa.                       grassroots community on            global network.
   The world is winning the race          Twitter to get the word out
to save lives—but we still have           about malaria and raise           ► We partnered with some of
more to do. To reach our 2015             funds for mosquito nets on         the biggest players in business
goal, we must provide access to           World Malaria Day.                 to launch the Malaria Capital
malaria interventions like nets                                              Campaign and engage the
and medicines by December 31,            ► We partnered with world-          private sector in the malaria
2010. Thanks to a groundswell             renowned singer Youssou            fight.
of public support, determined             NDour to empower Senegalese
partners and ambitious goals, the         families to increase net usage    The 2009 Malaria No More
world’s chances against malaria           and fever treatment during        Stakeholder Report tells the
have never been more promising.           the country’s national mosquito   story of the malaria community’s
It’s up to us to keep that promise.       net distribution.                 progress against the disease
                                                                            and how Malaria No More is
In 2009, Malaria No More                 ► Our Malaria Policy Center        working with partners to achieve
catalyzed some of the biggest             in Washington, D.C. built         our goals.
moments of the fight against              support for malaria control
malaria:                                  with the Congressional Malaria

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                                                                     4
    a group of students share a laugh at a secondary school in zanzibar

5                                                                    malaria no more
                                         The world has developed the tools, the knowledge
                                         and the passion to end malaria deaths.

                                         Malaria No More and our partners are
                                         marketing the end of malaria, using breakthrough
                                         communications and powerful voices to
                                         show how everyone can help declare victory
                                         against the disease.

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                                                      6
Awareness Catalyst

    all a-twitter about malaria

                                                                                               Malaria No
                                                                                               More is not
                                                                                               your average
                                                                                               “Marketing and Media
                                                                                               Lessons From Twittermania”

All it takes is 140 characters to help change   Twittersphere. Thousands of people joined      May 8, 2009
the world. When Ashton Kutcher sent a           the race and in the early hours of Friday,
message about malaria through Twitter,          April 17th, Ashton crossed the million mark,
an online social networking and micro-          beating CNN. In the excitement, stars
blogging tool, we discovered the newest         including Oprah Winfrey, Ryan Seacrest,
weapon in the fight against malaria. A          Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Sean “Diddy”
simple tweet sent by the star was soon          Combs and hundreds of individuals
multiplied across the Web, engaging             donated mosquito nets to fight malaria. The
millions and raising malaria awareness          campaign raised more than half a million
among a brand new audience.                     dollars to protect children from malaria.
    But Ashton didn’t stop there. Finding       Moreover, millions of Twitterers learned
himself gaining in popularity over CNN’s        about what they could do to highlight the
“Breaking News” Twitter feed, he challenged     disease, and “World Malaria Day” became
the network giant to a race to one million      one of the Top Ten Most-Tweeted phrases
Twitter followers—and pledged ten               on April 25th.
thousand mosquito nets to Malaria No More         In any successful social change
if he got there first.                          movement, grassroots power is crucial—and
    The race was on. CNN jumped at the          Ashton and Twitter took mass participation
challenge and took to the airwaves, while       to a whole new level. The fight against
Ashton inspired Web users across the            malaria has gone viral.

7                                                                                                            malaria no more
                           more than a net:
                    champions on and off the field

                                                                                             FC Barcelona is “More Than a Club”—and
                                                                                             more than a partner to Malaria No More.
                                                                                             Proving they’re champions both on and
                                                                                             off the soccer field, the world’s top team
                                                                                             has continued to raise awareness about
                                                                                             malaria in-stadium and beyond. This year,
                                                                                             FC Barcelona is taking its leadership even
                                                                                             further by distributing mosquito nets across
                                                                                             Africa at the FC Barcelona Foundation’s
                                                                                             International Network of Solidarity Centers
                                                                                             (XICS). In March 2009, Barça President
                                                                                             Joan Laporta and star player Seydou Keita
                                                                                             traveled to Keita’s native country of Mali
                                                                                             to launch a XICS Center in Bamako, where
                                                                                             they distributed a thousand mosquito nets
                                                                                             to local children and encouraged them to
                                                                                             sleep under the nets. Additional funds from
                                                                                             the partnership sent 1,500 more nets to the
                                                                                             XICS Center in Senegal in July and lessons
                                                                                             about how to protect against malaria are now
                                                                                             part of the XICS curriculum. FC Barcelona
                                                                                             continued its support during its U.S. summer
                                                                                             tour, joining “United Against Malaria” and
                      fc barcelona’s seydou keita and                                        raising awareness on the West Coast.
               joan laporta distribute mosquito nets in mali

                     a c o m m o n g o a l : wo r l d c u p 2 0 1 0

The fight against malaria requires teamwork    the worldwide soccer community to build
to break through on the world’s largest        awareness, educate about prevention and
stage—the first World Cup on African soil      treatment, and advocate for malaria support
in 2010. The “United Against Malaria”          among soccer fans across the globe.
campaign is a partnership of soccer teams        Building on Malaria No More’s
and heroes, celebrities, health and advocacy   relationships with FC Barcelona, Fox Soccer
organizations, governments, corporations       Channel and Fox Sports en Español, we
and individuals who have united ahead of       are working to activate soccer fans around
the 2010 World Cup in South Africa to win      the world to join the global effort to send
the fight against malaria. Together, we are    malaria off the field for good.
working to harness soccer fever and engage

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                                                                                                     8
       Awareness Catalyst

                  t h e ma la r i a co m mu n i t y h a s em b r ac e d
           t h e g oa l o f e n d i ng ma la r i a d e at h s i n a f r i ca by

t h e r o l l bac k ma la r i a g l o ba l ma la r i a ac t i o n p la n p r ov i d e s a l l

                           w i t h a r oa dma p fo r s u cc e s s

           t h e w o r l d i s b e t t e r p r e pa r e d t o d e f e a t m a l a r i a

                          than ever before in history

              malaria no more is one member in a global

           Community determined to end malaria deaths

       9                                                                                        malaria no more
                                                                kids are stars with
                                                               national geographic

                                                 National Geographic Kids and National           “Be A Star, Save A Life” empowered kids
                                                 Geographic Explorer magazines broaden           to take action and emulate their Idol, who
                                                 kids’ horizons and introduce them to the        traveled to Ghana with Malaria No More
                                                 wider world. In partnership with American       last year. By donating their allowances
                                                 Idol’s Jordin Sparks, the “Be A Star,           (sometimes in pennies!) and engaging
                                                 Save A Life” program taught kids about          their classrooms, these kids helped send
                                                 malaria and was featured in three editions      mosquito nets to more than 6,000 families
                                                 of the magazines. As part of the in-class       in Africa to protect children like them.
                                                 curriculum for kids ages eight through 14,

                        spotlight on                                                                       a b b i e’s
                      t h e w h i t e pa r t y                                                             helping

                                                                                                   Every person can help change the
                  sean “diddy ” combs and ceo scott case at
                                                                                                   world for an African family by
                 the white party to benefit malaria no more.                                       learning about malaria and doing
                                                                                                   whatever they can to fight the
                                                                                                   disease—including kids. Twelve-
                                                                                                   year-old Abbie from Utah told
Sean “Diddy” Combs’ annual White Party           t-shirt that sent two mosquito nets to Africa
                                                                                                   Malaria No More, “It has been my
commands one of the brightest spotlights         with every purchase. Ashton and Diddy
                                                                                                   dream for a couple years to help
of the year—and in summer 2009, it shone         tweeted and sent live streaming video from
                                                                                                   save lives. I have earned $20 that
that light on the effort to end malaria. Diddy   the party, inviting the Web audience to join
                                                                                                   I would like to donate…finally my
joined Ashton Kutcher to co-host the White       in and celebrate life. Malaria No More was
                                                                                                   dream has happened!” Thanks
Party for Malaria No More, raising awareness     featured in a broad range of press about
                                                                                                   to Abbie and millions like her,
and funds for life-saving mosquito nets.         the White Party, including E! News, Extra,
                                                                                                   children across Africa are sleeping
Diddy’s fashion label, Sean John, designed a     Access Hollywood, People, US Weekly, and
                                                                                                   (and dreaming) safely under a net.
limited-edition “Celebrate Life: End Malaria”    newspapers across the country.

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                                                                                                        10
Awareness Catalyst

                              miles to end malaria:
                  s p e e d i n g u p t h e r a c e t o s av e l i v e s

Patrón Highcroft Racing knows that every       counting every mile as another step toward        Brabham and Scott Sharp encouraged race
second counts. Now the fastest drivers         the final victory lap against malaria. For        fans across the country to join the team by
on the planet are lending their speed to       every mile completed throughout the               pledging a penny per mile.
help the world accelerate its efforts to end   season, Patrón Highcroft Racing, team               Patrón Highcroft Racing proudly
malaria deaths.                                sponsor Tequila Patrón and American               displayed the Malaria No More logo on their
  The American Le Mans Series team             Le Mans Series founder Don Panoz each             racecar—reminding fans that every lap helps
joined us for “Miles To End Malaria”,          pledged $5 for mosquito nets. Drivers David       wave the checkered flag on malaria.

    a lway s                                   can sign up for our monthly newsletter, The
                                               Buzz, and to get regular BuzzBytes, offering
buzzing about                                  breaking news and information. Follow our
  something                                    progress and find out the latest in the malaria
                                               community at the Malaria No More blog,
                                               Buzzwords, check us out on Facebook or
News in the malaria world travels fast—and     follow @malarianomore on Twitter.
we want to keep our supporters in the loop!
Anyone interested in learning about our work

11                                                                                                                 malaria no more
                                                 “ i d o l g i v e s bac k” h a s e d u cat e d

                                           40 Million
                                            u. s . v i e w e r s a b o u t m a l a r i a a n d r a i s e d
                                                    $27 million to fight malaria

                                            i n 2 0 0 6 , t h e r e wa s a f r i c a m a l a r i a day.
                                                 i n 2 0 0 7 , m a l a r i a awa r e n e s s day.
                                                             in 2008, it became

                                         World Malaria Day
                                             “ wo r l d m a l a r i a day ” wa s o n e o f t h e

                                         10 Top-Tweeted
                                                      phrases on april 25, 2009

                                                      malaria no more shines a

                                                     to tell the malaria story

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                                                                       12
       a crowd in dakar shows its support for youssou ndour
     at the launch of the “surround sound: senegal” campaign

13                                                             malaria no more
                                         We’ve got malaria on the run—but the last few
                                         laps are crucial. Malaria No More works with local
                                         partners and global leaders to strategically invest
                                         in creative concepts and effective programs, from
                                         nets to innovative finance to demand creation.

                                         We provide the new perspective, the missing link,
                                         the top-off funds. The return on our investments?
                                         Healthy kids and strong families.

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                                                         14
Investment Catalyst

                       w e’ v e g o t m a l a r i a s u r r o u n d e d

World-famous singer Youssou NDour has           Senegal become Africa’s next success story       hosted a 15,000-person concert to launch
a voice that is recognized across the globe.    in the fight against malaria.                    the campaign, where he and Malaria No
Now he’s using that voice to amplify the          Senegal’s National Malaria Control             More joined with the Senegalese National
fight against malaria in his home country       Program and international partners were          Malaria Control Program, the Ministry
and working with local partners to get          gearing up for a distribution of nearly two      of Health, the U.S. President’s Malaria
Senegal singing a different tune—one of a       million mosquito nets for children under         Initiative, the Roll Back Malaria Partnership,
country where no child dies of malaria.         five nationwide. We wanted to bring our          World Vision, ChildFund International and
  “Surround Sound: Senegal” is a new            marketing background and Youssou’s               dozens of international partners who made
initiative to help local leaders create a       unparalleled reach to the table to help get      the distribution a success.
culture of malaria control.                     the word out.                                      As part of this multi-year partnership,
  The campaign activates key sectors              To launch the partnership, Youssou             we will continue to pioneer new ways
of Senegalese society—including                 collaborated with fellow Senegalese artists      to creatively surround Senegal with a
entertainment, sport, faith, local business     to write “Xeex Sibbiru”, a pop song that tells   message of malaria control and conduct
and government—to encourage people to           the story of a young man who gets malaria        sophisticated market research along the way
use mosquito nets, to recognize malaria         and misses out on life. The song encourages      so that “Surround Sound: Senegal” can serve
symptoms and to seek treatment.                 him and all Senegalese to sleep under a          as a model for leaders in other countries.
  Youssou, a Malaria No More Board              mosquito net. This song, along with radio          The world provided the mosquito nets
Member and one of Senegal’s largest             messages from Youssou himself, played on         and medicine. Youssou helped create the
media owners, is using his expertise, talent,   radio stations and in 1,300 health huts in       demand. Now it’s up to all of us to put these
contacts, and marketing savvy to help           the lead-up to the net distribution. Youssou     tools to work.

15                                                                                                                  malaria no more
                                                 zambia has reduced malaria deaths by

                                                                    66%  since 2003

                                           wo r l dw i d e p r o d u c t i o n o f i n s e c t i c i d e - t r e a t e d
                                                              nets has more than

                                                         Tripled    in recent years

                                          i n z a n z i b a r , m a l a r i a p r e va l e n c e h a s d r o p p e d t o

                                         Less than 1%
                                         thanks to rapid scale-up of malaria interventions

                                                      malaria no more makes strategic

                                          Investments     to support strong programs

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                                                                                     16
Investment Catalyst

                     bikes fight bites                                                             neighborhood
                                                                                                   wa t c h : m a l a r i a

                                                                                                  When Hadji Diop lost his daughter
                                                                                                  to malaria, he vowed not to let
                                                                                                  any other family in his small
            board members john bridgeland and steven phillips
               lead the pack at the bikes for rukara launch                                       Senegalese village suffer as he did.
                                                                                                  Hadji convinced his community
                                                                                                  to pledge to use mosquito nets
                                                                                                  and pay a fine if kids were caught
To fight malaria effectively, it’s important   to a generous grant from the ExxonMobil
                                                                                                  sleeping outside the net! The
to support and expand the reach of on-the-     Foundation, we provided 50 bikes so workers
                                                                                                  program model extended to 22
ground partners with innovative projects       from the Rukara Health Facility could
                                                                                                  surrounding villages and there
designed to save lives. In Rwanda, we          travel to remote villages and deliver critical
                                                                                                  have been no malaria cases in 18
partnered with Project Rwanda, a local         interventions and medicines to families who
                                                                                                  months. This is exactly the kind
organization, to provide community             are otherwise unable to access them. Why
                                                                                                  of innovative thinking that we’re
health workers with the tools they need to     reinvent the (bicycle) wheel? Helping strong
                                                                                                  working to promote in Senegal.
battle disease on the front lines. Thanks      partners do their job well saves lives.

                                                    muppets vs.                                 letters and numbers, Neno (Africa’s
                                                                                                “Elmo”) will help kids learn how to protect
                                                     malaria                                    themselves from malaria. Sesame Workshop
                                                                                                created Kilimani Sesame television, radio,
                                                                                                print and teaching materials that will be
                                               Malaria No More is working with Sesame           distributed to children across Tanzania as
                                               Workshop to bring Sesame Street’s unique         part of our effort to end malaria deaths.
                                               ability to connect with kids to the fight
                                               against malaria. In addition to teaching

17                                                                                                                 malaria no more
                                          casting a wide net

We partner with National Malaria Control Programs and
international organizations to get nets over beds, contributing
to the collective effort to cover every family by the end of 2010
and save as many lives as possible by 2015.

   Our distributions include:

a ng o la                        democratic                       senegal
                                 r e pub l ic
b o t s wa na                    o f th e co ngo                  tanz ania

co mo ro s                       mal i                            uganda

ma daga s ca r                   n ige r ia                       zambia

                                                                                                   h ow d o yo u
comoros                                                                                               turn $10
For the first long-lasting insecticide-treated net distribution on the island nation, we teamed    i n t o 3 n e t s?
up with the Comoros National Malaria Control Program and Sumitomo Chemical with an
ambitious goal: to propel coverage of pregnant women and children under five from zero to
                                                                                                  Angola, the Democratic Republic
50% in just one year. With a combined kick-off distribution of 77,500 mosquito nets, we’re on
                                                                                                  of the Congo and Nigeria together
our way.
                                                                                                  carry more than half of Africa’s
                                                                                                  malaria burden. To help address
                                                                                                  this immediate need, Malaria No
b o t s wa n a                                                                                    More is working to kick off a 20
The Government of Botswana, the William J. Clinton Foundation and Malaria No More
                                                                                                  million net donation to UNICEF
piloted an innovative new approach in Okavango district, Botswana. Using the existing
                                                                                                  from UNITAID. UNICEF needed
infrastructure of Botswana’s indoor residual spray teams, Malaria No More provided 32,000
                                                                                                  support to cover some of the
nets to prove a new model for universal mosquito net distribution across Africa. The
                                                                                                  distribution costs, so we stepped
Okavango pilot program increased net ownership to 91% of all households in the district. The
                                                                                                  up with a contribution of $2.77 per
simple and cost-effective effort was so successful that Botswana is planning to arm its spray
                                                                                                  net to cover delivery. That means
teams with nets for a nationwide distribution—giving malaria a one-two punch.
                                                                                                  that every $10 we invest deploys
                                                                                                  three nets to families in need. Even
                                                                                                  better, our partners at U.S. Fund for
tanzania                                                                                          UNICEF rallied its supporters to
The Tanzanian Islands of Zanzibar are already a malaria success story; now the country is
                                                                                                  match our investment. Together,
looking to translate that success to the mainland. As part of Tanzania's national campaign to
                                                                                                  we’re sending almost three million
reach universal mosquito net coverage of children under five, we provided 267,000 nets to the
                                                                                                  nets into the field, proving that two
Tanga region of the East African country. Thanks to UNICEF's skilled distribution of the nets
                                                                                                  heads—and three nets—are better
and the Tanzanian Red Cross “hang up” campaign to encourage their use, all households in
                                                                                                  than one.
Tanga have a net and 95% of children under five are sleeping under them at night.

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                                                                                                18
   Investment Catalyst

                   malaria costs africa an estimated

              $12 Billion
                    i n l o s t p r o d u c t i v i t y a n d h e a lt h
                                 costs every year

             of all malaria deaths in africa occur in
                  children under five years old

        new tools like long-lasting insecticide-treated

 Nets and Medicine
make malaria easier to prevent and treat than ever before

                                  malaria no more

         p r i va t e - s e c t o r p r i n c i p l e s t o f i g h t t h e d i s e a s e

   19                                                                                       malaria no more
                                                              n e t s . g ua r a n t e e d .

                                                        20 months
                                                        approval, procurement, distribution

                                                        10 months
                                                        approval, procurement,

NetGuarantee…                             The world has injected a surge of funding          occurs only after funding for a grant is
reflects a                                into the malaria fight and African countries       disbursed to a country—can instead run
                                          are making ambitious grant requests from           parallel to the grant signature process. This
growing                                   multilateral funding institutions, like the        way, the nets are ready to move as soon as

diversification                           Global Fund, to tackle malaria at home.
                                          The challenge now is to convert these
                                                                                             the grant is funded, speeding delivery by
                                                                                             months and saving lives along the way.
from                                      international funding commitments and                Malaria No More is making strides
                                          grants into nets over beds—and quickly.            to establish NetGuarantee’s operations,
conventional                              Malaria No More developed NetGuarantee,            develop a collateral fund to back payment

government                                an innovative finance mechanism, to                guarantees, and pilot an innovative finance
                                          accelerate delivery of nets by providing a         mechanism to deliver nets early. Stepping
grants to more                            payment guarantee to net manufacturers             forward to partner and participate in the

sophisticated                             that ensures on-time, in-full order
                                          payments. With use of NetGuarantee, the
                                                                                             initiative’s launch are donors, multi-laterals
                                                                                             and private sector partners alike. Malaria
varied and                                net manufacturing process—which usually            control: signed, sealed, delivered.
                                                           t i m e l i n e a p p rox i m a t e ; m ay va r y by co u n t r y

hybrid models.
“Credit Crisis Spurs Fiscal Innovation”         a m p wo r k s h o p s :
Financial Times
                                          planning the end of malaria
April 24, 2009

                                          Africa is getting ready for the fight of a         from 32 different African countries. Led by
                                          lifetime. Thanks to a marked increase in           the Alliance for Malaria Prevention (AMP),
                                          funding, African countries are absorbing           the workshops provide an opportunity for
                                          billions of dollars for malaria control to         countries to share best practices, get advice
                                          reach the 2010 universal coverage goal. It’s       from African and international experts
                                          vital that these countries be equipped with        and create strategies for implementing,
                                          the expertise and skills to build aggressive       monitoring and evaluating mass net
                                          and effective action plans. To support             distribution campaigns. Helping each other
                                          countries in this effort, Malaria No More          fight malaria is more than a neighborly
                                          is working with the Malaria Control and            gesture: pan-African and international
                                          Evaluation Partnership in Africa (MACEPA)          cooperation is the best way to end malaria
                                          to conduct regional training workshops             deaths continent-wide.
                                          with National Malaria Control Programs

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                                                                                                    20
Malaria No More at a Glance
dec 2006   ► Launch   of Malaria No More at the
               White House Summit on Malaria                    AWARENESS TO ENGAGE THE WORLD

2007       ► Malaria    No More participates in mosquito
               net distributions in Madagascar, Mali,
               Uganda and Zambia

apr 2007   ► American     Idol’s "Idol Gives Back" special
               raises $9 million for Malaria No More

2008       ► Malaria   No More participates in
               mosquito net distributions in Angola,
               Nigeria and Tanzania

feb 2008   ► Launch    of the Malaria Policy Center

apr 2008   ► The UN Secretary-General sets the goal
             of universal net coverage in Africa by
             December 31, 2010
           ► American Idol’s "Idol Gives Back" features

             Malaria No More and sponsor ExxonMobil
             announces $10 million donation

aug 2008   ► FC  Barcelona launches partnership with
               Malaria No More
                                                                                         End M
sep 2008   ► The    malaria community announces                                         Deaths b
               $3 billion in new funding for malaria at the
               MDG Malaria Summit

2009       ► Malaria    No More participates in mosquito
               net distributions in Angola, Botswana,
               Comoros, the Democratic Republic of the
               Congo, Mali, Nigeria and Senegal

jan 2009   ► Launch    of the Malaria Capital Campaign
               at the World Economic Forum

mar 2009   ► Launch   of net distribution training
               workshops in sub-Saharan Africa

apr 2009   ► Ashton   Kutcher galvanizes Twitter, the
               popular micro-blogging Website, to raise
               funds and awareness for Malaria No More

jun 2009   ► Youssou     NDour joins Malaria No More
               to launch the “Surround Sound: Senegal”
               project to coincide with Senegal’s national    INVESTMENTS TO ACCELERATE PROGRESS
               mosquito net distribution

21                                                                             malaria no more

                                              An approach
                                              as bold as
Malaria                                       our ambitions
 by 2015                                      and as audacious
                                              as our name.
                                              Peter Chernin
                                              Chairman, Malaria No More


     www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                               22
     a village elder looks out from under a mosquito net in ethiopia

23                                                                     malaria no more
                                         Ending malaria deaths requires determined
                                         leadership, sound policy and international

                                         Malaria No More is working in Washington and
                                         with our global network to keep malaria at the top
                                         of the world’s agenda, where it belongs.

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                                                        24
Advocacy Catalyst

           malaria policy center

                                                                                              Since we
                                                                                              founded the
                                                                                              Malaria Caucus
                                                                                              in 2008, we have
                policy center’s mark green and wendy taylor
                      talking outside of the us capitol                                       worked to raise
                                                                                              awareness. The
In February 2009, veteran Congressman and      Hill by establishing the Policy Center as      U.S. has done a
former U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania Mark
Green joined the Malaria Policy Center
                                               a trusted voice in the malaria community
                                               and collaborating with the Congressional
                                                                                              great deal already
as Managing Director. Working closely          Malaria Caucus and the Senate Working          on malaria. We
with partners in global health advocacy,       Group on the disease. The Policy Center’s
the Policy Center is making an impact in       dedicated team combines forces in              can and must do
Washington by engaging policymakers
and inspiring U.S. leaders to take action.
                                               global advocacy efforts, works to shape
                                               and influence U.S. strategy and presents
In addition to his impressive résumé and       stimulating analysis of global health
invaluable perspective, Mark is bringing       legislation on its website,                    “Malaria’s death toll shocking but can
new energy to the malaria fight on Capitol                   be cut to zero by 2015”

                                                                                              Op-Ed by Congressman Boozman

     a dvo c a t i n g u . s . l e a d e r s h i p                                            and Congressman Payne
                                                                                              The Hill
                                                                                              April 24, 2009

To keep malaria a priority on the policy       importance of continued U.S. leadership
agenda, the Malaria Policy Center and          against the disease. Together, the Malaria
our partners in global health advocacy         Policy Center and the malaria community
work together to lobby the Washington          help push the needle forward in developing
community to keep malaria at the forefront     a results-oriented and effective U.S.
of debates on the U.S. role in global          strategy to end malaria deaths in Africa.
health. Staff briefings on Capitol Hill have   Sophisticated and accessible information
discussed the need to build on the current     about progress and tactics against malaria
momentum against malaria, the impact of        are vital tools to building and sustaining
the economic crisis on the disease and the     support at the highest levels of government.

25                                                                                                          malaria no more
                       mat e r na l h e a lt h a n d ma la r i a

                                               As policy makers realize the successes of      approach to these interrelated barriers to
                                               malaria programs in Africa, they also find     growth. As Africa rids itself of its malaria
                                               links between the disease and efforts to       burden, countries will be able to focus on
                                               improve maternal and child health and          health system strengthening, economic
                                               battle other neglected tropical diseases       development and tackling hunger, poverty
                                               (NTDs). The Policy Center is working with      and other diseases.
                                               leaders in the global health community
                                               and government to develop an integrated

    champions on capitol hill
                                                                                                        iddi in

                                                                                                Thanks to strong advocates in
                                                                                                the government of Tanzania
                                                                                                and leadership from the U.S.
Under the leadership of U.S. Representatives   global health agenda. On World Malaria
                                                                                                President’s Malaria Initiative,
Donald M. Payne and John Boozman,              Day, we partnered with World Vision, ONE,
                                                                                                Tanzania is gearing up to cover
the Congressional Malaria Caucus more          Friends of the Global Fight, maternal health
                                                                                                every family with a net. On a
than doubled its membership in 2009 and        advocate Sarah Brown and actor Forest
                                                                                                return trip to Tanzania, Mark
broadened support for malaria control in       Whitaker to mark the occasion with the
                                                                                                Green met with his former staff
Congress. In addition, U.S. Senators Russ      Congressional Malaria Caucus and UN
                                                                                                member, Iddi. Together, they hung
Feingold and Roger Wicker launched a           Special Envoy for Malaria Ray Chambers.
                                                                                                a brand new mosquito net over
bipartisan Senate Working Group dedicated      Helping the U.S. continue to be a leader
                                                                                                Iddi’s sons’ shared bed and looked
to sustaining awareness and working with       in the global effort to save lives? That’s a
                                                                                                forward to the day when no family
the Obama Administration on malaria            policy we can all get behind.
                                                                                                in Africa suffers from malaria.
advocacy as part of the U.S. government’s

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                                                                                                       26
 Global Network

                t h e co ng r e s s i o na l ma la r i a cau cu s

                  its membership in its first year

                  wo r l dw i d e f u n d i n g f o r
         malaria control has increased more than

                           400%      since 2004

  t h e u . s . p r e s i d e n t ’s m a l a r i a i n i t i a t i v e h a s r e a c h e d
                           m i l l i o n s o f fa m i l i e s i n

african countries with critical malaria interventions

       m a l a r i a n o m o r e d e p l o y s g l o b a l a dvo c a c y t o

          Galvanize            t h e wo r l d t o a c t

 27                                                                                          malaria no more
                           malaria no more goes global

                              Each member of the Malaria No More network leads efforts in
                            their own country and works collaboratively on international goals.

          malaria no more                                      malaria no more                               malaria no more
                      uk                                              c a n a da                                netherlands

       leadership council and
           prime minister                                   belinda stronach and                           founders fred matser
         gordon brown at 10                                    co-hosts at golf                              and minister bert
           downing street                                    rocks fore malaria                           koenders with students

Malaria No More UK launched in April 2009           In 2006, former MP and businesswoman            Malaria No More Netherlands officially
and immediately created a buzz. British             The Honourable Belinda Stronach and             launched on April 25, 2007 under the
sporting heroes and founding members of             comedian Rick Mercer founded Spread             leadership of philanthropist Fred Matser
the Leadership Council, David Beckham,              the Net, a grassroots effort to inspire         and Dutch Minister of Development
Andy Murray and Denise Lewis, joined                Canadians to donate 500,000 nets to fight       Cooperation Bert Koenders. Partnering
Prime Minister Gordon Brown at No. 10               malaria in Africa. Stronach took Canada’s       with Dutch organizations and local
Downing Street to cover the door of this            fight against malaria to the next level by      African organizations, Malaria No More
iconic residence in a mosquito net, catching        launching Malaria No More Canada in 2008,       Netherlands supports ten community-
the eye of millions worldwide. Malaria No           Malaria No More Canada launched as the          based malaria intervention programs in
More UK works with British leaders across           first organization in the country devoted to    nine African countries. Malaria No More
the private sector, politics, faith, in sport and   bringing together government, business,         Netherlands works with individuals,
in fashion, to raise awareness and promote          non-profits and individuals to ensure the       schools and grassroots organizations to
Britain’s role in the fight against malaria.        goal of eradicating malaria is met. Malaria     raise awareness and funds for the fight
Thanks to increased public and government           No More Canada burst onto the scene with        against malaria. When Dutch celebrity
support, both the Labour and Conservative           Golf Rocks Fore Malaria, co-hosted by Alicia    and humanitarian Arjan Erkel joined the
parties have announced new commitments              Keyes, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson and       organization in early 2009 as CEO, he
for malaria from 2010. Executive Director           Peter Chernin. It garnered significant media    engaged the support of Prime Minister
Sarah Kline and her team focus on getting           attention and raised $600,000. Malaria No       Jan Peter Balkenende and established a
the word out about malaria in the UK                More Canada supported the establishment         partnership with the young professionals
and internationally, and fundraising for            of the first Canadian All-Party Parliamentary   group Round Table Netherlands to
programs on the ground. Malaria No More             Caucus on Malaria and is working with the       strengthen Dutch support for the effort
UK has been featured extensively in a wide          Tony Blair Faith Foundation's Faiths Act        to end malaria deaths. Round Table
range of media including the BBC, Sky TV,           campaign on mobilizing Canadian faith           International, through its member countries,
The Sun, The Daily Mail, Vogue, and others.         communities to work together to fight           are considering supporting the project.
w w w. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g . u k      w w w. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . c a          w w w. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . n l

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                                                                                                         28
     mosquito nets are loaded onto a helicopter for distribution in angola

29                                                                     malaria no more
                                         To end malaria deaths in Africa by 2015,
                                         the world needs support and creative leadership
                                         from individuals, the private sector and the
                                         global community.

                                         Malaria No More is building momentum to
                                         fight the disease—and put the malarial mosquito
                                         out of business for good.

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                                                     30
Resource Catalyst

                         a capital plan

                                                                                                 Ending malaria
                                                                                                 deaths in Africa
                                                                                                 will yield
                             co-chairs peter sands,
            r e x w. t i l l e r s o n a n d p e t e r c h e r n i n l a u n c h                 tremendous
                t h e m a l a r i a c a p i t a l c a m pa i g n a t davo s
                                                                                                 results, in
                                                                                                 economic as well
At the World Economic Forum in Davos,          that the world can make today—and                 as humanitarian
Switzerland, private sector leaders came       business can play a major role in the global
ready to talk business. And malaria.           effort to end deaths. By making strategic         terms. This
  Business leaders Peter Sands of Standard
Chartered Group, Rex W. Tillerson of
                                               investments, adopting best practices and
                                               leveraging core competencies, the private
                                                                                                 is not just
Exxon Mobil Corporation and Peter              sector can help the world close the deal.         philanthropy;
Chernin, formerly of News Corporation            The Malaria Capital Campaign is a
and Chairman of Malaria No More, joined        partnership between Malaria No More               this is good
together as Co-Chairs of the Malaria Capital
Campaign, an effort to raise $100 million
                                               and the Global Business Coalition on
                                               HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and
from the private sector to help provide        was established with gifts totaling $38.5         practice.
everyone at risk in Africa with anti-malaria   million from ExxonMobil, Marathon Oil in
tools by the end of 2010.                      partnership with the Republic of Equatorial
                                                                                                 “If Malaria Bites the Dust, It Will
  Fighting malaria is the best investment      Guinea, and NYSE Euronext.
                                                                                                 Restore More than Just Good Health”

                                                                                                 Op-Ed by Peter Chernin,
                            2015 leaders                                                         Rex W. Tillerson and Peter Sands
                                                                                                 The Daily Telegraph
                                                                                                 February 16, 2009
To reach our goal of ending malaria deaths       The 2015 Leaders are proactive members
in Africa by 2015, we need strong leaders.     of the global effort to end malaria deaths
  Malaria No More is reaching out to           who help lead the charge against the disease
individuals who are committed to the fight     in addition to providing financial support
against malaria and eager to take action to    for Malaria No More programs. Dedicated
help save lives. To kick things off, Michael   to stopping malaria in its tracks, the 2015
and Marjorie Loeb became 2015 Leaders          Leaders help get tools into the field faster to
by opening their home to friends and           reach as many people as possible.
supporters to celebrate the launch of the        2015 is our deadline and the 2015 Leaders
“Surround Sound: Senegal” campaign.            are a lifeline to Africa.

31                                                                                                             malaria no more
                                                        global fund grants for
                                                malaria increased from $220 million to

                                           $1.57 Billion          i n j u s t t wo y e a r s

                                                              the g8 has committed

                                            100 Million
                                         nets to malaria control efforts by the end of 2010

                                                   strong proposals for malaria
                                            control funding to the global fund led to a

                                            s u c c e s s r a t e i n 2 0 0 8 , c o m pa r e d t o 2 5 % i n 2 0 0 6

                                                malaria no more mobilizes resources to

                                                      e v e r y o p p o r t u n i t y t o s av e l i v e s

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                                                                                 32
Resource Catalyst

                        britweek 2009                                                                keeping
                                                                                                    t h e fa i t h

                                                                                            Interfaith cooperation—globally and
In April 2009, BritWeek—a celebration of     included Ryan Seacrest, David Brabham          locally—is crucial to winning the battle
British culture in Southern California—      and rocker Chris Daughtry and the evening      against malaria.
hosted its BritWeek gala to help fight       launched a charity auction of unique items       In 2009, we joined with partners,
malaria. Under the leadership of Los         and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.            including the office of the UN Special Envoy
Angeles British Consul-General Bob Peirce      The Los Angeles Times wrote of the star-     for Malaria, the Center for Interfaith Action
and American Idol and So You Think You       studded gala, “It’s hard to imagine anything   on Global Poverty, the Case Foundation
Can Dance creator Nigel Lythgoe, the event   more moving than [the gala], where a           and the United Nations Foundation to host
made a huge impact.                          who’s who of industry power brokers joined     the “One World Against Malaria” event.
  Keynote speaker former British Prime       international luminaries…to raise money for    The malaria community and African and
Minister Tony Blair discussed the            Malaria No More”.                              U.S. faith leaders inspired faith institutions
importance of fighting malaria and his         The gala was a great success, raising        around the world to end malaria deaths.
foundation’s partnership with Malaria No     more than $1 million to fight malaria in         With interfaith communities all over the
More to galvanize interfaith communities     Africa.                                        world joining forces to fight the disease,
to take on the disease in Africa. Guests                                                    malaria doesn’t have a prayer.

                                                                         mama neema

                                               Thanks to mosquito nets produced             new job: traveling to communities
                                               in the A to Z Textile Mills in               throughout her country, emphasizing
                                               Arusha, mothers across Tanzania              the importance of mosquito nets.
                                               are protecting their families from           Empowering natural leaders like
                                               malaria. But Mama Neema went                 Mama Neema to take on malaria in
                                               one step further. The nets kept              their home countries makes every
                                               her kids healthy enough to go to             family stronger.
                                               school every day, so she took on a

33                                                                                                              malaria no more
                                   grassroots spotlight

                                         f i g h t i n g m a l a r i a i s a lway s i n fa s h i o n
                                         The Berkeley College United Nations Student Club and Malaria No More partnered in the
                                         “2 Make A Net” charity fashion show in downtown Manhattan. Students from different
                                         campuses showed off their African-inspired designs on the runway to help raise money to
                                         send nets to Africa. The fashion show raised $13,805 from participating schools and a post-
                                         fashion show auction, showing that finding creative ways to save lives never goes out of

                                         26.2 miles closer to ending malaria
                                         Last year’s ING New York City Marathon was a “net-worthy” race to save lives.
                                         Nine runners joined our team and went the extra mile by helping to raise money for Malaria
                                         No More and make sideline supporters aware of the malaria problem in Africa. Collectively,
                                         the team raised $35,000 for life-saving mosquito nets—enough to protect more than
                                         7,000 people from malaria! In 2009, 25 runners are racing for Malaria No More and their
                                         fundraising efforts are matched by a generous donor, dollar-for-dollar, up to $100,000.

                                         mam b o aga i n s t ma la r i a !
                                         Compton High School in Compton, California hosted the “Dancing 4 Hope” event, where
                                         students and teachers went toe-to-toe in a dance competition, performing the cha cha
                                         cha, waltz and freestyle dancing—and all for a good cause. Hundreds of people from the
                                         community came out for the dance and learned about malaria. Compton High School raised
                                         $10,000 and attracted national media attention in the Los Angeles Times.

                                         more than thin mints
                                         The Girl Scouts of Central California South celebrated their annual World Thinking Day,
                                         inspired by the UN Millennium Development Goals, by fighting malaria. Over 7,000 Girl
                                         Scouts joined the global community to raise awareness about the disease, raise funds for
                                         life-saving mosquito nets and earn their “Help Stop Malaria” merit badge. The project
                                         helped benefit their sister Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in Africa.

                                         a greater gift
                                         When a child donates $10, he helps save a life. But when he donates his 10th birthday, he
                                         helps change the world. Illinois-born Ryan Skarnulis hosted a “giving party” to celebrate
                                         his birthday and asked that his friends make donations to Malaria No More instead of gifts.
                                         Thanks to Ryan’s generosity, he helped 100 families protect themselves from malaria with
                                         mosquito nets.

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                                                                                               34
     hoisting an expedition boat into the zambezi river to distribute nets in zambia

35                                                                           malaria no more
                                         and Board
                                         of Directors
                                         Malaria No More is part of a network of
                                         partners and supporters, working together
                                         to end malaria deaths in Africa by 2015.

                                         We are grateful to the individuals and
                                         organizations that inspire and enable us
                                         to do everything we can to make Malaria
                                         No More.

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                                               36
Partners, Supporters and Board of Directors

                                                     pa r t n e r s

19 Entertainment Ltd.                        The Global Fund to Fight AIDS,              Office of the Secretary-General’s Special
                                             Tuberculosis and Malaria                    Envoy for Malaria, United Nations
Africa Fighting Malaria
                                             Global Health Advisors                      Organisation of the Islamic Conference
Against Malaria
                                             Global Health Advocates                     PATH
Alliance for Malaria Prevention
                                             Global Health Council                       Peace Corps Senegal
American Red Cross
                                             The Global Network for Neglected Tropical   Population Services International
The Tony Blair Faith Foundation
                                             Diseases                                    Malaria Control
Blue Flame Agency / Bad Boy Worldwide
                                             Hedge Funds vs. Malaria and Pneumonia       Project Rwanda
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
                                             Initiative for Global Development           R.A.P.I.D.S
Broadway Across America
                                             Interfaith Youth Core                       Roll Back Malaria Partnership
The Case Foundation
                                             International Federation of Red Cross and   SapientNitro
Canadian Red Cross                           Red Crescent Societies
                                                                                         Save the Children
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention   IntraHealth
                                                                                         Senegal’s Programme National de Lutte
ChainCapital                                 Islamic Relief                              contre le Paludisme (PNLP)
ChildFund International                      Islamic Society of North America            Sesame Workshop
Center for Interfaith Action on Global       Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public    Spread The Net
Poverty                                      Health/Center for Communication Programs
The Clinton Global Initiative                Katalyst Media
                                                                                         UCSF Global Health Sciences
William J. Clinton Foundation                Kick for Hope
Comic Relief                                 MACEPA
                                                                                         United Against Malaria
Congressional Malaria Caucus                 Madness Against Malaria
                                                                                         United Nations Foundation/
Dalberg Global Development Advisors          Malaria Consortium                          Nothing But Nets
Department for International Development     McKinsey & Company                          United Way
Endeavor Group                               Medicines for Malaria Venture               USAID
European Alliance Against Malaria            Mennonite Economic Development              U.S. Fund For UNICEF
FC Barcelona Foundation                      Associates
                                                                                         U.S. President's Malaria Initiative
FOX Broadcasting Company                     Millennium Promise Alliance
                                                                                         World Vision
FOX Sports                                   Muslim Students Association
                                                                                         The World Bank
FremantleMedia                               National Council of Churches
                                                                                         World Health Organization
Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS,    National Geographic Kids/National
                                                                                         Youssou NDour Foundation
Tuberculosis and Malaria                     Geographic Explorer
Fútbol Club Barcelona                        NetsforLife
                                                                                         Youth Service America
Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS,       Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
                                                                                         World Economic Forum
Tuberculosis and Malaria                     The ONE Campaign

37                                                                                                           malaria no more

J.J. Abrams and Kathleen McGrath           The Paul & Phyllis Fireman Charitable   Sean John
Activision                                                                         Select Equity Group Foundation
                                           Roger S. Firestone Foundation
AEG                                                                                Terry and Jane Semel
                                           Fox Entertainment Group
Allergan Foundation                                                                The Belinda Stronach Foundation
                                           Fox Soccer Channel
The Apatow Family Foundation, Inc.                                                 Sumitomo Chemical Co.
                                           Fox Sports en Español
BASF                                                                               Team Malaria No More (2008, 2009)
                                           Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Berkeley College                                                                   Tequila Patrón
                                           Glamour - Condé Nast Publications
BNY Mellon                                                                         Twentieth Century Fox
                                           GOOD Worldwide, Inc.
Keith Brackpool                                                                    UK Trade & Investment
                                           Martha MacCallum and David Gregory
The British Academy of Film & Television                                           Variety
Arts L.A.                                  Colleen & Robert D. Haas Fund -
                                                                                   Visit Britain
                                           The San Francisco Foundation
                                                                                   Walt Disney Company
                                           Highcroft Racing
BT Americas Inc.
                                                                                   Warner Brothers
                                           Idol Gives Back Foundation
                                                                                   Welch & Forbes LLC
                                           Kappa Phi Gamma
Charity Projects Entertainment Fund/Idol
                                                                                   Will & Jada Smith Family Foundation
Gives Back                                 The Marilyn and Jeffrey Katzenberg
                                           Foundation                              The Oprah Winfrey Foundation
Steve Chenevey
                                           Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore           Paul Wright
The Chernin Family Foundation
                                           Michael and Marjorie Loeb               gifts of    $5,000 or more
                                                                                   as of august    31, 2009
                                           Jeff Lynne
Courtney and Christopher Combe
                                           Nigel Lythgoe
Creative Artists Agency
                                           The MCJ Amelior Foundation
Mark Cuban
                                           Melinda’s Backups
The Carole and Robert Daly Charitable
Foundation                                 MTV Networks

Delucia Family Foundation                  Alan Mulally

Diageo                                     New Regency Productions, Inc.

East Bay Jewish Community Teen             The David O'Connor Trust
                                           OK! Magazine
                                           Don and Nancy Panoz
                                                                                        exxonmobil’s three-year,
Erickson Family Fund                                                                    $10 million commitment
                                           Bob and Sharon Harroun Peirce
ExxonMobil Foundation                                                                launched the malaria capital
                                           Daniel Rosensweig                         campaign, a partnership that
Fairfield County Community Foundation                                                  supports innovative, high-
                                           The Saban Family Foundation                leverage projects to fight
                                                                                         malaria across africa.
                                           Ryan Seacrest

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                                                                                   38
Partners, Supporters and Board of Directors

                                             b oa r d o f d i r ec t o r s

chief executive officer                              chris clarke                                           timothy p. shriver
                                                     CEO, SapientNitro                                      Chairman, Special Olympics
scott case
Vice Chairman, Malaria No More
                                                     reginald e. davis                                      christopher stamos
                                                     President, RBC-USA                                     Partner, Sterling Stamos Capital
                                                                                                            Management, L.P.
chairman & co-founder                                sir richard feachem                                    the honourable belinda
                                                     Professor of Global Health                             stronach, p.c.
peter chernin
                                                     University of California, San Francisco and            Executive Vice-Chairman, Magna
Former President and COO,
                                                     University of California, Berkeley                     International Inc.
News Corporation
                                                                                                            Chair, The Belinda Stronach Foundation
                                                     gabrielle fitzgerald
                                                     Senior Program Officer,                                ann m. veneman
co-founder                                           Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation                        Executive Director, UNICEF

raymond g. chambers
                                                     jeffrey s. flug                                        dr. rick warren
The Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for
                                                     Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial              Founder and Pastor, Saddleback Church
Malaria, United Nations
                                                     Officer, Union Square Hospitality Group
Non-voting Board Member
                                                     Former CEO and Executive Director,                     jeff weiner
                                                     Millennium Promise Alliance                            Chief Executive Officer,
                                                                                                            LinkedIn Corporation
vice chairmen                                        fred matser
                                                     Founder, Malaria No More Netherlands                   honorable harris wofford
john m. bridgeland
                                                                                                            Former U.S. Senator
President and CEO, Civic Enterprises, LLC
                                                     youssou ndour
                                                     Artist and Producer
scott case
Chief Executive Officer, Malaria No More                                                                    founding member
                                                     steven c. phillips, m.d., m.p.h.
                                                                                                            a dv i s o r y g r o u p
                                                     Medical Director, Global Issues and Projects,
                                                     Exxon Mobil Corporation                                ambassador nancy g. brinker
b oa r d m em b e r s                                                                                       Founder, Susan G. Komen for the Cure
                                                     ian rowe
omar s. amanat
                                                     Deputy Director,                                       helene gayle
Founder and CEO, Amanat Capital
                                                     Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation                        President and CEO, CARE USA

kathy bushkin calvin
                                                     edward w. scott, jr.                                   dr. charles f. maccormack
Executive Vice President and COO,
                                                     Founder and Chairman, Center for Global                President and CEO, Save the Children
United Nations Foundation
                                                     Development; Friends of the Global Fight
                                                     against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria;                bonnie mcelveen-hunter
jean case
                                                     and the Center for Interfaith Action Against           Chairman, American Red Cross
CEO, The Case Foundation
                                                     Global Poverty

                                                                  photo credits
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39                                                                                                                                malaria no more
                                          We’re in the business of putting
                                         ourselves out of business by 2015.

                                                        Malaria No More.

www. m a l a r i a n o m o r e . o r g                                   40
                                         432 Park Avenue South    Malaria No More Policy Center
                                         13th Floor               701 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
                                         New York, NY 10016 USA   2nd Floor
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